An SOP for Spouse Visa is essentially your relationship statement, which you provide to visa officers. It is to present your case to them and request that they rule in your favor and grant your partner a visa. Different countries now have varying requirements. For example, Australia allows fiancé visas while Canada does not. The SOP for Dependent Visa should prove that both of you are over the age of eighteen, married, and emotionally attached to the point where you cannot live apart. It should also emphasize that you are a full-time student at an Australian university or college.

Importance of SOP for Spouse Visa

  • Your statement letter for a spouse visa is important in obtaining approval to stay with your partner. Your statement letter provides the case officers with information about your relationship.
  • SOP for a spouse visa is a document that speaks for the Student Spouse Visa Australia in convincing the visa authority about their case.
  • The accompanying partner can obtain a Spouse Open Work Permit Visa by writing an SOP for a spouse’s open work permit, which allows them to work and earn pocket money.

Who is a Dependent?

The Australian government has defined a dependent as a Member of a Family Unit (MoFU). MoFU simply refers to the main applicant’s partner and children. This means that only the main applicant’s partner and their children are eligible to apply for a dependent visa. The main applicant’s child(ren) can be under the age of 18 and up to the age of 25, with different rules governing their visa application and approval.

How to Write a Good SOP for a Partner Visa?

Writing a convincing partner visa is important if you want to get it approved. You can also seek the assistance of professional Visa SOP Writers by contacting Visa SOP Writing Services. For the time being, here are some steps to keep in mind when writing a persuasive SOP for a partner visa.

  • Mention all of your relationship’s important dates: Your SOP must include all pertinent information, including all relevant dates. Mention the dates of your first meeting, when you began dating, when you got engaged, and when you married. All of the dates contribute to the strength of your case. Also, there should not be any type of discrepancy in any dates.
  • Add important information: Your SOP must include all pertinent and required information:
    1. Social aspects: Include things like common interests, activities you do together, hobbies, and any social gatherings you enjoy together.
    2. Financial aspects: You must discuss your financial situation both individually and as a couple. Include specifics to demonstrate that you can manage your own finances there. Financial details as a couple should include information about how you financially support each other. You could also include your financial goals as a couple.
  • Describe your emotional connection: Do not be afraid to express your feelings for your partner. Describe how important it is for you to be with and support your spouse while they are studying in Australia. The more you express it, the more effective it will be for you.
  • Give specifics about any time you spent apart: If you have been apart for any length of time, describe how difficult it was for both of you to interact and be an emotional support to one another. Mention how difficult this time apart is for you, both emotionally and professionally.
  • Check your SOP for errors: It is important to recheck your SOP several times to ensure its quality. Do it yourself, ask qualified friends to review it, or seek objective feedback from professional visa SOP writers.

 Requirements for Spouse Visa in Australia          

When writing the SOP for a spouse visa, make sure to include all relevant documents, as each document you can provide will add weight to your application. The documents listed below are the most important in this regard.

  • Birth certificate to prove that you are above 18
  • Background investigation documentation
  • Passport information and travel history
  • A marriage certificate
  • Bank statements to prove that you have enough funds to survive in Australia
  • Other evidence of a relationship
  • Consulate fees and a completed application
  • Invitation from the spouse in Australia to visit him/her
  • Any other document that you have mentioned in the SOP

Things to Consider While Writing SOP For an Australian Spouse Visa

Make your SOP for a spouse visa thorough and transparent by including the following key points.

  • Write about the social activities in which both of you are interested, have participated, and are likely to participate.
  • Discuss the financial responsibilities you both share.
  • Provide details about your future commitments.
  • Explain the type of household you’d have.

Tips for Writing an SOP for a spouse visa

  • Write in a clear and concise manner.
  • Write a convincing story that will persuade the application to be approved.
  • Include the date you married as well as any other dates relevant to the application. It is also necessary to include the date of birth of your child(ren).
  • State your reasons for applying while providing solid support.
  • Write with emotion in order to convey your feelings.
  • Do not forget to clearly state the dependent being applied for.

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