Sop For Canada Study Permit Visa After Refusal 2023[Updated]

Looking for assistance in writing  SOP For Canada Study Visa After Refusal? First of all, if you have been recently refused your Canadian Study Permit Visa from the High Commission of Canada, you do not need to panic because Canada Visa Refusals are very common and it has increased manifolds after COVID-19. 

Till the year 2019, Canadian Visa Refusal Rate was around 35 % which went up to 60 % by the end of 2022, which is a great setback for aspirants who are planning to study in Canada. But, there is good news for them also, because Visa Refusal Experts have revealed that in the majority of the cases, the main reason for rejection of a Canada Visa was wrong documents or a poorly written statement of purpose for a visa.

Now, what to do after Canada Visa Refusal? Well, you are not only the one facing this disappointment, there are thousands of applications being rejected every week. Now, the first and foremost thing to do is – to understand the main causes of Visa Refusal.

There are many factors based on which each Visa Application for Canadian Study Permit is being evaluated by the Embassy of Canada in India. In order to enter Canada as a genuine temporary entrant, there are certain guidelines and eligibility requirements that every candidate must fulfill while applying for the Canada Study Visa Program.

Moving out to another country for higher studies is a cumbersome task and those who are preparing for Canada have even bigger challenges. In that hustle-bustle, many candidates or their parents ignore certain very important things which are crucial and as a result bring Canada Visa Refusal. One very important factor for approval of a Canada Visa is writing a perfect Statement of Purpose for Study Visa.

If your SOP for Canada is not written properly by professional sop writers or someone with prior experience in sop writing, there are high chances of getting rejected.  Fret not! We brought a comprehensive set of details that throw light on the statement of purpose for Canada visa refusal case.

Sample SOP for Canada Study Visa After Refusal


The Visa Officer,

High Commission of Canada,

Subject: Application in response to study permit refused on July30, 2022 (S304xxxxxx)

Respected Sir/ Madam,

I, Sachin Singh, am an experienced company secretary and a ripened professional. I, hereby, seek an opportunity to request a Canadian study permit. As I want to grow my career prospects, it has become the need of the hour for me to gain further . But I am also aware that I need to equip myself with the requisite training and skillset before following my career pursuits. Hence, I have decided to go back to school to gain expertise in accountingand pursue a Post Baccalaureate Diploma in Accounting at The University of British Columbia. I am glad to share that I have already received admission for the September 2022 intake. 

Academic and professional background 

My relationship with e dates back to my childhood days. I always took interest in helping my mother count currency and setting monthly budgets for our basic needs as I attained a certain age and accuracy in my calculation and understanding of finance. As I passed my secondary school with in 2006, I was determined to pursue senior school with Commerce. I passed the same with in 2008. Followed by my academic progression, I enrolled in a Bachelor of Commerce as my graduate studies under which I learned the fundamentals of Accounting, Business Management, Corporate Finance, Taxation, etc. My performance in these subjects made me pass my graduation with 62.24% in 2011. Soon as I graduated, I pursued a professional course in Company Secretary/Chartered Secretary (CS) immediately after passing out of college. I learned Corporate Laws, Compliance Management, Financial Management, Corporate Restructuring and General and Commercial Laws. I finally acquired the title of CS in 2016. Since then, there had been no looking back as I entered the very professional world working as a CS Management Trainee at Bhatia Sons& Associates from March 2016 to April 2017. I then progressed to become an Assistant Company Secretary at Gupta and Sons Limited from April 2017 to August 2018. After a while, I joined Mehta & Sons as a Company Secretary in May 2018. Since then, I have been working here. 

