Keyword Analysis & Research

Keyword Analysis & Research in India

Keywords are the prime pawns of the entire chess of Digital Marketing. If you are planning to run a digital marketing campaign, you must know the keywords you would have to play with.

What are keywords?

To be put in most simple terms, a keyword is a phrase that a user would search on any search engine. To understand the same, you need to get into a user’s shoes and imagine, if you need some particular product or service, what would you exactly type in the search engine like google.

Keyword analysis:

Keyword analysis can be done with the help of google ad-words tool – that is the keyword planner. With the help of this tool, you can find out which keyword is being searched how frequently and in what geographical locations. These insights help you plan how to proceed with your SEO campaign.

Why Contentholic?

Keyword research and analysis and how to utilize the results obtained – all this is a critical process and must be dealt with utmost attention. This lays the foundation of your entire digital marketing plan and if that is shaky, you might have to regret later.

At contentholic, we have experienced professionals who have been dealing with SEO and keyword research and can provide optimum solutions. SEO and keywords are indeed no rocket science, but a certain amount of knowledge and experience is required to deal with same.

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