Below is the Sample SOP for Spouse Visa, Canada


The Visa Officer 

High Commission of Canada 

Sub: Application requesting a permit to join spouse in Canada 

Dear Sir/Madam, 

I, <add name>, an Indian national, bearing passport number <add number> extend my earnest gratitude to you for allowing me to express my desire to visit Canada. I have been married to Ankita since 4th July 2014. Since then, we have been living as husband and wife, gracing our marriage with a six years old son who currently studies in the first standard. My wife has received admission to pursue a two-year study program in M.Sc. Data Science at Thompson Rivers University. It shall begin in September 2022. Hence, her flight to Canada is due on 23rd August 2022.

Since I met Ankita, we have been living closely and have raised our child in close proximity. My heart pounces over thinking about her managing everything alone in a foreign land. Also, she loves our son so dearly that I am sure she might feel homesick due to being away from him. Although she understands that it’s only a matter of only two years, I want to protect it from turning into a depressing phase for her due to separation. As far as I know her, she is a warm and kind-hearted family-oriented woman who cannot stay away from her family for a longer time. Due to this, I do not want the situation to eat up her time in managing her emotions. Rather, I would challenge myself to accompany her along with my son so we can eliminate the reason for her feeling agitated.

As far as my role for my wife is concerned, I have been her safest hideout and I always aspire to be the one. No matter what, I want to support her like this forever. I understand it is for her progress and required upgrade that I need to compromise my well-paying job for some time. I am more than glad to do this because, with my eminent professional experience of fifteen years, I am confident that I will be able to support myself and my son without becoming a burden on my wife while we are in Canada.

I hold a Master of Computer Application as my highest qualification and I possess fifteen years of rich experience working in the IT industry. I work in the globally renowned MNC, Accenture, and carry a sound knowledge of the booming cloud ERP, Workday. With this, I am sure to attract reasonable employment opportunities for myself in Canada as a part-timer because I will also be taking care of my son. In this way, I would be able to help Ankita have a carefree study exposure besides her son and me.

Also, due to my substantial exposure in the professional industry, I have been able to save enough funds up to CAD<add figure> that will serve as a financial backup in case we need any additional assistance. Considering our financial establishments in India, we are the owner of legal residential property and agricultural land, valued up to CAD<addfigure> which also binds us to our homeland. Both Ankita’s and my parents are growing old and they will require our support throughout the rest of their life. We, as husband and wife, have planned to stay near our parents fulfilling their desires and giving them a comfortable life upon our return which has been already planned after the completion of Ankita’s study program.

Since I have already visited the USA twice from 2009 to 2010 (New York/New Jersey) and 2010 to 2011 (San-Diego), respectively, I am accustomed to behaving accordingly as per the immigration laws of a foreign country. Therefore, neither I possess any bad visitor record nor do I have any history of visa refusal. I aim to exhibit similar standards of living and hold myself accountable for my actions throughout my stay in Canada, too. In pursuit of this, I have also made myself aware of the Canadian Immigration Laws and I will abide by the same throughout my stay.

My visit to Canada is purely intended to support my wife and give her a favorable atmosphere to concentrate on her studies. Also, this will help us keep our relationship alive without depending on voice-over calls. This atmosphere will surely help our son excessively because at his age it is difficult to stay away from his mother. I am therefore convinced that my decision to accompany Ankita is certainly the wisest. It will help us raise our son to grow more positively while also not affecting his mother’s desire to study. As we have a well-settled extended family in India, established assets, and lucrative careers awaiting ahead, we aim to return home after the completion of Ankita’s study tenure. In no given situation, we would stay aback beyond the authorized period.

I sincerely thank you for reviewing my application and considering my decision as that of a wise husband. I, therefore, request you to allow me a visa grant and I shall remain forever indebted to you.

Thank you. 

<add name>

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