Motivation and purpose of visit

My entire professional journey talks about my wide exposure as a CS. Over time, I realized that I need to grow in my career and fulfil my aspiration to become a Chartered Accountant. Also, in my entire career, I have realized that knowing professional accounting and finance is something that every company or stakeholder expects from the company secretaries in India. Despite being good at financial numbers and understanding all the legal and accounting concepts related to corporates, I need to brush my accounting and financial concepts as the chosen study program is more specific to Accounting unlike my previous degree which was focused more on accounting. I will set my career to great heights as by doing the chosen course, I will be able to fulfil the requirement of Chartered Accountants. This particular study program is crucial for me to succeed in my career and reach heights that I have not realized yet. It has been a long time since I have been working as a CS (Company Secretary), I could not go beyond the position of Assistant Manager- CS which I certainly want to elevate. Offering both CS and chartered accountancy skills will help me progress in the organizations looking forward to hire compliance cum finance manager(s) in future. It is high time now for my career to take a leap and I find the Post Baccalaureate Diploma in Accounting to serve my interest in further education. My learning in specific . It will help me in analysing financial statements and reviewing budgets as expected from an accounting professional.

Why Accounting at The University of British Columbia? 

The chosen program is fully comprehensive   and by pursuing this course, I will be eligible for attaining the right skillset for Chartered Accountant With this programme I will attain skills in finance, management accounting, audit and assurance, and financial reporting. Also, I am most interested to learn the intricacies of Advanced Managerial Accounting so that I can handle complex accounting functions and lead teams under me back home. As far as finalizing The University of British Columbia is concerned, I am extremely excited to begin my studies here because I have already researched the authenticity of this amazing university in Canada. It is a 30 years old establishment which has been rendering qualitative education to its students. It focuses on building students more practically through its advanced faculty and conducive infrastructure required to lift the education standards concerning Canadian education policies. I am overwhelmed by its take on industrious training and student support that it offers to its students. With a lot of learning benefits, I can claim to have elevated learning exposure in Canada. Hence, I am excited about joining The University of British Columbia as soon as possible.

Why Canada?    

Canada is a global education leader which offers impeccable teaching support to its foreign as well as domestic students. I have also compared the opportunity of studying in other English-speaking countries with Canada but I concluded that the latter checks all the boxes for me. The cost of tuition in Canada is more affordable than studying elsewhere, especially because tuition fee in Canada is lesser than in any other English-speaking country. Canada is also one of the most peaceful countries on the global peace index which makes it a wonderful study destination for international students. Moreover, access to a multicultural student population will help me become a well-rounded professional and get an edge over others.  

Why Not India?

As I have already pursued my elementary schooling as well as graduated from India, I can claim that our education system is more subjective. Instead of undergoing traditional pedagogy, l exposure as the education system in Canada focuses on applied learning. Also, after comparing the multitude of Indian courses, I couldn’t weigh them higher than the one I found at The University of British Columbia. The chosen course in Canada also qualifies me for appearing in the Chartered Accountant examination after the completion of my studies which gives me an advantage over other professionals who have studied in India. I am therefore more interested to complete my studies in Canada rather than in India.  

Reasons to return to India:

Family Ties 

My family makes the strongest tie for me in India. I am very close to my parents who have worked very hard to give me the platform to thrive. As I am the eldest child in the family, it is my duty to look after my parents and siblings. In future, I want to cater to the needs and requirements of my family members and give them a comfortable life with my hard-earned money. My parents will need me as they grow old. It is my primary responsibility to accompany them and take ownership of supporting them as my brotheris busy making his respective career. By that time, I want to gain stability in my life and become the strongest pillar of the family. I need to be physically present in India so I can fulfil my family duties. In absence of family ties, I have no plans to overstay in Canada, rather I will return home within the stipulated period.                                        

Future Plans  

Over the short term, I intend to study and practice hard in Canada to achieve my study goals. particular specializationI will be able to compete with my peers more effectively. The foreign education that I would receive will give me an edge over others in the Indian job market due to my ability to prove myself as the most qualified candidate. It is very common among Indian employers to prefer candidates having dual qualifications in CS and CA. As a result of my past exposure to this industry, I strive to work with giant corporations using my existing industry exposure as well as my experience as a CS combined with my newly added skills in accounting. My goal is to become either a CFO or Compliance cum Finance Head in the MNCs such as Tata Capital Financial Services Ltd., L & T Finance Limited., Power Finance Corporation Limited., etc. Furthermore, I envision rendering consulting services as a veteran to new businesses and clients around the world in the future. 

