Below is the Sample SOP for Masters in Computer Science, Germany

The above quote underscores my philosophy in life: continuous learning and innovation. The biggest challenge faced by IT professionals today is to stay relevant in the dynamic technological landscape where there is a new technological innovation almost every day. It is imperative to stay one-step ahead of innovations, and thus my decision to pursue an MS in Computer Science from Germany, synonymous with leading-edge technology, is a logical continuation in my academic progression. My inextricable journey with computers began in high school itself, when my father bought a computer. Since that day, my computer and I have been inseparable. A self-confessed ‘tech geek’, I love coding contests, hack-a-thons and all things IT.  Thus, I wish to explore the incredible power and possibilities that lie within the vast spectrum of machine learning and artificial intelligence through your immersive program.

Always inquisitive by nature, I naturally opted for science in high school, quenching my curiosity and testing the waters for future course of action. It has been a prodigious learning experience for me all through my four years of college life in Northern India Engineering College, under the aegis of Guru Govind Singh Indraprastha University, New Delhi. The basic understanding of different engineering fields apart from Computers during the first year curriculum has been a supplement to existing knowledge. The next years saw me learn core IT subjects like data structures & algorithms, Operating systems, Database management systems, core languages like C, C++, Java, Python, HTML and applied mathematics but it was Artificial intelligence and Machine learning that captivated my interest. It was during this time that I forayed deeper into this domain by working on various academic projects and taking up additional reading to enhance my knowledge.

My greatest learning experience has been my final year project using Artificial Intelligence. One of the latest techniques in deployed in self-driven cars, the project was based on ‘Object detection from images using CNN’. The project saw me applying my knowledge of project design layout and implementing it using_________.

( mention at least one more project with details )These unique projects have not only equipped me with the basic tools of coding, project ideation and design, but also instilled confidence, team spirit, and an unparalleled sense of achievement of working on live projects.

Apart from classroom lectures and lab sessions in college, my internship in Bharat Heavy Electronics Limited (BHEL) gave me a deeper perspective of the life cycle of a software system and its real-world applications.

Inclination towards learning along with diligence is the backbone of any individual exploring wisdom. Post the completion of my Bachelor’s; I realize that I still need to learn a great deal about computers, especially expertise in Machine learning and AI. I have a passion towards the research aspects of computer science and Germany is a vestibule for research and innovation in technology. My short-term career goals comprise working as a researcher/ developer, exploring the forefront of technology in IT giants like Apple, SAP and IBM.  My long-term vision is to start my own AI based start-up, leaving my own individual imprint on the technological landscape. Thus, an MS from           ______________University will provide the necessary skills and impetus to leverage my career in the right direction. The university’s strong industry network and opportunities for experiential-learning through various internships, its practical projects and impeccable guidance will surely provide help me accelerate and consolidate my knowledge domain. _____________University is one of the foremost German Universities offering cutting-edge technological studies especially in Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science. The invigorating academic environment is renowned for its pre-eminent faculty, cutting-edge research and benchmarked Lab infrastructure and excellent class dynamics. The prospect of learning   about emerging technologies and frameworks, interactions with a multi-ethnic student populace, all of these excite me endlessly. Further, I wish to explore embedded systems and robotics under the guidance of erudite professors like _____ whose research in ___________ aligns with my filed of interest.

As a person who has given equal importance to academics and co-curricular activities, I can contribute effectively to the program by working with a multidisciplinary approach towards the University’s cultural and technological ethos. I can be a part of peer learning and lead from the front in community volunteering as I have been active in organizing various technical events and other college programs like ‘Matra–bhasa’ and ‘(Name of college festival). 

The ___________university’s strong network and strategic relationship with the industry is testimony to its continued commitment to grooming students into skilled computer professionals, ready to take on global challenges in the computational domain. With a graduate degree from ______, I will be empowered with necessary technical skills to push the boundaries of innovation to realize my lofty career aspirations. I would regard my admission to _______ not only a great honour, but also an obligation for hard work to justify every moment of my presence.

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