Below is the Sample SOP for Online Masters of Information & Data Science, USA

“Data is a precious thing and will last longer than the systems themselves.” These prophetic words by Tim Berners-Lee, Inventor of the World Wide Web reiterate the importance of Data Science in the modern computing world. With an ever-increasing number of people connected to the internet, the global economy is on a fast track towards a completely wired structure. Technology has transformed our lives and will continue to do so in the foreseeable future, and Data Analytics is the driving force behind the way technology is transforming business and industry. In this digital era, there is infinitesimal amount of data just waiting to be analyzed, and corporations are already in a race to do so.  From Amazon product recommendations based on past history, to push advertisements on Facebook and Instagram, to applications in Biotechnology and healthcare systems, Data Science is leveraging technology to drive business decisions and simplify processes. Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, High Performance Computing, Block chain and the Internet of Things are the current buzzwords and I sincerely believe that Data Science will truly transform the digital world. As a software professional, it is imperative to stay abreast of the innovations in the IT field and thus, my decision to pursue the online Master of Information and Data Science from UC Berkeley is a logical progression in my career trajectory. 

A strong mathematical aptitude and an inclination towards the STEM domain saw me opting for the Engineering stream, completing my Bachelor of Science in Electronics & Communication Engineering from the University of Rajasthan, India. Following my desire to delve deeper into this domain and apply theories to research, I enrolled for the Master of Science in Electrical Engineering program at University of Southern California, Los Angeles. The MS Program was a transformational experience and I was extremely fortunate to get an opportunity to work as a teaching assistant with the Mathematics department. Teaching undergrads mathematical tools like Matlab and Minitab while learning statistical analysis and applying it in real world was a flagship experience. Additionally, the knowledge of Database Management Systems, C, Java, SQL, Computer Architecture within my bachelor’s and master’s laid a foundation of knowledge and skill set that helped me to build custom data solutions to analyze and present them into visualizations and scenario planning.

Post my graduation I joined CCS Global Tech, San Diego as a Data Analyst, working on T-SQL scripts, building database and Business Intelligence solutions, analyzing the results and rendering results to reports. Dedication towards my work, exceptional computational skills and the ability to think out of the box has been the backbone of my career progression. Working my way up the corporate ladder, I moved from a Business Analyst at Wells Fargo Bank to the position of a Systems Analyst at McKesson Corporation, San Francisco. I later transitioned into the role of a Senior Systems Analyst at Lam Research Corporation, Fremont. The only thing consistent over the last decade has been my interest in data analysis, which was further enhanced owing to my projects. At Lam Research, I have been extremely fortunate to be a part of several critical projects, however the project on Field Service Planning and Scheduling has been transformational. As a design architect, I single handedly orchestrated the design and implementation of Field Service Management solution to plan and schedule a tool to manage 4000+ Field Engineers by 200+ users across the globe. The Data Captured through the tool was processed, analyzed and rendered in Dashboards for effective decision making for the key Management Executives, creating capabilities to analyze demand to forecast, effective engineer utilization resulting in millions of dollars in cost savings. The sense of accomplishment and the satisfaction of executing this immersive project remain unparalleled. Thus, Data has been at the core of my journey as an IT professional where I have been deeply entrenched in analyzing data, finding co-relations, predictive analysis, forecasting and driving solutions to drive product optimization. Currently, I am working on next generation projects around the Fourth Industrial Revolution with Industry 4.0 creating data connectivity across customer fabrication sites using internet of things, cloud computing and cognitive computing. These cutting-edge projects require in-depth knowledge of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for analyzing the data and applying AI in creating co-relations around the data and performing predictive analysis to improve tool life cycle. While I have taken up online courses in Data Science like Python, Machine learning etc. but I was not able to transform the learning to the real world. It was then I realized that only a formal degree course would equip me with a platform to harness the advanced knowledge of analyzing large amounts of data, data mining and programming skills and apply it on the job.

The MIDS Program is a guiding light, an opportunity to learn from erudite professors who are proven leaders in their field. It will empower me to leverage this knowledge in my work arena while nurturing the future innovator and researcher in me. My vision for the future entails working at the intersection of AI and Big Data as a data scientist, devising innovative solutions to meet the dynamic industry requirements. Life is continuous evolution and learning; I am confident that the profound knowledge, leading edge curriculum and research orientation at UC Berkeley will hone me as a professional, equipping me with the necessary skills to embrace challenges in the technological landscape. 

UC Berkeley is one of the leading US Universities offering avant-garde programs in Information Technology, especially in Data Science. Ranked the Third Best Engineering School in US, with state-of-the-art infrastructure, UC Berkeley offers an unparalleled opportunity to learn from world-renowned faculty who are industry leaders in their own fields. The multidisciplinary curriculum, flexible program paths and the on-line program structure will facilitate learning at flexible pace, while adding value to my current role. The modules on Applied Machine Learning, Data Visualization, Data Engineering, Statistical Analysis and Machine Learning will enable me to extract meaning from raw data, process, analyze and present it for effective data driven decision-making. Furthermore, the capstone project will help me to accelerate and consolidate my knowledge into a practical implementation. Apart from examining legal and ethical issues that arise in the data science life cycle, the program will equip me to hone my skills in Natural Language processing with deep learning, managing Big-data and the nuances of its storage and analysis on the Edge and in the cloud. The comprehensive curriculum, live on-line classes and in person immersions will be especially beneficial to me owing to my proximity to the bay area. 

In the peer group of the finest technical brains of the globe, I look forward to sharing experiences, knowledge, form professional networks and quench the mutual thirst for innovation and learning. The future of technology is collaborative, with people from diverse geographic locations, cultures and backgrounds. With a diverse international student community enriched by multicultural contributions, U C Berkeley will be a front runner in sowing the seeds of a collaborative environment for tomorrow’s global business and technology. 

With the advent of big data, enterprises are incorporating data analytics in building strategic applications and decision-making. To remain relevant and effective in the dynamic IT industry, and to reposition my career in this strategic direction, it is essential to explore the full life cycle of data science. Thus, it is with deep admiration and expectation that I apply for the immersive MIDS program at your illustrious university. I am confident that the profound knowledge and guidance at Berkeley will empower me with the necessary skills to lead from the front and push the boundaries of innovation in Data Science.

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