Below is the Sample SOP for Graduate Diploma in Global Business Management, Canada

In this era of globalization, business leaders must acquire an international perspective, amalgamating not only knowledge and economies, but also cultures. As an avid learner in the management domain, I wish to learn the intricacies of International business management by pursuing the immersive Graduate Diploma in Global Business Management from your prestigious University. A logical progression in my academic and professional journey, it will help me attain a global outlook and modern business skills, empowering me with the necessary business grounding to be a global management professional.

The quest for learning, a proclivity for management and exploring unchartered frontiers and ideas are some of the things that define and motivate me. I chose to study Commerce at High School in order to gain an understanding of the business world and economics. During the course of two years, I got a taste of the fundamentals of Business Studies, which consequently developed into a deep abiding interest in it. Completing class XII from St. Anne’s Convent School, I secured a first division (65%) to gain admission in the Bachelor of Business administration in Dev Samaj College for Women, Chandigarh. These three years of college have been a transformative experience, giving me a taste of core management subjects like Principles of Management, Business Statistics, Financial Accounting, Business Economics, International Business, Project Management, Advertising and Brand management and various other subjects. These fundamental business courses have laid a sound foundation for a future program in management studies at the graduate level. The International Business course captivated my interest and nurtured the desire to pursue further studies in this domain. With an aim to deepen my knowledge I immersed myself in various projects, workshops and an internship during my under-graduation. As a Summer Intern at Flora Capital Co. Ltd., I gained insights into the practical aspects of working of a company. Post the completion of BBA in June 2018, I was fortunate to join the same company as a Quality Control Analyst. An acclaimed trading company headquartered in Thailand, it, mainly deals in export of fruits and vegetables in major countries such as the UAE, Kuwait, India, parts of Europe and the USA. My stint with the company has been a learning experience, where I have been able to put my academic training to practical use. Apart from routine Quality checks, my responsibilities included sending detailed quality reports to clients regarding the fresh produce shipped. I have gained the skills of people and time-management, and have been instrumental in helping the company identify and improve upon its product quality and service. When I entered the company, I noticed that there were quite a few complaints and claims from our clients related to the quality of produce they received. Initially confined to data entry, my eye for detail enabled me to identify this issue and I resolved to find a solution for this.  I worked on the same and came up with a sample of quality report and weight comparison. My manager, Ms. Karen appreciated it for its innovative approach and assigned me with the responsibility to send reports to the clients after every shipment.

The reports were quite effective and within ten months the claims came down from  about 80,000$ to 15,000$ !(approx. 80%). During the last few months of the job, I worked with the company CA to help in filing taxes and also created social media handles for the company. This invaluable industry experience and my academic pursuits have given me a better understanding of life in general and have helped me define a goal to attain: Global Business Management Skills. 

A Graduate Diploma in Global Business will provide the vital impetus for my transition from a management scholar to an international business professional. Canada was the foremost choice for me, owing to its cosmopolitan culture, educational pedagogy and a highly developed corporate environment. Though similar programs are available in India, I feel that the challenge and repository of knowledge that can be gained from a modern, developed economy like Canada are missing in my homeland. My discussions family and peers, as well as my own research led me to Kwantlen Polytechnic University. With a legacy of more than thirty years in education, the KPU offers avant-garde courses in management in the transnational context through structured curriculum design, state of the art teaching resources and world-renowned faculty. I look forward to exploring modern management practices and develop key international skills like innovation, change management and international trade. The Capstone Practicum Experience merges the traditional academic learning with industry experience, giving students an opportunity for hands-on application of the knowledge to real business situations. Further, courses in Digital Transformation of Business, Managing Innovation, Marketing for International Organizations and E-commerce Design and Digital marketing align with my interests. 

To study international business in the culturally rich and diverse peer group of the Kwantlen Polytechnic University promises to be an experience of a lifetime. As an individual who has always given equal emphasis to academics and co-curricular activities, I have been an active participant in all Rotaract Club activities as well as various extra-mural events in school and college. Working for the community has been ingrained in me from childhood and I have been a part of the community volunteering through the NGO, ‘___________’.  I wish to continue the same at KPU and be a part of the community initiatives.

While there will be many worthy applicants for the program, I am confident that my bachelor’s in business management, relevant industry experience and academic diligence make me an ideal candidate for the course. I bring with me insights from an emergent economy, especially from the perspective of a woman in a developing economy. An opportunity to pursue my graduate degree from Kwantlen Polytechnic University will not only be a great honour but also an obligation to persevere. I assure you that I shall walk the extra mile to meet the lofty standards of your illustrious institution. 

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After examining the above SOP Sample for the Graduate Diploma in Global Business Management from the Canadian University, it is understandable that the applicant has a strong determination for global business management and a clear understanding of the principles and practices of the domain. The academic and professional background of the applicant are highly relevant to their intended study plans, which are well-mentioned in the SOP. The applicant has effectively communicated their motivations for studying the Graduate Diploma in Global Business Management and their career aspirations in the field.

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