Below is the Sample SOP for PHD in Material Sciences, USA

‘Attitude is a choice. But the right attitude with constant inspiration paves the way to success.’ I attribute my life’s inspiration to my grandfather who instilled in my mind the seed of appreciation and the primary element of awe towards mechanics and machines. His everyday anecdotes to teach me the basics of mechanics set my life long purpose to become a professional mechanical engineer.

In the <year> I was one of the few from my small town of Jhakri, India, to be selected at the National Institute of Technology, Hamirpur. I was an ACC Scholarship Awardee at the time, which meant that the costs of my undergraduate education were covered. Armed with fresh confidence, I diligently studied during my four-year course, where I acquired a firm grounding in civil engineering, building materials, surveying, planning, and management, graduating with a class rank of 4. A particular source of inspiration for me during this time was my professor of Transportation Engineering, Dr. Sunil Sharma. He spoke less, but there was a lasting gravity to his words when he did. Relying on practical, avant-garde education, he remains one of the most articulate and inquisitive people I have learnt from. I believe my inspiration to pursue research comes in part from him.

My interests in life have been versatile. Sports have ingrained in me sheer grit and a penchant for perseverance, and I intend to use these strengths in my education.  Travelling and being involved in extracurricular activities in coordination with excelling in academics have shaped me into a well-rounded personality.

Keen to expand my knowledge, I gained a research internship at the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, where I spent time dabbling in the Kruss sessile drop device, pressure aging vessels, to name a few. However, my most rewarding educational moment was when I became the only candidate in my year to be selected for a fully-funded two-month internship at TU Wein, Austria. I received accolades for my unending keenness from my supervisor and gained a vast level of multi-cultural exposure due to my independent travels to 14 neighbouring European countries. This experience put me at ease with interacting with the locals and instilled in me an ability to adapt to change. 

With this in mind, I started my professional career as a Graduate Engineer Trainee at Larsen & Toubro Construction. Owing to my previous honours, I was selected on the company’s most exciting project, building India’s longest 21.8 km sea bridge, where I am continually exposed to the planning, engineering, and management aspects.

While I willingly soaked up this knowledge, I frequently drew on my undergraduate experience, my internship learnings, and my love for the subject to recognize my desire to become a researcher. As in immediate goal, I wish to get selected in <university’s> prestigious master’s program, which, in the long-term will lead to a PhD with a focus on materials sciences such as asphalt and pavement engineering.

The US is at the forefront of innovation and education, with <university> being a haven for knowledge-hungry candidates such as myself.  I particularly see myself thriving in the _____  research based inclusive environment as Prof. ___ previous work is commendable and pleases to my interests. Additionally , I request you to provide me financial assistance so as to make moving to a new country feasible for me.

 I am fully aware of the rigour demanded by the program and I want to contribute meaningfully to this tide. I am thankful for your consideration of my application and would be honoured if provided a place at your esteemed university.

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