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Content rewriting is a literary skill where a writer writes an article without any compromising on the quality and theme at the same time. It is not an easy task. The basic idea behind rewriting an article is to avoid the deceit of content and keeping the keywords intact. Content rewriting doesn’t necessarily mean making minor changes to an existing content; it basically means making an article attractive and intelligible. Critics have pointed out saying content rewriting is to read an article, understand it and then research further. The idea is to find out the missing information and valuable facts which are missing. After the research is complete, one should start fresh and write on the same theme but with a different style. A certain amount of experience and determination are required to complete this task.

The basic aspects that must be kept in mind while content rewriting are:


The concept of writing or rewriting an article keeps changing. It is important to update the article’s content constantly to keep up with the pace of changing trends. If one fails to keep up with changing times, then the article loses its ranking in the search engines. The content rewriters are well versed and familiar with the latest developments in the field of engine optimizations.


Content rewriting maintains a fine balance between concepts like SEO and all the major changes made in rewriting the original concepts in an article. The audience wouldn’t have a problem going through an article that has been rewritten if is interesting and eye catching.


Rewriting contents is a complex task. A writer needs to keep a track of the shortcomings before going ahead. While the shortcomings are duly noted, more interesting content must be picked up for reference.Only an experienced writer can execute this task systematically and professionally and contentholic has a bunch of such writers. Content rewriting has been a successful  method since the last 19 yrs and it still exists and help a number of businesses to grow:


  • A number of variants are achieved from the original article
  • It helps generate a number of copies for the same content
  • It helps make the article look more attractive
  • It adds value to the already existing content

Contentholic is a reliable content writing agency which is efficient in content rewriting without any kind of plagiarism. We have mastered the craft of rewriting over years and produce brilliant content which is just as fresh as new.

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