Financial ability to fund the education    

My financial stability is strong enough to support my education and living in Canada. Hence, I have self-funded my entire feefor one year and paid a tuition fee of CAD21,709 and deposited CAD 15,000 into the GIC account out of my savings. Besides this, my father and mother have provided me with an affidavit of sponsorship for funding my further education and living expenses in Canada. Please find enclosed a proof of payment for your kind reference. Considering my financial status in India, I belong to a well-established family which owns immovable assets of CAD7,22,197 and movable assets of CAD 2,32,893. (Net Worth by a Chartered Accountant is duly attached) It makes me stand firm in fulfilling my education goals abroad.

Language Proficiency 

To fulfil the language proficiency requirement, I have taken the IELTS test and secured an overall score of 8.5 not having any band less than least score XX (listening xx, reading xx, writingxx, speaking xx). My IELTS transcript has been enclosed herewith 


I humbly, inform you that earlier I chose a post-secondary diploma in accounting at Okanagan College which led to the rejection of my previous visa application. I have now corrected the programme to a post-baccalaureate diploma in accounting which invalidates the below rejection reason: 

The purpose of your visit to Canada is not consistent with a temporary stay given the details you have provided in your application. 

Through this letter of explanation, I aim to draw your attention toward my choice of course, a little more and my choice of studying in Canada. Also, I have discussed my plans with you while detailing my reasons for returning to India. 

I earnestly thank you for reviewing my application with so much patience and allowing me to get here. To make it even easier for you, I have also furnished a copy of my original transcripts and financial documents to establish my candidacy as a bona fide temporary entrant in Canada. I have also reviewed the Canadian Immigration Rules and the same will guide my actions and behaviour throughout my stay in Canada. On the basis of my genuine intentions, I request you allow me a Canadian study permit. I shall be very grateful to you.

Yours sincerely, 

Sachin Singh

Download PDF of Sample SOP for Canada Study After Refusal

Reason Why You Got Study Visa Rejection for Canada 

We are living in a world of cut-throat competition and since Canada is one of the most proffered countries to settle abroad for most of the Asian and European & African Countries, the competition has increased in getting visa approvals too.

Getting a student visa for Canada a decade before was not that tough because there were fewer applicants applying but now as the data shows only 1 applicant out of three gets study visa approval in Canada and competition is further going to increase only.

The most common reasons for getting a visa refusal are – Missing Documents, Missing Marksheets, Expired IELTS or Medical, Lack of Funds, Low IELTS Score, Lack of Motivation or progression, Course not aligned with previous studies or work experience, and lack of home ties.

These are some genuine reasons for Canadian Visa Rejections and mostly in these conditions visas will be refused. But, as a Canadian Visa Refusal Expert with 11+ years of experience, we have seen that the majority of Canada Study Visa Cases are refused because of the poorly drafted SOP which is either has plagiarism issues, grammatical mistakes, the improper format of drafting, lack of important details like financial grounds, family ties or fewer details of the course modules and its alignment with your future plans.

The Statement of Purpose for Canadian Student Visa requires a detailed explanation of each of the points mentioned above with a personalized touch. This requires the expertise of years in drafting a perfect explanation or justification for visa application. Mostly, when candidates are asked to write the SOP for Visa, they start searching for – SOP Samples for Canada Student Visa and recreate a similar draft using copied content, which comes under plagiarism. Our agency has witnessed that 90 % of Canadian Student Visa Refusals are coming because of Plagiarised or Vaguely written Statement of Purpose. Therefore, it is critical to reapply with a fresh SOP for Canada Visa Refusal addressing all the rejection reasons to get the Study Permit successfully.

Read SOP Sample for Canada Study Visa After Refusal and Contact us for the best SOP Writing Services.

