Below is the Sample SOP for Dependent Visa, Canada


The Visa Officer 

High Commission of Canada 

Sub: Application requesting a visa to visit my spouse in Canada 

Dear Sir/Madam, 

Please allow me to introduce myself as Zara Mohabir, an Indian resident, bearing passport number XXXXXXXX. I am a student of Cape Breton University, currently pursuing a two-year Post Baccalaureate Program in Business Management. My study program commenced in January 2022, and since then, I have been staying in Canada, managing my studies, and working part-time. By the medium of this application, I seek to express my desire to invite my children to stay with me in Canada for the remaining duration of my study program. 

I am a mother to two sons, Mustafa Hasnain Kagalwala, 16 years of age, and Burhanuddin Hasnain Kagalwala, 15 years old. Mustafa is studying in Grade 10 at Seventh Day Adventist Higher Secondary School and Burhanuddin is currently in grade 9 at the same school. I am a single mother and my sons are now staying with my parents in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. Since the time I left for Canada, I have been missing my children terribly as we share a strong bond. My kids are growing up and I want to be by their side and support them emotionally as well as financially. 

The decision to pursue higher studies was supported wholeheartedly by my sons, and I cannot thank them enough. Since they are reaching their adolescent age, I want to be their pillar of support, while also setting a good example for them as their mother. With my sons by my side, I will not have to worry about them. I would like to add that I have had them enrolled in Sydney Academy School, which is 2 kilometers away from my residence and also offers free bus transportation. Mustafa will be continuing with his grade 10 and Burhanuddin with his grade 9. Their study expenses are also being taken care of by me and my parents jointly. 

As per the Canadian rules for working part-time, I have been serving two employers at present, within a 20-hour limit. Now that I have a summer break of four months, I will be working full-time. I work as a Chef at No Quarter Deli and Market, which is a six-hour shift, and I also serve Elemental Data Collection Inc as a Market Research Interviewer, which is a work from home job, and a 6.5-hour shift. I have been working at both these firms since February 2022. 

As I put forth my request to invite my children to Canada, I do so by having ample financial backing. My parents and I will be jointly managing the finances of my sons, including the tuition fee and their living expenses. I want them to stay with me till the time I complete my program, after which, all three of us will be returning to India, my homeland. My father is a retired Sales Tax Officer and my mother is a homemaker. My sons share a deep connection with my parents and though it will be difficult for us to stay away for two years, we are willing to make the most of this time and return to them at the earliest. After returning to India, I will also start my own vocational training center, and settle in the country permanently. 

After spending five months in Canada, I now feel lonely as I don’t have my two strongest supporters with me. Though we chat on video calls, the distance we have cannot be covered with those calls. Therefore, I wish to have my children live with me and give them every bit of assistance they need, whether it is their academics, personal interests, or emotional wellbeing. 

I assure you that my pure intention in inviting my children is to reunite with them for the remaining duration of my course program and spend quality time with them. I have no intention to settle in Canada with my kids as I have no family ties in the country. I have my parents in India who want me by their side during their old age and being their daughter and closest family member, I do not wish to leave them alone. Therefore, I will not stay beyond the authorized period and will return to India. 

As a law-abiding individual, I have displayed amicable behavior throughout my stay in Canada and I will continue to do so, ensuring that my sons also do the same. I request you to kindly consider my children as genuine temporary entrants and allow them with the relevant visa. 


Zara Mohabir

Documents enclosed: 

  1. Details of finances: PPF balance, savings account balance, chequing account balance (CIBC bank statements)
  2. Health Insurance Card with children’s names added provided by Cape Breton University 
  3. Admission letters of Sydney Academy School for both Mustafa and Burhanuddin 
  4. College Statement of Purpose and study permit (SDharebanu Kasim Jariwala)
  5. Details of part-time employment 

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