Below is the Sample SOP for International Masters Program in Law, UK

A gregarious and compassionate person by nature, I have always been drawn towards experiences that enrich me as a person and help the society as a whole. Whether it was researching protective mechanisms to strengthen the position of children affected by armed conflicts or applying myself in academic pursuits at the University, I have always strived for continuous development. My keen interest in law also stems from the fact that my father is a very prominent lawyer in Delhi. While I admire his legal acumen, I wish to carve a name for myself independent of his illustrious persona. Thus, this opportunity to add an international dimension to my career in law, with the added bonus to explore and imbibe the rich culture and diversity of the UK would be an ideal platform. 

After completing high school from St. Xavier’s Sr. Secondary School, Delhi, I realized that my interests lay in the field of social sciences. Interested in the law and psychology, I got admission in the Bachelor of Law B.A L.L.B (H) Program at CPJ School of Law, Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, Delhi. This extensive Degree Program has provided a sound understanding of substantive and procedural laws of the land. Thus, I have gained a deep knowledge of Constitutional Law, Criminal Law, Contract Law, Family Law, Civil Law, Corporate Law, Environment Law, and Intellectual Property Rights etc.  

My various internships as a legal intern under eminent advocates like Dr. Ashwani Bhardwaj, Advocate on Record, Supreme court of India, Sudhir Mendiratta and Advocate Pawan Kawrani have helped me learn on the job and acquire essential legal skills in civil & criminal litigation cases. Under the able guidance of such experts I have learned to draft Plaint, Legal notices, Written Statement and their affidavits apart from assisting in the litigations and Research work. I attended the court proceedings gaining insights into mediation matters, witness examinations and filing of cases. My internships with stellar legal firms Dutt Menon Dunmorsett, Kalia and Associates and Vaish Associates gave me an opportunity to hone my legal, communication, analytical, and people management skills by interacting with clients and the legal fraternity. I also conducted in-depth research on various aspects of the Indian Penal Code, 1860, Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973, Companies Act, 2013 looking into the appointment of Directors, Oppression and mismanagement, Winding up of a company, Mergers and amalgamation and Comparison of old companies law and new companies law. 

As a part of the final year dissertation, I presented a thesis on Anti Dowry Laws in India while my research project was on providing protective mechanisms for children affected by armed conflicts in India. While I thoroughly enjoyed studying and researching the different facets of law during my degree program and internships, I believe there are some laws which some revisions and re-thinks.  While I do not have extensive experience, as an ardent student of law, I genuinely feel there is a need to challenge some of the laws in India. To be able to affect this change and a subsequent change in society, a through knowledge of the legal domain is necessary. Thus, I think it is the right time for me to diversify my law school experience by gaining an international perspective and explore challenges in a global environment. In today’s dynamic and ever-changing politico-legal environment, cross border issues are gaining traction and with the world becoming a global village, I think an international Masters Program in Law from _____________ University will certainly broaden my horizons. The _____ Program is an innovative path to learn practical and conceptual skills in the international legal domain and equip myself with insights on critical global issues. This unique opportunity to enhance my international legal knowledge base through comparative law studies and an inter-cultural educational experience will surely be transformative. The Indian legal framework finds its origins in the British Legal Legacy, as most of the Indian laws are adaptive works of the UK.  As a developed economy with progressive legal policies, the UK allows and encourages students from developing countries like mine to experience and partake international education so that they can apply the gained knowledge in their own countries

Furthermore, the  _______university is certainly a trailblazer in the legal arena. Under the brilliant tutelage of world-renowned professors who lay emphasis on experiential learning and innovative classroom pedagogy, I will certainly benefit from the multi-faceted legal education and perhaps, international legal experience. This immersive program aligns with my long-term vision of a career in the field of ____________ and Corporate Law. As an active sportsperson and an impassioned learner, I also wish to add value to the rich cultural fabric of the______ community by participating in various co-curricular activities and associating myself with the various student law organizations. The University’s focus on research, legal methodology and state-of-the art infrastructure will surely add a new dimension to my legal career enabling me to be a free thinker and a better learner.  It will empower me to broaden my horizons and examine law from cultural, political and social angles across national boundaries. 

I am sure that there will be many worthy applicants for this program, however, I genuinely believe that my extensive legal background, internship experiences and the zeal to make a difference set me apart from others. Thus, it is with keen anticipation and sincerity of purpose that I apply for this masters program at your esteemed University. 

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