Common grounds that cause Canada Visa Refusal or Rejection:

This is how the Canadian High Commission sends you a visa application refusal or rejection letter which starts with a formal salutation and then they cite the probable grounds of rejection or refusal of your visa application. (Please refer to the image).

Now, coming back to the question – Why Canadian Embassy refuses the visa application and what are the most common reasons for rejection grounds? Below are the most common reasons for the rejection ground against your Canadian visa application. 

  • Lack supporting documents to justify the content you have written in your SOP.
  • Lack of financial support or missing documents to show enough funds 
  • Missing mark sheets or work experience certificates from the previous employer  
  • Low English proficiency or if the IELTS score is below average.
  • Not mentioned academic attainments to relate with your applied course
  • Previous study and employment history do not match your  program
  • In the case dual of intent, when you have applied for Express Entry Program 
  • Applied in SDS Category but having low marks or IELTS Score 
  • Not submitting the complete fees for 1 year of the program 
  • Having siblings studying, working, or living in Canada already 
  • A very long gap in studies and not enough justification for gaps
  • Not mentioning about the previous refusal from Canada or other countries
  • Applied for dependant or spouse visa together with student visa application
  • Low marks in your last study program and have given no justification for that
  • Misrepresentation of any facts or information provided by you
  • Failed in verification by Embassy officials for LOR, Funds, or other documents 
  • College Or University is not on DLI List (Designated Learning Institutes)

If you are still not sure what is the reason for your Canadian Visa Refusal and all your documents and other factors are clear, then for a better understanding, you can always apply for GCMS Notes for Visa Refusal. The government of Canada has this option that any Canadian Citizen or a person residing in Canada can apply for GCMS Notes for getting a detailed report on the cause of Visa Refusal. We usually do not recommend this process to our clients since we easily assess the shortcomings and hence we prepare a proper Justification Letter or Letter of Explanation to justify the refusal grounds for reapplication of the visa. In some cases, where a candidate is willing to know the details and has proper time in hand for application then we suggest and help them in the GCMS Notes Application process. GCMS Notes for Visa Refusal were previously called CAIPS Notes and some agents still refer to them as CAIPS Notes only. GCMS Notes are taking longer than usual these days, especially after COVID and now the standard time it takes is 4 to 6 weeks in general. But, in some cases, it may take less time and we are not sure why it happens so. 

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Sample Letter of Explanation / Justification Letter for Canada Study Visa Refusal

Download PDF of Sample LOE for Justification Letter for Canada Study Visa Refusal

Hire Professional SOP Writers For Canada Visa Refusal Statement of Purpose

How to Draft your SOP for Canada Study Visa After Refusal Case??

Now that you have understood the reason for refusal and are willing to prepare a perfect Letter of Explanation for visa refusal grounds, then you have to be very careful as multiple refusals decrease your chance of further application approvals. Here is the complete guide to drafting your LOE which is also called a Justification Letter for Canadian Visa Reapplication. This document is sometimes also referred to as Appeal Letter for Canada Visa Reapplication.

In some cases, when candidates are very confident about their profile, they also have the option to appeal for their visa refusal by raising the web form on IRCC Portal. But, in current scenarios, appealing through a web form is not helpful and usually, new applications are processed faster.

So, the best way out after getting a refusal is to understand the reason with the best possible means and then prepare a letter of explanation after refusal and lodge the file as a fresh application mentioning the refusal grounds along with a proper justification of all the points. Drafting a perfect draft after a refusal is not an easy task – it also requires much experience and skills to explain the grounds and their explanation properly.

The below-given sections are to be presented smartly to satisfy all the queries of the Canadian Visa Officer.













Introduction of Candidate

So, let’s start from scratch, start with a firm introduction that can express your whole personality and your roots in the best possible way. This is the most important section as it draws the attention of the office. If the content is not impressive and engaging, the visa officer loses interest, so while writing a visa re-application SOP, an impressive introduction can be a deal-maker.

