Below is the Sample Personal Statement for Global Korea Scholarship South Korea

The National Liberation day of South Korea and the independence day of India is a common tie between the two emerging nations as they celebrate these two events on the 15th August. No wonder Rabindranath Tagore had called South Korea, ‘Lamp of the East’, showcasing its noteworthy advancement in technology as the rest of the world is enlightened using products of the companies based in South Korea. This is profound at most Indian household. I remember clearly how each time I saw an advertisement for LG refrigerators, and Samsung mobile phones, I jumped as these were the products that we used at our home. As a child’s curiosity would have it upon finding similarity, I was always excited. In 9th grade, this excitement transformed into curiosity when my teacher informed me how South Korea is the core where reliable technology and ergonomic products are manufactured. My teacher also informed me about how South Korea invests in education so its citizens remain at the forefront of any advanced technology. After listening to this, I could connect the dots, and it wasn’t a wonder that such wonderful easy-to-use products are made in South Korea. Not just expensive products, even trivial daily use products have their origin designed in South Korea, reflecting how people are scrupulous in designing. From here, my quest to perceive the exponential growth taking place in South Korea began.   In New Delhi, the capital of India, I visited the Korean Cultural Centre which displayed the beautiful culture, language, and clothes of the people of South Korea. Immediately post this visit, I started looking for opportunities to learn more about South Korea and I embarked on this learning path by beginning to learn the language. While learning the language at SEJONG HAKDANG (KCCI) I received a 100% scholarship for the Intermediate semester for being in the top 10% of students in the beginner semester, which encouraged me more towards this stream.I started participating in essays and quiz competitions organized by Korean Embassy in India. I also participated in Korea-India 2021 quiz competition where I qualified at the school level and participated in the state prelims quiz (KIFQ-DEL-226). Such platforms helped me learn about South Korea’s clothing and fashion, food, housing, festivals and celebration, culture and arts, history, and the country’s remarkable growth at an exponential rate through its strong education system. During my participation in the quiz, I also encouraged my fellow students to participate as it gives me pleasure to share knowledge with my friends and also in elevating my level of education. My participation naturally made me focus on South Korea’s accomplishments, development, and high-ranking universities. This motivated me to opt for my higher studies in South Korea. Efficacy of education was invariably known to me and my deep-rooted interest in the same stems from observing my mother. A public school teacher, my mother taught Maths, and I under her umbrella, not only gained dexterity in the subject, but also admiration for logical thinking. My family plays an important role in bringing me to this juncture where I can apply for my Bachelor’s in Computer Science Engineering. Witnessing my elder sister’s dedication who acquired a merit-based scholarship at a renowned University in the US and my father’s diligence to bring his children to a platform where they can choose their path, has been extremely stimulating and inspiring. The current student loan that my sister has taken for her further education will be able to help her secure a good position post the MS course and I want to follow the same path so I can help my father who works at a stationery shop be at ease. Owing to my family’s financial condition, my parents have constantly provided the luxury of good education and that is the only thing I have to fall back on.  Hence, during my school, I was a vigilant student who scored well throughout her schooling, while also learning beyond the scope of my syllabi. I have been a consistent holder of merit certificates for academic achievements since 7th grade and secured 1st position in 10th, 11th, and 12th grade while also scoring highest in Computer Science and Math in my entire batch. I often enjoyed reading my sister’s computer Science books as I felt hinged to logical and analytical thinking. My first learning of Computer Science was in grade 9th when I learned HTML. Along with this I also learned ways to create a website where I optimally used my creative abilities, especially in coding.   In class 11th, I unraveled topics like data types and operators, conditional statements, data structures like lists, tuples, strings, and dictionaries, sorting algorithms, functions, libraries, data file handling, error and exception handling, data visualization using pylot, data representation, and boolean logic. I also learned Database concepts and Structured Query Language, along with interface Python with SQL and cyber safety. Python-SQL connectivity became the target concept for my A+ grade year-end project ”result analysis” where I created tables in SQL and modules in Python. I also made an Art Integrated Learning project, to find hotels that suit the tourists’ requirements using the concepts of Data Structures and functions. Alongside these, I have opted to learn through online mediums and have attained relevant learning of various computer science-related subjects.  To enhance my personality, I participated in activities like Inter and Intra school Debate, art, and quiz competitions that evoked competitiveness in me. I have also exercised my leadership skills as I was the Executive of the student council where I  maintained the decorum of the school and also partook in activities like organizing quizzes, and managing cultural and sports events. I have also been a member of the interact club where I have practiced and learned the importance of community service. Sports have also been a cardinal part of me and I have enjoyed playing badminton and basketball in which I won 1st position at the zonal level competition which enhanced my focus and made me humble as a person. The various exposures that I have attained so far have empowered me to choose GKS for my future studies. It ranks at the top of OECD countries for scholastic achievement and educational competitiveness while also ranking 1st for  ICT (Information and Communications Technologies).  It will be a great step to be a part of GKS and understand more about South Korea in terms of culture and of course the emphasis it lays on education. I will be able to perform well as a student and would do my country proud as moving there for education is a reflection of the friendship between my country and South Korea. 

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