Below is the Sample SOP for France Student Visa


Visa Officer

Consulate General de France

Subject: Application for France National Visa (Long Stay – Student Visa) // for pursuing European Masters in Logistics at ETEC

Respected Sir/Madam,

I am Harsh Nanda, an Indian citizen, bearing passport number xxxxxxxx. I present before you to submit my intent to visit France. I am an experienced professional who has come a long way in my career to deal with vendors and ensure logistics are managed as per the expectations of the organization. However, I have realized I need a formal training in this domain to perform even better. Hence, I have chosen to pursue European Masters in Logistics. I am extremely fortunate to have received a Letter of Admission from ETEC, European Transcontinental Establishment For Commercial And Scientific Studies. This makes me share a couple of insights into my candidacy and throw some light on my desire to seek a study permit for pursuing this course. 

Motivation to pursue European Master in Logistics

My bachelor’s degree provided me with a fundamental knowledge of logistics and I became curious about the same. After passing out as a graduate, I had an immersive exposure as a site engineer which progressed into vendor management too. Over time, I interacted with various associated stakeholders which enhanced my view about maintaining logistics and supply chains within the construction industry. I already possess decent exposure to People Handling And Material Arrangements. Due to my undying interest in the field, I also performed meticulously in my job. However, I find quite a lot of gaps in my thoughts, actions, and understanding. As a result of this, I believe I need to upgrade myself technically in the course of logistics by going back to school for the upliftment of my career. Upon reviewing the curriculum of the chosen course at ETEC, I am highly convinced about the authenticity of the course offering as it covers intricate topics and gives full insight into the business of logistics which is my core area of interest. I have, therefore become determined to pursue this program at ETEC.

Choosing ETEC – European Transcontinental Establishment for Commercial and Scientific Studies.

ETEC is one of the most highly acclaimed educational institutions in France which is highly regarded for its competitive curriculum offering in logistics. I am impressed by the reviews of ETEC’s logistics course which is comprehensively designed keeping the global market needs in mind. Hence, the training offered by ETEC has gained a lot of popularity and recognition among Indian and global employers who prefer hiring ETEC graduates. It will be a life-changing opportunity for me to study here. Hence, I am ardent to become an inclusive part of the diverse crowd of students available at ETEC. Rigorous training, dialogue session, and seminars will help me evolve as a more refined professional upon graduation. Hence, I have finalized to study here and I feel equally fortunate to pursue my further studies at ETEC.

Choosing France

France is undoubtedly one of the most advanced study hubs which perfectly combines technology and education to offer modest solutions for the upcoming generation of students. The education system in France has no match. It will offer me the most industrious training through its wide variety of institutions. Hence, I am extremely thrilled to get an opportunity to study in France. I will garner international exposure here which is otherwise impossible to get in my home country. As I have already done assignments on French Economy and Import/Export business pre- and post-covid-19, I am convinced that studying practically here will strengthen my skillset and improve my industry basics precisely. Hence, I have chosen to pursue my studies in France.

Academic and Professional Background

As I have been a very laborious student and sincere towards my studies, I did consistently well throughout my school obtaining the first position in all of my grades. I passed secondary and senior secondary school with 82.33% and 77.6% in 2011 and 2013, respectively. As a result of my grades and strong analytical skills, I chose to pursue a Bachelor of Civil Engineering which I passed in 2017 with 66%. Soon after the completion of my graduate studies, I began working as a Site Engineer Trainee at Teemage and I gathered qualitative learning exposure here from May 2017 to April 2020. However, later I was absorbed by Sobha Ltd as a Site Engineer from August 2020 to September 2022. With my impeccable performance and exposure n the industry, I progressed as a Site Engineer and Vendor Manager at LPU Builders Private Limited in November 2022. Since then, I am employed here, rendering exclusive services in the area of construction and materials management while dealing exclusively with vendors and ensuring the management of logistics. Over time, I realized that acquiring a technical qualification in logistics will help me elevate my career as it will help me provide value addition to my potential employers. I can certainly do a lot better for my career if I study logistics and grab the opportunity to lead associated operations with my years of exposure in the industry.

My education has been conducted in English medium institutions which gives me an edge over the English language. Also, my study program covers the Modern European Language as one of the subjects which will enable to me have qualitative communication throughout my stay in France.

Ties to Home Country & Future Goals

My family in India constitutes my strongest ties with my country. It includes my father and mother who are very supportive of me. Likewise, I want to be their earnest support and be with them in their old age. It is my responsibility to take care of them when they need me the most. Hence, I have chosen this time to fulfill my further education pursuits so I can return home in a timely fashion, not leaving them alone for long. I have a well-planned future in India as I already possess strong industry connections which will help me in relaunching myself in the Indian constructions or logistics industry. I envision myself working for top names in India which includes DHL, Apolloo, Amazon, Flipkart, etc. My international studies will help me create an edge over others in India and I will be able to add more value to my profession back home.

My parents have willingly sponsored my education and living in France. They hold 15723.27 euros of savings in their bank account and I have maintained a fixed deposit of 20904.39 euros too. Also, I have procured an education loan of 13587.81 Euro from Royal Bank of England. Hence I have already paid the first-year tuition fee of 7150 Euro. Please also find enclosed my accommodation letter and all the necessary documentation and proof of payment for your kind reference. I will behave amicably throughout my stay in France and make sure my presence adds to the value of the country. I, therefore, request you consider my application as a bona fide temporary entrant and permit me a study visa.

Yours sincerely

Harsh Nanda

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