Below is the Sample SOP for PHD in Intellectual Property Rights, Australia

In order to find solutions to aid businesses and society, research plays a crucial role. Research, when conducted in a robust manner, can be converted in real-world outcomes, thus benefitting the society at large. I have observed technology taking newer forms, specifically in the field of law, which has taken the very concept of research to a whole new level over the years.  The zeal to undertake research in the realm of law and make significant contributions in the same makes me opt for a Ph.D. program in Intellectual Property Rights from Griffith University, Australia. 

My academic and professional conduits exhibit a constant upheaval, reflecting my deep-rooted interest in the field of law. I pursued bachelors in commerce post my matriculation, but as I came towards the completion of the course, I realized that Law was where my heart lied. I decided to start afresh with an LLB, from Punjab University, which, I must say, served me well. I was exposed to a multitude of subjects, which deepened my understanding of the various factors that governed the law. Out of those subjects, Intellectual Property Rights fascinated me the most; because of its power to facilitate innovation in the first place. It gives people the liberty to claim a right over their ideas and other forms of intellectual property, and protect them from theft. As I delved into its intricacies, I realized that I have the potential to do my bit and excel in this domain. 

My learning wasn’t only enhanced by the lectures that I attended, but was enriched by the internship experiences that I gathered over the course of my bachelor’s program.  I was absorbed as an intern in State Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission; wherein I attended Quasi-judicial proceedings and prepared a summary for the same. I was then hired by the State Legal Services Authority in Chandigarh, wherein I attended the proceedings of the Lok Adalat, attended sessions on meditation and reconciliation and also attended the observational home for juveniles. I was intrigued by the series of processes that were followed during such proceedings and was familiarized with the legal framework of the country. 

I, then, joined the Information Commission Punjab, attended RTI proceedings and prepared a report on the RTI Act, 2005. I was also an intern for an advocate for a year, which taught me volumes about the functioning of the legislature, and gave me hands-on experience in dealing with legal issues. As I attended the proceedings with the advocate, I gained meaningful insights about substantive and procedural law. These internships equipped me with a vast set of skills, such as multitasking, handling public relations, and working in a team. These experiences proved to be fruitful and only had me yearning for more. 

I was fascinated with the very concept of Intellectual Property Rights, and thus, decided to undertake a specialization in this subject as I enrolled for a master’s program from Amity University. During my master’s program, I was not only introduced to the hidden aspects of Intellectual Property Rights but was also given the opportunity to gain experience through the research project that I undertook. I undertook research on the topic “The Interface between Intellectual property Rights and Competition Law”, wherein I learnt how the two areas are directed towards achieving consumer welfare and are still at odds with one another. I researched on the points of conflict that arise between IRP and Competition Law and how a reasonability standard can be applied to facilitate reconciliation between the two. I was able to make significant inferences from the research, and my efforts were highly appreciated. 

I have always had a passion for teaching, which I was able to fulfill as I was hired by the IEC University, Himachal Pradesh as an Assistant Professor. I have been teaching there for 11 months now, and have broadened my skill bracket by developing good communication and interpersonal skills. I knew that I had it in me to be a learned professional and specialize in Intellectual Property Rights by opting for a Ph.D. program. However, I realized that I was restricted in terms of resources and guidance that I require to give meaning to the research and contribute effectively to the surroundings. It was when I got to know about Griffith University. 

While I was looking for programs that could be beneficial for enhancing my career prospects, I was tempted to apply to more than one program. In addition to my Ph.D., I wish to opt for a Graduate Diploma of Research Studies in the domain of business, to study the relationship between business and law, and how the law governs the way businesses are conducted. The curriculum of the diploma program appears to be promising and will play a crucial role during the course of my research. Successful completion of the diploma will serve as a ticket for a direct entry in the Ph.D. program. Out of the many universities offering similar programs, the one at Griffith University is ideal for my aspirations to take flight. 

Griffith University is one of the most popular research universities in the sprawling land of Australia, which places a huge emphasis on research. It is one of a kind university that dedicates a quarter of its financial resources into the domain of research, housing state of the art technology and the best research professionals who are adept in their respective areas. I have chosen the topic “Novelty and Originality in Industrial Design: the Need for a Clear Distinction between Design and Copyright” to conduct my research in. Through this topic, I intend to gain insights into the meaning and applicability of these two terms, conduct an analysis and derive meaningful inferences for the same. 

As I was going through the profiles of the various professors at Griffith University, that of Dr. Kanchana Kariyawasam fascinated me the most. She is an expert in the domain of Intellectual Property Rights and Consumer Law. Her affiliation with the ACIPA and Griffith Asia Institute and her unending list of publications make her an obvious choice, and her mentorship is what I need to be adept in my chosen field. I am certain that this Ph.D. program in Intellectual Property Rights is the ideal stepping stone for me to be a qualified research professional, while also enhancing my profile as a professor. 

Australia is a country known for its excellence in education, multicultural environment and unending opportunities for research. While there are other countries offering the program, Australia is my first choice, because of the diversity that it exhibits. It is the ideal opportunity for me to be exposed to a vast spectrum of opportunities that lay ahead of me, and I wish to leave no stone unturned to make the most out of those. Post the completion of the program, I intend to return to my home country and apply the knowledge and skills to effectively contribute to the society, while resuming my role as a professor at a reputed university. It will be no short of a dream if I am granted this opportunity to take my specialization further and grow into bigger shoes. At the campus, I intend to make the best out of the resources at hand, while meaningfully contributing to the tide. 

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