What exactly does a dependent visa refer to?

A dependent visa allows the applicant’s dependents (preferably family members) or anybody who is dependent on the applicant to accompany them in the country the applicant has applied to study. Depending upon their eligibility, dependents can apply for both long and short-term dependent visas. Dependent visas allow the applicant’s dependents to:

  • Stay with them
  • Attend classes at a college or university (in some cases)
  • Employment (in some cases)
  • Travel and discover

Important documents required for a Dependent Visa

Below mentioned are some of the important documents required to get a dependent visa:

  • Proof of sponsor’s funds (via bank statements)
  • Medical test results
  • Valid passport
  • Birth certificate of dependent children
  • Proof of sponsor’s employment
  • Other important documents equivalent to the Certificate of Eligibility
  • Marriage certificate or any other document establishing a partnership

Dependent Visa for the UK

If you have applied to study in the UK and just started to live there, you can only bring your family if you are:

  • A Government-sponsored student applied for a course that has a duration of more than six months or
  • Applied in a postgraduate course that will last for around 12 months or more.

The eligibility for the same also includes:

  • You must also be 18 years old or older, and your family members must be classed as dependents under UK immigration regulations.
  • Your family will not be able to join you if you apply for a programme that does not fulfil the standards (for example, a pre-sessional English course); however, if you move on to a course that does meet the requirements (for example, a 12-month masters course), they can apply to join you.

As your dependents, you can bring the following people or dependants into the UK:

  • Unmarried or same-sex partner
  • Children aged under 18 years at the time of application.
  • Husband, wife or civil partner

Australia Dependent Student Visa

Applicants for the dependant visa who have begun their studies must present the following documents:

  • Form 919, Student Dependent Nomination
  • Form 157A, Student Visa Application
  • A letter from your professor stating
  • Financial proof that reasons that you are fit to support your family and yourself
  • Proof of any kind of relationship ties, such as a marriage certificate or birth certificate
  • Proof of school enrollment for school-aged children
  • Proof of health insurance for dependents
  • The name of your course
  • The course duration and projected completion date
  • If you meet all course requirements

Dependents on Postgraduate Work

If someone holds a Work Visa, they must provide proof of their employment and finance. They also need to provide documentation such as a Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) or proof of relationship.

Student Visa Dependent Family Members

A student visa permits you to bring close family members as dependents. As a student, you can bring:

  • Your husband or partner with whom you have lived for the past 12 months
  • Your children under the age of 18 or still in school (studying A-levels)

Also, keep in mind that the dependent partner’s employment rights may vary depending on the course you’re taking:

If you have applied for a bachelor’s degree in the country, then your dependent partner is permitted to work up to 40 hours per week. If you are pursuing a bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree or PhD or doctorate, your partner gets complete and unrestricted work rights.

Canada Dependent Visa

The Canada Dependent Visa allows you to bring your dependents to work or study full time with necessary permissions. You are applicable to sponsor the following relatives for a dependent visa under the Canada Dependent Visa:

  • A child you adopted outside of Canada while holding Canadian citizenship or PR
  • Your spouse, common-law partner, or conjugal partner
  • Dependent children under 21
  • Dependent parents or grandparents
  • Your brother, sister, niece, nephew, uncle, aunt, or other close relatives


  • Information about your passport and travel history
  • Background proof documentation
  • A marriage certificate, for example, is the documentation for a spouse or partner.
  • Other indications of a connection
  • The sponsor must show proof of income to demonstrate sufficient funds.
  • Fees for the Consulate and a completed application
  • SOP for Dependent Visa for Canada

Germany Dependent Visa

Suppose you are an applicant of any University in Germany and wish to bring your family members or any other dependent to Germany. In that case, you are required to be eligible for the following conditions:

  • Family members must have a basic understanding of the German language
  • Have a temporary or permanent residence permit or an EU Blue Card
  • Have enough health insurance for them and their family members
  • Children must be below 18 years
  • Have a decent amount of income to support them and their family
  • Have a decent amount of funds to provide housing for the family

Instructions to Write a Strong and Persuasive SOP for Dependent Visa

Writing an SOP for a dependent Visa requires proper strategy, properly highlighting all the serious areas of the dependent’s background. From the dependent’s relationship with you to their professional and finances and other important information should be presented in the SOP. It should address all the relevant dates associated with the dependent and how it’s linked with the applicant in a very crisp way.

An SOP is supposed to highlight all the relevant information about the dependent and how it’s associated with the applicant. It should cover all past encounters, present situations, and future goals. While making an SOP for a dependent Visa, one thing to remember is to categorize it into different sections that cover all the necessary information. Below is a format that needs to be followed while writing an SOP for Dependent Visa:

Self-presentation is regularly mist

Mention all the relevant information about your relationship with the dependent

aken for this passage. It shouldn’t present you, but instead, it should center around the relationship between you and the dependent. For instance, if someone applies for a spouse visa, they are required to mention the accurate date they met their partner or the accurate information about their marriage date or when they started dating in their SOP for Spouse Visa.

