Below is the Sample SOP for MS in Computer Science, United States

My decision to apply for an MS in Computer science at Rivier University is driven by my aspiration to work at the frontiers of technological innovation, exploring the complete spectrum of this challenging field. My first tryst with a computer was in the sixth standard when I was gifted one by my parents. Delighted with my new ‘toy’, I initially used it for trivial pursuits like playing games or browsing the Internet. However, with time I developed a keen interest in its working. Slowly but surely, I was captivated by its enormous power and potential. I was in awe of the Internet, the invisible network of networks for which no information was impossible. I was astounded by a little silicon wafer that could store infinitesimal amounts of data. It is a fascination, which has only been whetted by an undergraduate program in Information Technology. 

Apart from my innate fascination for computers, my natural aptitude for mathematics, exceptional analytical ability and capacity for diligent work secured me admission into the coveted CVR College of Engineering. With a specialization in IT, these four years of engineering have laid a strong foundation for both my hardware and software fundamentals. The first year introduced me to the basics of programming and mathematics, with deep insights into algorithms, data structures, Linear Algebra, Complex Calculus, and Probability & Statistics. Courses in Software Engineering, languages like C and Java, scripting languages like PHP and Python, data mining and Artificial Intelligence provided me with a set of tools to breathe life into my under grad projects. With an aim to test and hone my knowledge, I undertook a number of projects the most outstanding one being the ‘Cardless ATM’. The motivation was to develop a system to automate transactions without the necessity for physical ATM cards. A novel idea, it has the potential to outshine the convenience of National Electronic Fund Transfer (NEFT). We developed an application using Short Message Service (SMS) in mobile phones, establishing a connection to GSM devices for obtaining One-Time Password (OTP). Through this project, I acquired proficiency in MATLAB, Windows, Linux and Mac Compiler: MinGW. The project was highly lauded and not only earned me a high grade but also a certificate. I also worked on an employee leave management system aimed at reduce processing workload and automating the existing system. I gained practical insights into HTML, PHP, CSS, MYSQL, Mozilla 2.0 and later, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer. As a part of my undergraduate curriculum, I researched on an existing IEEE paper An IoT-based E-Parking System for Smart Cities to develop an automated smart parking management system that would help the driver to quickly find suitable parking space for his/her vehicle. Working on papers has helped me develop my research skills and think out of the box, comprehending complex ideas and thus preparing me for graduate studies. 

I made a quantum leap in my learning and real-world industry exposure through my internship in TalentPace, working on IOT technology and its implementation. I also dabbled in technical content writing working for Triplived Technologies.  Co-curricular activities comprise another facet of student life and I participated in all with fervor. Whether it was presenting a paper on 7D Hologram Technology or attending Python and entrepreneurship workshops, I always led from the front. My organizational skills were showcased through college fests, Hack-a-thons and other technical events in college. I also represented the school at the national level in Kabaddi and won the first prize in the team event. I also won the National Level Tug-of-war competition from Andhra Pradesh and a national Level Entrepreneurship merit certificate from the college. These extra-mural activities instilled life skills of teamwork, time-management and sportsmanship. 

My brief industry experiences through internships and my academic pursuits have instilled a desire to gain deeper insights into the IT world. My dream for the future entails working with software giants devising innovative solutions to meet the dynamic industry requirements. In the long-term I plan to launch my own start-up in my native land, thereby giving back to the community through economic addition and employment generation. While the undergraduate program has given me grounding in Information Technology, I feel that a Masters degree will be indispensible for gaining a deep understanding and advanced knowledge in the computing world. 

The US is undoubtedly a pioneer in research and innovation, globally acclaimed for its leading-edge education in the technological domain. A graduate degree from U.S will not only amplify my knowledge but also add weight to my resume. My discussions with professors and peers and secondary research on the Internet convinced me that Rivier University is ideally suited to my MS aspirations. One of the leading US Universities offering avant-garde programs in Information Technology, Rivier offers an unparalleled opportunity to learn from world-renowned faculty who are experts in their domain. The highly competitive and intellectually stimulating atmosphere at Rivier University will habituate me into understanding complex IT concepts, bringing out the best in me. I look forward to working under pre-eminent Professors like Dr Vladimir Riabov. His research and specialization in Software Engineering & Networking Technologies aligns with my field of interest. Dedicated Academic Computer Center Labs for development environments in Java, Perl, Prolog and scheme, a mission-focused curriculum and projects in the industry to provide real-world experience program structure will help me to consolidate and accelerate my learning. I am poised on the thought that the program will give me multi-disciplinary knowledge and expertise in ( Please mention the subject spl. U will choose ). Furthermore, emphasis on professional development, career planning and guidance will help me identify internship opportunities in my field of interest and gain a foothold in the industry. I would also love to enrich myself with the vast diversity of student experiences on offer at Rivier University. 

Life is continuous evolution and learning; I am confident that the profound knowledge, leading edge curriculum and research orientation at Rivier will hone me as a professional, equipping me with the necessary skills to embrace challenges in the technological landscape. With an exceptional educational pedagogy and international exposure, I determined to make this MS program the cornerstone of my professional life.

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