Below is the Sample SOP for Masters in Business Analytics, Australia

Thank you in advance for your perusal of my application. I hope to make a strong case for myself and help you evaluate my application by presenting all the information in a clear manner.

My name is Karthik Shenoy, and I would like to introduce myself as an enthusiastic business professional that stands to gain a wealth of experience from an Australian higher education program of Masters in Business Analytics at Deakin University, Geelong, Victoria, Australia.

Growing up in India during the 1990s was an exciting time. The economy had just opened itself to international trade, and the market was burgeoning with new products, and soon enough, computers. As a young boy, I would occupy myself for hours on the family desktop and would take apart old CPUs to see how they worked. I remained a meritorious student throughout my schooling, scoring 92.64% in Grade 10 at the 2008 S.S.L.C examinations followed by securing 85.33% in Grade 12 at the 2010 2nd P.U.C examinations.

My childhood curiosity about computers remained with me, and in 2010, I applied to Visvesvaraya Technological University to pursue my bachelor’s degree in Computer Science Engineering. The four-year course trained me in disciplines such as mathematics, algorithms, Relational Database Management, Object-oriented Programming, Basic Java, Business Intelligence, and Software Management among others. I graduated in 2014 with a CGPA of 8.3/10. I also gained experience with project management and planning, owing to my voracious participation in extra-curricular activities. 

An active sportsperson, I have remained a consecutive winner of badminton tournaments during my college days, and have excelled in team sports such as football. Sports have ingrained in me sheer grit and a penchant for perseverance, and I intend to use these strengths in my education.

The work experience I have garnered has been a five-year period of tremendous professional growth for me. I was fortunate to get placed with Infosys, India’s largest technology company which has won itself worldwide acclaim because of its commitment to innovation. I joined the organization in 2014 as a Senior Service Engineer and have since handled a wide array of work. My client is Apple Inc. (USA) and I am responsible for ensuring that the Data Warehouse runs smoothly. This product is critical in Apple’s day-to-day functioning, as it collects and processes important information and distributes it to different applications like iTunes, marketing, sales, etc.

In my role, I am required to constantly exercise my computer knowledge. I primarily work on RCA and data analysis of the existing systems and on understanding the business flow of the data warehouse system. In addition to this, I come in as a problem-solver deploying Change Requests when known bugs need to be identified and eliminated. I have worked extensively on Teradata utilities like Tbuild, FastLoad MultiLoad, Tpump, etc. and on Informatica tools such as the source analyzer and mapping designer. Access management for various applications and basic UNIX scripting has also been mainstays of my work at Infosys.

Never one to back down from a learning opportunity, I stepped up to oversee the coordination of my product with third parties for application deployment as well as ensuring coordination with the right shore team. I particularly enjoy training new employees and ensuring a hassle-free knowledge transfer of the processes. 

In order to keep my skills sharp and current, I earned certifications on training with PL/SQL, UNIX, and Hadoop and practiced object-oriented programming using Java. My initial training at Infosys earned good grades and I was awarded ‘Best Performer’ of the project. I have also voluntarily undergone individual effectiveness labs, organizational effectiveness labs, and immersive workshops conducted by I-POINT consulting services.

My parents are the foundation upon which I have built my career, and indeed, my entire life. Their undying support is the reason that I have the confidence to leave my home and family for the 2 years of the study period. For years they have worked towards providing me with economic stability, and with a combined income of Rs. 18, 00,000, they are now at a position to live a reasonably comfortable life. Yet, they have chosen to support me in my aspirations to pursue my education in Australia. It is my dream to complete this program and return with the accomplishment they hold dearly, so I can help them start what will hopefully be a long-standing family business here in India.

Although I feel fulfilled in my career, I now seek a fresh challenge. Choosing to go back to the classroom is a critical decision for me, and I am willing to invest time and money in order to receive training and a formal degree from a world-renowned institute. My current educational qualifications do not match the considerable amount of expertise I have gathered throughout my working life, which at times leaves me short-changed when I am applying to high-level positions or switching companies. Despite the fact that I have brought a lot of gravity and time – honoured learning to the positions that I have worked in, the fact remains that the corporate world is a fiercely competitive one, and one’s references and past laurels cannot suffice. 

It is here that I feel a considerable gap in my business resume, which I believe can be filled with a globally recognised degree from a respected institution. My home country, unfortunately, does not harbour plenty of universities offering the Masters in Data Science course, which is the area that curtails my interests from a Master’s degree. My acquaintances who have studied or worked in Australia have gone to achieve great things and contribute to making the world a better place. I thus have decided upon Australia as a perfect country, considering the culmination of a degree of interest and it’s the environment, for my post graduate degree in Business at Deakin University.

