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Statement of Purpose Writing Services in Delhi, India

A Statement of Purpose or SOP is one of the most crucial parts of your application that influences your admission and your career path. It is your only chance to impress the admission committee directly and stand out from the pool of applicants. It is an admission essay interweaving your goals, achievements and how you intend to achieve your goals. It has the ultimate power to make or break your admission process. Writing an SOP is the only part of an application that is entirely under your control and requires dedication and skill. A better SOP enhances your chances of getting admission in the school/course of your choice, and it also compensates for the weaker sections of your application. Now, students often get stuck and are in a dilemma upon writing these statements. Being highly qualified or intelligent is not always enough, and you need to portray yourself as a better candidate than others. A lousy SOP might ruin your chance to study abroad and reach your dreams. We, at Content Holic, have experienced team of Professional SOP writers. We understand the concerns and personal aspirations of the students overwriting these statements and therefore offer our SOP writing services to help you draft an exceptional SOP.

Why Take our Assistance

Important Elements of SOP

A useful SOP requires time, care and attention. Universities want to know your human side in a better way before offering that admission to you. The most important goal of this statement is to convey - why you are the best candidate for a particular course or university, why that specific course or university is best for you and why should you be chosen for it. Therefore the key points to be mentioned while writing an SOP are:

  • Explain why you have chosen a particular course
  • Mention any former knowledge about the course
  • If you have some experience with the program, then what is the source of that experience?
  • Any other course you have done that complements your chosen program.
  • Why are you interested in the specific state or a country?
  • Any extracurricular activities that make you viable in the particular course-program.
  • What makes you an ideal candidate for it?

Are you still wondering about the questions like “What all details should I provide?, How much should I write for each point? What should I write and what should I avoid writing?, What if I miss writing something? “. And do you aspire to draft and submit a high-quality and robust SOP that reflects your personality in the best possible way Then, you need to look no further. It is our pleasure to provide Professional SOP writing services to the students who for different reasons are not able to do their SOPs by themselves.

How will We help You?

  • Our expertise will ensure you the most excellent SOP. We will help you write a statement that can captivate the admission panel and efficiently communicates your personality. Our Professional SOP writers have a 100% success rate with the candidates.
  • Our team of experienced writers are highly competent with remarkable writing skills. They specialise in writing a compelling statement to convince the admission panel of your worthiness.
  • Our written SOPs / LORs are clear, well-structured and flawless. We shun the practice of copying and pasting from the internet and are well versed in the creative element of writing. Our statements are unique, and you can be assured of a plagiarism free content.
  • The language used is formal with appropriate vocabulary and SOP goes through several proof readings to avoid the slightest of errors. Utmost consideration is given to writing within the word limit. We ensure a well-balanced statement where all the essential information is covered adequately in an interesting way.

We provide SOP writing services for courses like MBA, PhD, MS, and MSc etc. and serve customers in cities of India like Delhi, Gurgaon, Mumbai, and Bangalore.  Our expert team is always eager to resolve your queries and will provide you with regular updates on your SOP for MBA or whatever course you want to pursue. We will guide you through the list of information details you need to provide us for drafting your SOP. You can rely on us for the best expert help in the market for SOP at the most affordable rates. We have an excellent record of 100% success rate and have written SOPs for universities in USA, Australia, Finland, Canada, Dubai, Germany, Spain, Russia and many more. The reason we always succeed is that we understand that SOP is very similar to storytelling. It is not about your achievements, but it’s about you and who you are. Get in touch with us if you want us to take care of your SOP and help you land in your dream university.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How long should a Statement of Purpose be?
The standard word count of an SOP lies between 750-1000 words unless specified by the university.
Why should you hire a professional SOP writer for your SOP?

An SOP is an important document that decides whether you are an eligible candidate for a particular program. Therefore, it needs to be written in a professional manner. Professional SOP writers know how to write SOPs and they make sure that the SOP is unique and authentic. They give a professional touch to your profile, which makes your SOP get the competitive edge.

What should I include in my SOP?

Start with your inspiration behind pursuing a particular program. Then explain your academic and professional background, linking it to the program that you want to pursue. Mention your extracurricular achievements and your long-term and short term goals. Emphasize on the reasons why you have chosen the particular university and country for your higher education. Finally, state as to how you will contribute to the campus if given the opportunity.

What are the elements that I should keep in mind while writing my SOP?

While drafting the SOP, make sure that it is unique, free of grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, and plagiarism

How important is an SOP?

If you are applying to a university abroad, the only document that presents your candidature to the admission committee is the SOP. So, it is important that you pay attention to writing an SOP that highlights your interests, aspirations, and achievements in the best possible manner. It is one document that decides your fate into pursuing your chosen program from your dream university.

Can I use one SOP for all universities?

Each SOP is unique, which focusses on your interest and ability to pursue a particular course. Making a generalized SOP gives a poor impression. Make sure that you have a personalized SOP for each university if you are targeting multiple schools.

What should my SOP reflect?

An SOP reveals your desire behind pursuing a particular program, and must reflect as to why you are an ideal candidate for the program.

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