All the relevant and important dates of your relationship need to be added in this paragraph. If this is not included in the SOP, it may result in rejection of the Visa, and you may also be questioned for the same.

If you wish to prepare an SOP for Dependent Visa, please book a consultation here or contact us on ______.

The next part of the SOP should cover the previous paragraph in great detail, mentioning the in-depth details of what you mentioned in your first paragraph. Financial information and other academic and professional background details should be mentioned in consecutive paragraphs.

You need to ensure that you add an emotional touch to your SOP for a dependent Visa. The reason behind this is since it’s an SOP that involves your loved one, it should convey your feelings and emotions behind the same and should look as natural as possible.

How Long Should a Statement of Purpose Be?

Assuming you’re applying to a universally perceived college, your mission statement should be 1-2 pages in length. The equivalent should be roughly around 1000 words in length as far as word count. In any case, the length of the SOP for a dependent Visa might differ depending upon the applicant’s case and their dependent. Make sure you add on all the important information without any fillers to get the acceptance.

Do’s and Don’ts for SOP for Dependent Visa Applications

The following are some things you should take to strengthen your SOP application:

  • The beginning and end of your Statement of Purpose should be unique, clear and crisp. It must be unique and represent your case.
  • Describe all your relevant information, including specific dates, relationship with the applicant, academic background, professional background, finances, current goals, and future ambitions. The admission officer should be able to see the genuineness and seriousness of the SOP.
  • Always write your SOP in the active voice, and make sure the material you present reflects your enthusiasm and optimism. If you have any assertions or references, try quoting them with pertinent instances instead of being straightforward.
  • Make sure you proofread your SOP thoroughly before you send it. Check for grammatical or any punctuation errors.
  • Avoid writing any filler sentences that may confuse the reader.
  • Make sure the dates are accurate as given in the applicant’s SOP so that you are not questioned for the wrong information.

Sample SOP for Student Dependent Visa for Australia


The Visa Officer,

Canada High Commission,

Subject: Application for Dependent Visa:

I was first acquainted with John on 15 November 2016 at one of our friend’s birthday celebrations. My friend introduced me to John, and we had our first conversation then. It was a great conversation that grew further, and later, we decided to go on our lunch date together on 15 January 2017. John and I have connected on a great level after our first date, and later around six months, we decided to get hitched in India.

Let me explain the relationship development between John Sen and me, who I refer to as Joe (his English name). Since we first met, I believe Joe has been someone I was searching for. I feel like I have found the missing piece that completes my life. Joe has supported me financially since the first day of our relationship began. He sends me funds regularly to fulfil all my necessary needs, such as clothing, food, and others. Joe told me to save my income for our future needs, such as our children’s necessities.

Despite all the storms we have been facing, we would never let our ship sink. I have a (DEGREE NAME) from (INSTITUTION NAME) with a (SCORE) CGPA in (INDUSTRY) (GRADUATION YEAR). Before this, I moved on from (SCHOOL NAME) with a CGPA of (SCORE) in the (STREAM) stream (YEAR). I’m familiar with English and have an essential comprehension of French. Currently, I’m incredibly keen on working in the Media area. I am currently pursuing a Master’s in Mass media that will permit me to join my adoration and aspiration. The preparation will furnish me with the abilities and data I want to propel my vocation in the media business. This is my field of interest. It will be more straightforward for me to remain fixed on scholastics due to my normal inclination. It will likewise help me in learning the fundamentals of the travel industry. I need to utilize the abilities and information I’ve acquired throughout the course to begin my own media firm ultimately.

To ensure a steady flow of income, Joe and I want to establish a career in the same domain. We want to travel the world together as we love to travel so much and have travelled around Asia and Australia. Australia is a broadened country with an assorted culture and a particular territory. Besides that, it is one of the created economies with huge media industry potential. For worldwide understudies, I feel if Joe accompanied me here, then I would be able to be more productive and efficient.

I am very sure and committed to our relationship, and I am looking forward to spending the rest of my life with Joe. I always treat Joe like a King, as to how he always treats me like the Queen. I would never regret this decision of mine to start this beautiful journey with him, and I am looking forward to a more beautiful journey with a happy ending. Our relationship has been developing well since the day we met. We get closer as time passes by, and now I am sure Joe is the right person who comes at the right time. I cannot wait to celebrate our wedding anniversary at the end of this year as it will be our happiest day.

I guarantee that all of the above information is true to the best of my knowledge, and I will gladly provide any further supporting documentation upon request. I hope to hear a positive response to my application for a study permit in Australia.

Yours Sincerely,



An SOP for a dependent visa must be handled with care. It would be best if you made certain that your SOP contains all of the necessary information. This mostly consists of four items:

  • Financial duties are shared.
  • Your family’s environment
  • Future dedication
  • Social gatherings

It is critical to include an “emotional component” to produce a convincing assertion. As a result, you must include all of your relationship’s dates and facts. It will assist if you express your sentiments towards your partner, how tough it is to be without them, and how vital it is to be with them. However, anything you add must be accurate and in line with your application documentation. As a result, all you need for a successful visa statement letter is honesty and accuracy, given in great structure and depth.

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