Below is the Sample SOP for Masters in Bioethics, Australia

Should euthanasia be legalized all over the world? Is medical testing turning humans into proverbial guinea pigs? What are the ethical boundaries governing the cloning of animals? With contemporary innovations in Bio-medics and integration of medicine, technology and business, there is an increased concern about their ethical considerations and consequent societal impact. As a candidate for Post-graduate study in Bioethics, I wish to explore these burning questions and delve deeper into the ethical dimensions of the advances in Biotechnology, Biomedicine and Healthcare at Monash University. 

While my enchantment with Biology was the reason for choice of science in high school, the seeds of my enduring passion were laid while completing D.Pharm from Gujarat University. It was my study on “Comparison of Clomiphene Citrate vs. Anastrazole in Infertility in Women with Ovulatory Dysfunction in Survey of Interventional Gynaecologist across Ahmedabad” which opened up the world of pharmacology to me. Securing 76.90% in D.Pharm, I went on to complete my B.Pharm from Nirma University graduating with 81.3 %. This comprehensive program has laid a sound foundation and background in Pharmacy. The various classroom and laboratory sessions exposed me to (please mention various undergraduate subjects you studied ). To gain a deeper understanding of the subject and prepare myself for the rigors of postgraduate studies, I undertook various certificate courses and participated in numerous conferences. Whether it was participating in the Indian Pharmaceutical Congress or attending seminars on “Computational Chemistry in Drug Discovery” and “Hypoxia and Regenerative Therapy in Stem Cells”, I immersed myself in gaining the maximum from these opportunities. My internships at Indica Laboratory (P) LTD, Trio Life science and dispensing training in Civil Hospital, Ahmedabad, helped me to test and hone my skills in the real world. 

I began my career as a Junior Pharmacist in Civil Hospital, Ahmedabad, checking prescriptions for right dosage and providing information and advice regarding drug interaction, side effects, dosage and proper medication storage etc. However, my interest in research led me to pursue M.Sc. in Clinical Research from Gujarat University. The program initiated me into regulatory considerations for ethical conduct of research on human beings, while teaching me not only to ask questions, but also distinguish between the ones worth asking. I successfully completed the program with honours, securing a high 84.38%. My excellent performance and academic merit was instrumental in my appointment as a lecturer in the Clinical Research Programs Dep. Of Microbiology at Gujarat University. The next four years were spent training students in Clinical Research and related disciplines. As a lecturer, I imparted knowledge and gained expertise in Clinical research, traversing through ICH-GCP guidelines, International Regulatory guidelines like USFDA, MHRA, EMEA, CIOMS International Ethical guidelines. I also taught Pharmacovigilance guidelines of different countries including European PV, Australian PV and Pharmacovigilance guideline of India, PV in USA, Clinical trial applications: IND, NDA, ANDA, Orphan Drugs Application and Clinical Data Management. Pharmacology of drugs acting on different organ systems , drug-drug interaction and  Adverse drug effects & their monitoring exposed me to issues around the ethical, social and legal implications of the same. Armed with this invaluable experience, I continued with the advancement of my career and joined as an Officer (Training Department) of Cliantha Research Limited, Ahmedabad in June 2018. As a trainer officer, I have been at the centre stage , undertaking the training for Clinical Trial, Pharmacovigilance, Personal Health Care and BABE Clinic training for new employees as well as existing employees. As a trainer responsible for global Training, have been working in the domain of ICH-GCP guidelines, standard Operating Procedures,  Pharmacovigilance guideline across nations and  Clinical Data Management. To enhance my knowledge and proficiency, I also undertook certifications in Good Clinical Practices: NIDA Clinical Trial Network, Study Protocol (Part-I & II) from The Global Health Network and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) from Alison. I sincerely believe that my extensive experience and study in this field has prepared me adequately to take up the challenges of a Masters in Bioethics. 

My decision to pursue a Masters is thus a natural progression in my academic and professional journey. The ever-increasing advancement in cutting edge technologies in biomedicine and biotechnology carries its own set of risks. Five years of testing the waters in clinical research, I now wish to probe the critical dilemmas at the heart of advanced research on the Human bodies. Keeping this very thought in mind, coupled with my extensive experience in this field, I wish to apply for this innovative and path breaking course at Monash University. While the standards of biologics and clinical research are well established, the regulatory framework and ethical issues concerning them need probing. Through this Masters Program I wish to explore these dilemmas at the intersection of society, ethics, law and public policy. The study of Bioethics is a necessity owing to the advancements in research and medicine. I firmly believe that expertise in Bioethics and the study of global regulatory policies, especially from a developed nation like Australia, will provide a leading edge to my career. 

Monash University is my first choice for a Masters as it offers one of the best programs in the field of Bioethics. The Monash University Centre for Human Bioethics is amongst the top- eight Bioethics centres in the World. The program was incepted by none other than Peter Singer, one of the topmost Bioethicists in the world. The University offers state-of-the-art research facilities and laboratories, contemporary curriculum and an erudite Bioethics department focussed on cutting-edge advances in biomedical technology. The opportunity to network within the scientific community, indulging in intense intellectual debates on ethical theory, human-research, legal and policy issues in public health and bioethics will add another dimension to my existing repository of knowledge. 

I look forward to exploring the best practices in bioethics under an interdisciplinary approach, examining pertinent issues under the lens of reason, ethics and justice. Not only does the program complement my background in Clinical Research, it will enable me to think outside the ‘lab’ and equip me with the requisite skills needed to explore the conundrum of bioethics. The field schools and study tours in acclaimed organizations like WHO and the flexibility to choose a research thesis or relevant coursework makes Monash an ideal platform for my career and academic aspirations. I am confident that this immersive program will equip me with a global perspective and analytical skills to critique and apply relevant theories to challenges in Bioethics. While there will be many worthy applicants for this course, I genuinely believe that my background as a trainer in Clinical Research, academic excellence and relevant experience in interdisciplinary fields make me a tailor made candidate for this course.

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