Start with an introduction that can also define your professional background and years of experience, which will give a very clear understanding of the profile and the Visa officer has to put no effort to understand you after reading the further sections of the whole document. A perfect introduction example of SOP –

“I am Elon, a computer science graduate from MIT with more than 6 years of experience as a Data Scientist.” This gives a clear picture of the profile of the candidate in a nutshell and becomes easier for the visa office to read the rest of the details in accordance with the profile. 

Educational background

The IELTS score encompasses 4 categories: listening, reading, writing, and speaking. To prepare for any of the Canadian education programs, you must qualify for this test and try to write your SOP of Canada Visa according to your score. You cannot write an impeccable draft if your overall score is 6, if so, the office will be able to figure out that you have not written that VISA SOP of your own.

IELTS Score / English Proficiency

IELTS score encompasses 4 categories that is, listening, reading, writing, and speaking. To prepare for any of the Canadian education program, you must qualify for this test and try to write your SOP of Canada Visa according to your score. You cannot write an impeccable draft if your overall score is 6, if so, the office will be able to figure out that you have not written that VISA SOP of your own.

Write why you have chosen for Canada?

So, you need to come up with a significant reason such as what made you choose this Canada over your native country. The admission officials want to know your side of the story in a detailed manner, so do not miss this point and add a firm write-up for choosing Canada and not your home country.

Here comes the most important part of your SOP writing. Being one of the most obvious reasons for rejection cases, keep this on your checklist. Try to stress this point to make things clear in front of the admission officials. It is advisable to add some lines about your family, and your financial status to explain your fund for your stay and study in the land of Canada. As admission officials want to know about your family background and detailed information about your financial resources, writing that you belong to a well-established family who can take care of you during your entire stay in Canada will certainly work in your favor.

Future Plans along with your family ties

Embassy officials are always on the lookout for the write-up that you have no intention to stay post your degree program. Thus, you must write that you have the strongest tie back in your homeland, which is waiting for you. Writing in this fashion will make Visa officers understand that you are not going to stay after completing the degree program. It is also vital to mention that you have some enriching plan for the future that you want to accomplish after completing the degree and while doing so, ensure that your future plans are going to happen in your home country.

Conclusion – Request for grant of visa with a great ending line

It is a very common habit that if we are in a hurry, we check the start and end of any document while having a glance over the entire length of the document, so if the reader may miss your strong introduction, there are chances that your ending conclusion may be read well. So, do not ignore the importance of a strong closure of the draft. You must request humbly for the grant of a visa permit with some very smart or impressive quote or line.

Even though refusal for Canada visa varies from case to case, you are advised to structure a write-up for your statement of purpose in a way that can fulfill all the criteria. Depending on the grounds, writing refusal cases must be drafted meticulously if you do not want to let go of your dreams of attaining a higher education program in the land of Canada.

What to do after getting a Canada Visa Refusal or Rejection?

According to the Canadian High Commission, every applicant is free to reapply for a Canada visa after rejection and there is no time gap required for the same. If you think that reasons are not valid and you have enough justifications for the grounds on which they have rejected your Canada Visa Application. But before applying, please make sure that you do not change the complete information that you had written in your previous sop for visa application, the information shared by you is always there in the records so there is not much scope of changing the given details. Yes, you can always add-on information and change your quality of writing and give proper explanations against each of the queries on whose grounds they have rejected your visa application.

Drafting an impressive letter of explanation or SOP for Canada Student Visa after refusal is a tough task for most of the candidates and it is advisable that if you are not confident of your SOP / LOE for Visa, always take the help of the professional visa SOP writers, who can guide you in right directions. Many of the consultants often copy-paste SOP while filing the visa application. Still, you have to be sure of what you are writing because consulates can easily identify a plagiarized statement of purpose. They have all the relevant tools and experience to quickly find the copied applications and refuse them, citing multiple reasons in their visa rejection letter.  The most important part is gathering all the information and then start preparing the visa re-application draft with the help of  professional visa sop writers near you

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When Can I apply for Canada Study Permit Visa after rejection? Is there any time gap required?