Australia is a beautiful country and the balanced quality of life enjoyed by the local people is an attractive prospect for me. It hosts a world-class, global education coupled with immense quality assurance. Alongside the natural beauty, it is renowned globally as a leading educational hub for people the world over and the protection given to international students under the Education Services for Overseas Students Act (2000) is second to none. Purely in terms of student life, Australia currently boasts of having five cities out of the top 30 university towns in the world, owing to its mix of cultures, affordability, quality of life and employer activity. 

Due to these factors and my own initial research, I have concluded that there is vast choice afforded to students in terms of internships and observer-ship opportunities that will prepare me to move forward into acquiring a work visa to get employed in the field and gain experience of working in the Australian financial industry. While my progression in my career and balance of lifestyle is paramount, the monetary gains from such jobs, which can range anywhere from INR 30 to 40 lakhs per annum in India or 100,000 to 120,000 dollars in Australia, will allow me to build a secure future for myself and my family.

Deakin University, ranked worldwide at 351, is a dual-sector university, which offers flexibility and choice in picking the right study pathway for me. The smaller class size and low student to teacher ratio will ensure that I am able to approach my professors and avail their advice frequently. I thrive in different work environments and am an excellent communicator, and I want to take that a step further by taking advantage of Deakin’s focus on multiculturalism and diversity – which comes from a representation of over 55 nationalities in its student pool – to make myself feel comfortable in any professional interactions globally.

The course I am interested in culminates numerous subjects of my interests like machine learning, modern data science, and database information retrieval, etc to present a post-graduate degree that feels like a tailored suit to help me enhance my skills set.

Machine learning is my foremost interest in the field of analytics. This degree will allow me to explore machine-learning techniques such as data representation, unsupervised learning (clustering and factor analysis) methods, supervised learning (linear and non-linear classification) methods, concepts of suitable model complexity for the problem and data at hand. I will thus have an opportunity to apply these techniques in solving real-world problem scenarios presented to them in the unit.

Information retrieval is the second focus of my prime interest. I will thus have an opportunity to explore how search engines work, why they are successful, and to some degree how they fail.

Furthermore, knowledge of modern data science will enhance my knowledge of computing platform.

Additionally, Deakin provides a wide array of scholarships and internships to select from, which will provide me with knowledgeable insight into the working realm of your beautiful country. Internships of such nature will help me improve my command over the English language. Local working experience is dire to develop a network of professional contacts, which could be useful for future references coupled with a pedestal to learn new skills and practices.

 The university comes across as being a vibrant place, with a welcoming environment for international students. It has consistently produced accomplished graduates and boasts impressive alumni that have gone on to be in high demand as employees in the industry or launched their own hugely successful entrepreneurial ventures. I am looking forward to being one of a diverse class, developing my communication skills by learning from different people and contributing a part of myself generously to the community. Moreover, the multicultural setting is a great harbour to exchange ideas and experiences to help me become a well-rounded personality.

In India, the focus in Masters Courses tends to be more on theoretical knowledge and high examination scores. All of them are also not recognized globally. Therefore, I wish to be part of a program that is practically strong and will allow me to use the skills I have gained in my professional career. I seek to now become an innovator and solve complex commercial problems at the multinational level, rather than being only an executor of tasks. I see myself at a position of business leader; one who understands nuances and fluctuations of global markets, and is able to devise effective solutions and financial strategies using this knowledge. 

I have witnessed India’s exponentially growing economy, in terms of trade and exports to a multitude of nations including Australia. Given this globalisation of markets, I seek the necessary exposure to remain at par with an inter-connected financial world. My long term goal is to work as a management analyst, operations research analyst, marketing analyst, data scientist or as a quantitative analyst in the financial realm of Australia for reputed companies like Capgemini, IBM, Tesco, Deloitte, etc. 

I am fully aware of the rigor demanded by the program and believe that I am more than prepared to handle high-pressure projects. I have been completely captured by the plethora of possibilities offered by this new globalised business world, and I want to contribute meaningfully to this tide.   

I hope that by way of this letter and the attached documents, I have been able to demonstrate my clear intention to educate myself in Australia. I request you with utmost sincerity to process my application for the relevant visa. 

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The above Sample SOP for Masters in Business Analytics from the top-ranked Australian University, it is clear that the applicant has a strong passion for business analytics and a clear understanding of the principles and practices of the field. The applicant effectively communicates their motivations for pursuing a master’s degree in business analysis and their career aspirations in the field. Overall, the sample SOP for the Master of Business Analytics in Australia shows the applicant’s enthusiasm and dedication to the field which will enable them to excel in their graduate studies and make a significant contribution to the field of business analytics.

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