Below is the Sample SOP for Visitor Visa Canada After Refusal


The Visa Officer 

High Commission of Canada 

Sub: Application in response to spouse visa refused on 11/10/2022 (W306467738)

Dear Sir/Madam, 

I, Vicky Nigam, an Indian national, bearing passport number U8164143 present before you to request a spouse visa. My wife, Sindhu Thondapu has received an unconditional offer letter for pursuing a Master of Science in Information Systems from Northeastern University. To pursue her further studies, she will need to stay in Canada, exclusively. As a result, I wish to accompany her and become her earnest support. She is a very emotional individual who might feel homesick in absence of a personalized family touch. Since I am a progress-seeking individual, I respect her decision to pursue further studies. I want to boost her morale by being her exclusive support system in a foreign land. I also applied earlier with the same zeal but my last visa application was rejected due to the following reason:

  • The purpose of your visit to Canada is not consistent with a temporary stay given the details you have provided in your application.

Purpose of visit

I am a qualified mechanical engineer who is also a Master of Technology in Enterprise Systems and possess great working exposure working as a Manager at Sai Srinivasa Granites and the major part of my work involves management. Hence, I am not intending to visit Canada for hidden gains, but rather to support my wife, only. I have a well-established career in India and I will return home soon after the completion of my wife’s study program. Meanwhile, during my stay in Canada, my educational qualifications, as well as experience, will definitely come in handy to keep me busy and invested in learning new things. In no way, I shall pose any liability either to the country or its people in any manner.

Our relationship

My wife and I have been married traditionally on 29th May 2019 in presence of our family, friends, and relatives. However, due to our marriage being arranged by our families, we began introducing ourselves to each other via calls and text during our courtship in 2018. Never for once, we realized how close we have become in a short stint which eventually turned out to be a glorious marriage. Unfortunately, after marriage, we had to crave each other’s company for seven more months due to our distant job locations. However, since we have come to live together, we have become inseparable. I cannot imagine living away from her and vice versa. Hence, it is a good idea for me to take a break from my regular duties and join my beloved wife in Canada so she can have a seamless study experience. Otherwise, she will face a lot of emotional issues while I will suffer here too.

Family ties in Canada

I do not have any family ties in Canada, and neither my wife has any. It will also give both of us quality time with each other. I am excited about living alone with her in Canada and exploring various exciting places like Stanley Park and VanDusen Botanical Garden in our spare time.

My stint with Red Cross Society during my study period in Australia has already posed me as a warm and humble person. I am equally interested in presenting myself as a valued neighbor in Canada. I am sure this will cultivate harmony wherever I and my wife reside.

Incentives to return to India

Soon as my wife completes her studies, we aim to return home due to our parents who are nearing old age. Also, we have family businesses. My parents and in-laws seek my support in their respective businesses. Hence, I have promising opportunities and a valid reason to return home. Likewise, the responsibility of our parents is something that I and Sindu want to fulfill, no matter what. I am the only child of my parents while Sindhu is the elder one to look after her parents. The valued assets that our respective families or in-laws have nurtured for generations will be taken care of by us.  Besides fulfilling our family duties, we have serious responsibilities on our shoulders which we adorn with pride. Hence, our return home is evident.  

Financial status

As it is crucial to have sound financials for visiting a foreign country, I have also done the budgetary math. I can certainly claim that I have sufficient funds to support my stay in Canada. I have the immovable property of CAD 15,04,241 and movable property of CAD 71374 while my current annual income is CAD 42,919. Hence, I will not be a financial burden either to my wife or my parents. However, if needed my parents have reassured me of extending financial help.


I, hereby, conclude my statement of purpose by informing you that I have reviewed all the Canadian Immigration Rules which I will follow throughout my stay in Canada. I will make sure I stay in close harmony with my neighbours and colleagues and display my strongest values as a genuine temporary immigrant. I, put before you my earnest request for allowing me a valid visa grant so I can accompany my wife and support her in my full capacity. Thank you in advance.

Yours Sincerely,

Vicky Nigam

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