You can re-apply for Canada Study Visa right after receiving the refusal or rejection, if you have valid explanation for the queries or concerns they have raised in your visa refusal letter. There is no specific time gap required for re-application of Canadian Study Visa Permit after refusal.

What are the chances of getting Visa after getting a refusal for Canada Study Permit?

You have all the chances of getting a visa for Canadian Study Permit even after refusal if you have given all the explanation in detail and given details are satisfactory enough for the Canadian High Commission to grant a visa. There are 100 % chances of getting your visa approved even after rejection as far you have the right answers for their queries. In many cases, a plagiarized SOP is the reason which does not fits the bill. Take help of professional visa sop writers to get the perfect draft for SOP for Canadian Visa Permit.

What all steps I can take after getting a rejection for Canadian Study Visa?

There are three ways of deal with a visa refusal case in Canada – 1. You can request for a re-evaluation of the visa application 2. Appealing against the refusal decision in the federal court by hiring an attorney or immigration lawyer in Canada or 3. Filing a new application with an improvised VISA SOP covering all the concerns mentioned in the refusal letter

How many times can your re-apply for Canada visa after refusal

You can always reapply for Canada Visa if you refusal letter issued by Canadian High Commission says that you can re-apply. Usually people do not apply after getting refusal thrice, but we have handles cases where a Candidates have received Visa after 4 or 5 application. It all depends on how strong your letter of explanation is written, if you are getting rejections on the basis of your English proficiency test, you can improvise it and re-apply. If you are getting rejections for course, you can change the course or explain your reasons for choosing the course. They will never write in the refusal letter or in Caps Notes or GCMS Notes that they have refused your application because of the plagiarized content of the SOP.

What is the re-application process of Canada visa after refusal?

The procedure of re-application of Canada Study Visa after refusal is very simple. Understand the concerns of the visa officer, address wisely all the points to make your draft satisfactory and logical to them. You can easily re-apply a new application and mention on the draft that you are re-applying for Canada Visa along with other explanations against their concerns. Do not miss to mention a very strong reason to go back to your home country.

What are the chances of getting Canada visa after refusal once or twice?

There are very high chances of getting a Canadian visa even after one or two refusals if you can find out the correct reason of the refusal and correct them in new visa application. There is as much as 100 % chances of getting your visa if your explanation is satisfactory to the visa officer.

Should I apply for Caps Notes or GSMC Notes after Canada Visa Rejection?

If you are hiring a professional SOP writing agency or expert visa sop writers, there is no need to apply and wait for CAIPS Notes or GCMS Notes. There are few candidates who want to be very sure about their reason of rejection usually apply for GCMS Notes for rejection remarks, but this is a time taking process and if the candidates has to get the visa immediately then it is better to hire an expert visa sop consultant to analyze your case and write a fresh SOP as per the queries of the refusal letter.

How much time it takes to get the GSMC Notes? Should I wait for it?

Generally, the time period for getting the GSMC notes is 4 to 6 weeks. It is not important to wait for the CAIPS or GSMC Notes because it does not gives you a very detailed explanation of reasons why your application was rejected. These are just the remarks given by the Visa office while rejecting your Visa Application for Canada. An experienced VISA SOP Consultant and writer can guide you better for the same. It is better to work on visa re-application process by taking expert guidance instead waiting for 4 to 6 weeks.

Who is best SOP Writer for Canadian VISA?

There are many SOP Consultants and Visa SOP writers available these days at ease, but if you want to be sure about the quality guidance and impeccable draft as per your specific need, you must go for an experienced agency or writer, who have handled thousands of similar cases and thus you can get the right solution and service. Contentholic is one of the India’s leading SOP writing agency with expertise in handling visa refusal cases.

How old is this agency Contentholic?

We are an 11 years old agency offering quality academic writing services to the students since its inception in the year 2011.

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