Below is the Sample for Masters in Mechatronics, Germany

It was my academic project during engineering which sowed the seeds of my immersive interest and consequent passion for this domain. The project involved developing a Hydro-pneumatic riveting machine for riveting a ring over a jet engine casing. The resultant system was based on principles of mechanics, electronics, and computing. While the project got top grades and much appreciation, it provided me with an impetus to explore the incredible spectrum of Mechatronics. The driving force that attracts me towards higher studies in Germany is the unparalleled opportunity to study Mechatronics with a focus on research and innovation, together with an international perspective and global exposure. 

My inquisitive nature coupled with my interest in Physics saw me opting for Science in high school. Passing out from the rigorous ICSE curriculum, I took admission in the Bachelor of Engineering Program (Mechanical Stream) at Visvesvaraya Technological University, Belgaum. College opened the doors of a completely new world of Turbo machines, Engineering Mathematics, Thermodynamics, Fluid Mechanics, Mechatronics and Microprocessors, Kinematics of machines, Design on machine elements, Dynamics of machines etc. The design of mechanical systems intrigued me where I learned how these systems work along with electrical components such as a motor, and how automatic control theory is applied to such systems. The numerous projects and internships in college helped me to garner practical knowledge. Not only did they provide unique learning opportunities, but also instilled confidence, and team spirit. My internship at Hindustan Aeronautical Limited (HAL), India’s premier aerospace and Defense Company was a transformative learning experience, which helped me to internalize the intangible knowledge acquired during lectures in the real world. As someone who enjoys challenging himself and exploring new things, I experimented in college, exploring offbeat destinations, immersing myself in sports and co-curricular activities. I was a part of the college team for the Intercollegiate Football and Volleyball tournaments held at the Zonal and State level, winning top honours and accolades. While it was an exhilarating ride, towards the end of my 5th semester, I realised that I was not able to maintain a balance. My performance graph in academics was slipping so I took productive measures, devoting significant time to studies. Finally my hard work and perseverance paid off; I secured good grades in all the core mechanical subjects and managed to get a first class with distinction in the end. 

Post my graduation, I got through Omax Autos limited as a Design Engineer in the tool room. Here I honed my skills designing press tools, gauges and fixtures for various customers like TATA, Maruti, Ashok Leyland to name a few. I also undertook research and development of new tools and modification of existing tooling to improve the manufacturing process from quantity to quality with equal emphasis on safety. Evolving personally and professionally, I have gained the ability to lead a team, look at the bigger picture and arrive at holistic solutions to problems. I have learned on the job, adapting, and thinking on my feet while perfecting my technical, communication, and interpersonal skills. Presently, I am working as a Site Engineer (Mechanical) in HSCC India Ltd. My current role entails the design study, execution and supervision of HVAC work apart from monitoring quality control operations.

The experience of managing the HVAC staff and newly appointed designers under me has helped me to gain strategic management and team leadership skills.  With more than six years of experience under my belt, I think it is time for me to broaden my horizons. I want to learn how manufacturing systems work, explore Interactive Intelligence, Machine Learning and design systems using both mechanics and electronics. An MS in Mechatronics is thus a beacon of light. With a graduate Degree, my knowledge base will deepen, and coupled with the expertise I have gained through my industry experience, I believe I can propel my career in the right direction. 

Germany was the first choice for a study destination as my elder brother has completed his Masters from TU Braunschweig and is currently working for Audi, Germany. His first-hand experience of leading-edge technical studies in Germany and his evocative experiences have convinced me to pursue my post-graduation from here. ———- University is one of the foremost German Universities offering pioneering technological studies in Mechanical and Mechatronics engineering.  It is a vestibule for learning and innovation, with pre-eminent faculty, state-of-the-art infrastructure, globally recognized for its excellence in education and applied research. It would be the culmination of a long cherished dream to study with the finest minds of the globe, share ideas and quench the mutual thirst for innovation and learning. The university’s strong industry network with leading German companies is testimony to its commitment to grooming students into market–ready professionals. 

My career goals encompass working on the forefront of technology in top mechanical engineering companies. This opportunity to gain an international education in an exploratory environment with opportunities for collaborative and experiential learning promises to be a once in a lifetime experience. I am positive that the intense intellectual environment at _________ University, research projects, inter-varsity activities and all the incredible resources available will help me to accelerate and consolidate my knowledge. I consider my passion to go beyond the application of existing concepts and boundaries of engineering, practical orientation and strategic problem-solving skills will help me to be successful in this comprehensive program. Thus, I look forward to transcending international borders and meet an equally passionate set of scholars to enhance my technical skills and attain a global education. 

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