Below is the Sample of Letter of Explanation After Refusal


The Visa Officer

High Commission of Canada

Sub: Application in response to study permit refused on 21/07/2021

 Dear Sir/Madam,

I am honoured to introduce myself as Naveen Sharma who is an experienced sales and marketing professional. I am willing to rise in my career graph by combining my previous exposure with formal training in business management. However, my intellect has advised me to pursue a Graduate Certificate in International Business Management based on my desire to cater to my export-related family business in the longer run. I am also delighted to share that I have been presented with the Letter of Admission for the January 2022 intake. Unfortunately, my previous visa application was rejected due to not fulfilling the IRPA and IRPR conditions based on the following reason:

The purpose of your visit to Canada is not consistent with a temporary stay given the details you have provided in your application.

I, therefore, represent my genuine candidacy through this medium which has honoured me for justifying my reasons to visit Canada and disclosing my plans to return home.

Motivation to pursue the program

My very interest in business and leadership brought me to the field of sales and marketing which is the backbone of any organized business. I served in the sales department of renowned companies like Colgate, Nestlé and Hindustan Unilever. Since these are the most well-known companies they are spread nationwide. Handling Inventory Management, Sales, Accounting Techniques and System Manage Procurement, over time made me accustomed to industry processes and the way expansion takes place. Also, my knowledge of customer handling and relationship management has broadened during my professional tenure. However, during the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic, I became quite intrigued with the industrial operations and international business management which maintained swift industrial relations within the various industries even during the situation of distress. From there, I became interested in pursuing my interest in international business management which was greatly piqued as a result of my family business of export. Due to having a long-established export business of spices, I grew up overhearing conversations associated with international trade policies, cross-border negotiation, etc. Having always been attracted to the way international businesses are managed, I tried my hands on tutoring myself online with the basics of international business which appeared as a true reflection of my potential career choice in the long term that resonates with acquiring a full-fledged training in international business. Hence, I began my speculation about finding a comprehensive course structure abroad when I finally came across the one available at Niagara College which seemed like the most beneficial study option for me.

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Why Canada and not India?  

Canada has emerged as a globally leading education destination which is most sought after due to its cutting-edge pedagogy which challenges the global education aesthetics. I am greatly intrigued by the way Canada provides its international students with a perfect cushion to study in a foreign land by offering appropriate counselling support. Also, the education environment in Canada is conducive based on its appropriate relevancy to industry standards. I have also made comparisons with other English-speaking countries and found Canada to be checking all the boxes for me fulfilling all the metrics associated with the education budget, openness of culture, peacefulness, low crime rate, warm and multicultural society, etc. Having also compared an opportunity to study in India with studying in Canada also motivated me to pursue my studies in Canada and not India. Especially because, if I study in Canada, I would miss an opportunity to get international exposure which is not available in India. Moreover, studying in Canada will provide me access to applied learning which is given least or no importance in our Indian study system due to being highly based on a merit system. Unlikely, in today’s business structure, we require practically oriented individuals having studied in a practically enriching environment to meet the upcoming industry challenges. Therefore, I believe studying in Canada will augment my learning curve and also enhance my demand in the Indian corporate job market due to my foreign credentials. It will certainly create an edge for me back home as I position myself upward in the career graph.

Why International Business Management at Niagara College?  

Through pursuing international business management, I am aiming to acquire technical proficiency in the way international trade and business I carried out on a professional front. In my pursuit to gain further education, I compared through a lot of Canadian colleges but the curriculum available at Niagara College sufficed my expectations associated with a foreign study program. Niagara’s uptake in comprehending its international student population and learning atmosphere is unparalleled. The faculty at Niagara College is the most sought after due to its exemplary teaching model and proven pedagogy to uplift student experience through industry-intensive training exposure. Topics available underneath the belt of this curriculum include Concepts of International Trade, Market Entry and Distribution, International Market Research, Global Logistics Management, Legal Issues of International Trade, Applied Research in International Trade Management, and Legal Issues of International Trade which makes a perfect fit for me based upon my study goals. As a result of this study program, I would be able to create a strategic business plan based on international trade policies and procedures and their implications on the existing business profitability and performance. The properly channelized classroom studies and industrial training will augment my performance and make me a more refined professional ready to embark upon a journey towards managing international business relations in the future. I am thus overwhelmed to have received admission to this esteemed college.

Reasons to return to India 

Future plans 

My entire focus on returning home depends upon my desire to fulfill my short-term and long-term career goals in India leveraging my international exposure and foreign credentials. Hence, I intend to seek career progression by becoming a valuable addition to the Indian corporate society upon graduating from Canada. My education in International Business Management will help me in elevating my career graph as envisioned after quipping myself with industry-intensive training. I would be able to serve Indian corporates in the positions such as Business Analyst, International Supply Chain Manager, Business development manager, Research Analyst, etc. To gain illustrative exposure, I focus on working with companies like Pepsico, Flipkart, Coca-cola etc. However, after collecting exquisite exposure in the Indian corporates operating globally, I intend to expand my family business and make it a globally sustainable business organization based on my understanding of modern business operations.

Family ties

My family members are my closest family ties in India which include my father, mother, and sister. My father owns a family business, as a result of which I am greatly influenced to equip myself with specialized training in international business management. My mother is a housewife, and my sister is a Chartered Accountant and married. Being the only son or the male child of my parents, I am the sole heir of all the family riches. Hence, I am bound with great responsibilities on my shoulders too. I am required to take care of my parents who will be my sole responsibility in the future years due to aging. I cannot leave my parents alone as they have never left me while I was dependent on them. I am a responsible and sensitive individual who has planned to go back home soon after the completion of my studies in Canada so that I can take care of my parents, my sister, and our family business as my father attains a certain age. Hence, I will not stay in Canada beyond a certain point, especially because all my family ties are in India, not in Canada.


I belong to a financially strong family background that owns immovable properties worth CAD 2216746.75 which serves as a strong financial backing. Also, we possess movable assets valuing CAD 125122 Please find enclosed a CA-report for your kind reference. Owing to our wealth of assets and riches, my parents have sponsored my education and stay in Canada, also considering its benefit rewarding for our family business. Hence, I have already paid a tuition fee of CAD 17875 and deposited CAD 10000 into the GIC account. Proof of payment has been enclosed herewith for you to review and consider.

My overall IELTS test score is 7.0 without having any band less than 6.5 (Listening: 7.5, Reading: 7.5, Speaking: 7.0, Writing: 6.5). Enclosed herewith is my IELTS scorecard for your kind reference.

With all my dedication and willingness to follow all the Canadian Immigration Rules, I hereby apply for the Canadian study permit which will help me in pursuing further study interests. I put my high hopes in you and I am sure my genuine candidacy will allow you to decide in favour of my application. Thank you in advance.

Yours Faithfully,

Naveen Sharma

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