Below is the Sample SOP for Tourist Visa,Canada


The Visa Officer 

Embassy of Canada 

Sub: Application requesting a temporary resident visa 

Dear Sir/Madam,  

I am Hassan Tairu, a Gambian, bearing passport number xxxxxx. I am fond of travelling to different  places and learning about their native culture, arts, and history. As I have not travelled for a long time in the  last two years due to Covid-19 emergency, I want to resume my travelling plans. I want to explore the West  and none better than Canada appeals to me due to its vast multicultural history. Therefore, I utilize this  opportunity to detail my travel plans and summarize my genuine intentions to return home. I purposely write  this letter to you for revealing my desire to visit Canada. 

My visit to Canada is solely focused on sightseeing as I am extremely mesmerized by its beautiful landscapes.  Canada is among the top travel destinations in the world, boasting of picturesque locations, state-of-the-art  infrastructure, and above all, a vibrant multicultural environment. Also, having already grasped details about  the umpteen hospitality of this country, I am more intrigued to experience world-class cuisine and personalized  treatment. To add meaning to my trip, I have already researched and pre-planned the places where I want to  primarily visit while in Canada.  

During my time in Canada, I will discover Ontario and Quebec in particular. In Ontario, I am particularly eager  to visit some of the top attractions such as the majestic Niagara Falls, the CN Tower, the Art Gallery of Ontario, Hockey Hall of Fame, the Casa Loma, the Parliament Hill, Rideau Canal, and soak in the beauty of Lake  Ontario. In Montreal (Quebec), I will be visiting the famous Old Montreal, Notre Dame Basilica, Mont Royal  Park, Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, and other top tourist attraction sites in Ottawa and Toronto. While on a  visit to this beautiful country, I am determined to interact with the locals and find some short local excursions.  Above all, I am excited about the Formula One Canadian Grand Prix event which happens each year during  June in Canada. All of these are hard to find in my country. Hence, I will make the most of my time during my  visit to this beautiful country of landscapes. It will surely add to a wonderful journey experience that I  anticipate in the fun-loving, open and warmly cultured Canada.  

Especially because I have not been able to take any visits in the last two years due to the Covid-19 pandemic,  I want to burst that stress by releasing adrenaline in my tentative visit to Canada. I have already pre-planned  my visit and obtained a No Objection Certificate (NOC) in favour of my leaves from work for which I have  got approval from the senior management in my existing institution. Immediately after I arrive in Gambia, I  will resume my services. Hence, my arrival in Canada, at Toronto Pearson International Airport has been  already planned for 12th June 2023 while I will depart from the country on 21st June 2023. 

Financial ability to fund my trip 

I come from a well-established family in The Gambia. I own a standard house which is currently valued at  GMD6,000,000 (CAD133,333). I work at the Central Bank of The Gambia and earn an annual salary of GMD604,480.20 (CAD13,432.89). Hence, I have sufficient funds to sponsor my travel, which includes flight  tickets, accommodation, food, and other miscellaneous travel expenses. I have savings at the Central Bank of  The Gambia Corporative Credit Union amounting to GMD824,248.26 (CAD17,747.98), which will be used 

to meet my expenses during my short trip to Canada. Also, I am confident that our already existing wealth and  consistent earnings make my family strong enough to provide additional financial support if I incur any  throughout my stay in Canada. 

Reasons to return to Gambia 

Family ties and employment 

In The Gambia, I have my entire family waiting to see me back home from my international trip. My closest  family ties include my wife and two loving daughters. I share a unique bond with them. As I am closely  attached to my family members, I find it my duty to return to my home country and be their earnest support.  Also, due to having decent property and investments in my home country, I am determined to show serious  interest in managing our assets judicially so our children can make the best use of them. I am in deep love with  my wife who is my soulmate and my most sincere partner. I cannot think of staying away from her for a long  time. Hence, I will return home within the authorized stay period.  

Regarding my work commitment, I have a permanent full-time job in my home country which earns me a  decent living. I am employed by the Central Bank of The Gambia which is the most prestigious institution in  the country. I am presently stationed at the Financial Markets Department and mainly concentrating on Foreign  Exchange Analysis, Foreign Exchange Market Intelligence, Investment Analysis and prudently managing the  Foreign Reserves of The Gambia. I am also a member of the Cash/Banknote Destruction Board.  

I have huge plans for my future in the Gambia because I possess rich exposure as a professional. As I am  already doing well in my profession, I want to seek progression in the following year. The Gambia is about to  launch its maiden Stock Exchange Market. In November 2022 I was nominated by the Central Bank of The  Gambia and travelled to Lagos, Nigeria to attend a study tour on the Nigerian Stock Exchange as I will be one  of the key players in this market. Therefore, I cannot keep myself out of the work for more than the approved  leave period. Hence, I will obey the conditions of the NOC provided to me in favour of my annual leaves and  return home to join my work with immediate effect. 


As I have explored many places indigenously and visited Italy in 2017 and 2018, I am determined to fulfil my  dream to visit Canada and have some fun as a solo traveller away from my city. I am curious to expand my  area of excursion and I am sure this visit will be a memorable experience too. I, hereby, inform you that I do  not possess any history of visa refusal. Also, I am very hopeful about having a mesmerizing journey in Canada.  I do not have any family ties in Canada, and I am determined to reunite with my family in Gambia. Hence, I  will be returning home as per the itinerary. 

I assure you that I have gone through the eligibility criteria for international visitors, and I meet the same. I am  in good health and am fully vaccinated against Coronavirus. Also, I have no criminal record in the Gambia or  elsewhere. I assure you that I have provided all my legitimate documentation and evidence which validates my  candidacy as a genuine temporary entrant. I, hereby, reiterate my purpose of visit which is to explore Canada  as a solo traveller. I pledge to follow all the Canadian Immigration Rules and I will return home within the  authorized stay period. I, therefore, seek your kind approval in allowing me a valid visa grant for my temporary  visit to Canada. 

Yours sincerely, 

Hassan Tairu

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