With a background where I studied International Business in my graduation, plunging into the same course for my higher studies is a decision made after contemplation. During my graduation I learned thoroughly about certain concepts such as Strategic Planning, People management, Information Technology, International Finance, International Economics and International marketing. Out of all the subjects that I studied, I was truly captivated by the fact that how this subject as a whole eases the import and export between two countries. With a mind that perpetually thinks of business, I am urged to gain this learning more profoundly. In this pursuit of gaining knowledge about business on a global platform, MS in International Business. 

With this said, I worked on few projects during my under graduation. These were some research based projects which enlightened me earnestly towards the business strategies. The research was based on strategic management of a hospital called……. Through this research I came to know the reason why a constant monitoring and assessing is required in the business. I realized that this is done in order to keep the business and the equipments updated. Also, I figured out that the control strategy too plays an important role to keep any business from deviating from its main objective. If that happens, it is likely that the business does not do well. why constant monitoring and analyzing are requisites of a business. It was during this same phase that I was also apprised of the scope of Artificial Intelligence, which is the future of all international or national businesses. 

These projects furthered my understanding about the concepts of people management. In fact, I was happy to work towards completion of the projects as I admire deadlines and the challenges involved. What I really enjoy is that in spite of a lot going on in my mind, I often appear very calm and this makes me focused and result oriented. The project work gave me a holistic know how of how work is carried out in consensus and I learned the importance of team building and team spirit. Besides, the regular curriculum knowledge, I learned these traits which I am sure will help me go a long way during my MS course in International Business. 

My under graduation course helped me gain an insight into the work front and based on that I was encouraged to plan a start up.  After completing my course, I began a startup called ‘Heal’. My startup worked on a unique concept and sold a rather distinguished product. Through this start up I became a manufacturer of cotton gauges. These were of a specific shape and are used n wound dressing to prevent infection. For this unique effort I have also been awarded by the government of CG encouraging me all the more towards these endeavors. This being a start-up I gained good knowledge about how finances are managed, how people are managed and most vital of all , I perceived the art of getting things done. While being in this business I understood the consequences of presiding over a business. I could gauge the real meaning of Ups and downs and how theoretical studies help towards establishing and then managing a business.  

The start-up certainly helped me build the fundamental confidence that was needed to fully dive in  to the business world. And to do that I have also invested financially into the food industry in the city of Pune. My restaurant is called ‘Dawat e Lucknow’, where you can enjoy north Indian flavors. 

After gaining these vivid experiences where I have understood that the segment learning will only be of some use to me if I gain a comprehensive know how of the field. For this, MS in International Business is indispensible. Having begun a startup, I am looking forward to now gain a strong hold in corporate sector. I intend to gain an impetus when I think of working as an International Financial Analyst. In this position I want to work towards the current issues that the corporate face during the business between different countries. Once I gain some relevant experience, I envisage myself owning a company where I will not just be responsible in making favorable decisions, but also be answerable to my staff for the same. I like to take such responsibilities as the challenge stimulates me to work more strategically.

Other than the academics, I have been a volunteer at  MAD  N.G.O where I have worked as a teacher. Also, to show my awareness and concern I have been active in participating in various marathons and social works. This kind of involvement helps me understand the issues my country faces and I want to work towards solving them. 

I am inclined to pursue this course of International Business from your esteemed university only because the curriculum absolutely coincides with my requirements. I am aim to learn from the intellectuals at the campus. I look forward to gain knowledge under the guidance of …….professors so I can attain my goals. I am sure that I will be able to leverage the campus studies and the research work carried there. 

An earnest desire to ascertain my goals by being a part of your university has empowered me to apply. I wish to follow the paradigm and consequentially attain distinguishable achievements for myself.  

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Studying MSC in International Business in the UK offers individuals an excellent opportunity to develop a comprehensive understanding of the global business landscape and develop the skills needed to succeed in an increasingly interconnected world. As noted in this SOP Sample for MSC in International Business written by our Professional SOP Writers in India, candidates should have a strong academic background, relevant work experience and a clear understanding of the challenges and opportunities of international business. Furthermore, applicants must demonstrate a keen interest in global affairs, including specific interests, and an understanding of how their work will contribute to the broader goals of the field.

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