So you have chosen New Zealand as your destination for further studies? Before we decide anything, we set upon a purpose, which is exactly what you will need here. Your Statement of Purpose.

It will be needed for admission to the University and a student visa. Be it any country, you would need an SOP to showcase your passion and zeal to pursue your chosen University’s preferred course. With this, you get an opportunity to convince the universities that you are a perfect candidate for their respective program. They get a glimpse into your life and your motivation to pursue this curriculum with it. They can be a witness to your goal, achievements, your motivation, background details, and much more. This further makes their job a bit easier by assisting them to zero on the perfect candidate for their institute.

Drafting an impeccable SOP is as hard as dreaming for an impeccable carrier. Thus, we are here to assist you with the important information, essential requirements, samples, and things you might need to keep in mind while formulating an impressive SOP for New Zealand.

What is SOP?

A Statement of Purpose or SOP is a form of an essay that showcases your overall personality and gives a peek into your educational background. Highlighting your academic and professional skills reflects your reason, motivation, and goals in life. It helps you show your USP (unique selling proposition) before the admissions committee. When submitted during an application and visa process, it is seen from a subjective perspective.

Importance of Writing SOP for New Zealand

Why is an SOP important? Do you need it? Well, YES, you do. For the institution:

  • It gives them a glimpse into your life, passion, skills, goals, and motivation, and the admission committee gets to know you better.
  • This subjective part of your application will help the admission committee see you for who you are, and it assists them make a fair decision.
  • You can explain your reasoning behind choosing the specific University and program in New Zealand.
  • SOP for New Zealand will also let them know your aspirations and their mind-set.
  • It helps them to identify you among the crowd.

SOP format for New Zealand

Since SOPs are subjective, you wouldn’t need to follow a format while writing an SOP for New Zealand. However, it is generally written in essay format divided into multiple paragraphs. The standard word limit for SOP for New Zealand Universities should be between 700-1000 words and not be over two pages. Since there are different SOPs like SOP for MS in New Zealand and SOP for masters in New Zealand, students should hover over the Internet and learn how to tweak them to get something that follows the standard SOP format for New Zealand’s University or the course they are applying for.

Paragraph Segregation of SOP

  • First Paragraph: Hook them with a story. Start the first paragraph of your Statement of Purpose for New Zealand by highlighting your childhood interest. You can use anecdotes as connectors and make it interesting.
  • Second Paragraph: Here, you take the committee through your undergraduate experience, skills, percentage, co-curricular activities as well as achievements. You can choose to highlight the subjects that inspired you to pursue a Master’s Degree.
  • Third Paragraph: In the third paragraph, talk about the projects you undertook during your graduation period. Explain the skills or tools you learned from there and your overall experience. Not just that, cover all the skills that you have acquired during the entire course.
  • Fourth paragraph: It is a significant paragraph where you have to talk about your internships and jobs. Share your experiences in your internships and jobs. What did you learn from there? How do you see yourself in your job arena? You can add all that here and much more.
  • Fifth Paragraph: In the fifth paragraph, you talk about the University you wish to pursue and why you want to do so. What are your short-term and long-term goals, and where do you see yourself some years down the line? Try highlighting a few company names where you see yourself working after completing this course. You can highlight your desire to work at a particular designation or any respective firm for your long-term goals. If not, you can also include your interest in pursuing a PhD. after completing your Master’s Degree Program.
  • Sixth Paragraph: You can choose to elaborate on the course and your reason for pursuing it in two-three lines. You can then complete it with your choice of country and why it matters. You can even add some of your research points about your University. You can highlight how you will become a great asset to the University you are applying for and how you will bring a lot of value to the institution.
  • Seventh Paragraph – This is the last paragraph. So make sure to write something to seal the deal. The concluding paragraph must show the zest inside you for following your dreams and getting admission to your respective University.

Tip for Writing a Good SOP

  • STORYTELLING- Who doesn’t like a good story? Start your SOP in the form of a story about your life. You can then use the story as a motivation to explain your inclination toward pursuing the respective University and the program.
  • SIGNIFICANT EVENTS- Be crafty. Gather all the important events in your life that have influenced you to choose this program and weave them into the form of a short background story.
  • YOUR PASSION & ITS INFLUENCE- You not only need to write about your passion but explain how it is taught inside you and why you want to pursue them further.
  • YOUR PROJECTS- Highlight your academic work/projects/internships in detail.
  • YOUR PROFESSIONAL GOALS –Explain your professional interests and your plans of utilizing the lessons imbibed.
  • YOUR DESCRIPTION- Describe yourself as best as you can.
  • YOUR CONTRIBUTION-Highlight how this opportunity will help you build your future and how you will become an asset to the University in a clear manner.
  • YOUR USP-The admission committee will only accept you if they find something unique in you, be it sports, extracurricular, your percentage or any other skill.
  • ACTIVE TONE – Write the SOP in the active voice with a formal tone.

Do’s and Don’ts while writing SOP


  • Whether it’s your SOP for a New Zealand visa or SOP for a New Zealand student visa, make the introduction intriguing and start with something original.
  • While writing an SOP for a New Zealand student visa and applying for the undergraduate program, focus on short-term and long-term goals. While writing a master’s degree SOP, mention your career inclination, academic background, research, and future goals.
  • Use connectors throughout the SOP at the beginning and end of each paragraph.
  • Use a positive tone and active voice.
  • Ensure to follow the format, font size, and template the University has asked for.
  • Proofread your content and remove redundancies and errors.


  • Boasting should be a strict no. Subtlety is an art, and use it as best as you can.
  • Do not make it long and boring.
  • Avoid using abbreviations and colloquial language.
  • Do not give unnecessary information such as family history, financial hurdles, etc. This could clutter your SOP and overshadow your core objectives.
  • Don’t mention your ILET, GRE, etc., scores.
  • Don’t give vague and empty information. Use reasons to support your statements.

Sample SOP for New Zealand

“Fighting as a global attorney has always been my greatest ambition. I have always been lured by the various spectrums of law that are rudimentary for a healthy setting. Since a very young age, protecting people’s rights, choices, and overall existence has been my aim. Choosing (Course Name) as my undergraduate major was based on my propensity to become a part of the most prestigious batch of esteemed professionals who hold a decisive position in society.

Right from my school days, I have been keen on gaining a thorough understanding of concepts in my curriculum, and this has enabled me to perform well in academics and build a strong academic record. I have, as a result, been involved in innumerable extracurricular activities, striving for excellence in all the domains and have attained the same and many more. I have come closer to my ambition throughout my educational trajectory, wherein each experience has acted as a stepping stone. Realizing my potential and passion for soaring higher in international fields, I did not wish to limit myself to my undergrad degree. My aspirations grew stronger when one of my friends introduced me to the (Subject Name) offered by the (University Name) of The UK/USA/CANADA, which covers all the subjects and areas that I was looking for to become a (Designation) and to fulfil my goals with the help of (Course Name), from the (University Name).

Academically I had always received appreciation for my work and contribution to various projects and my scholastic field when I pursued my (Degree name) at (College name). I mastered strong subjects in my undergraduate program that laid a strong foundation, including the (Subjects) and more. These subjects powered my insights on substantive and procedural skill knowledge and theoretical and practical mastery. Furthermore, I partook in various projects and extracurricular activities. I was an active member of the (College Society Name), various social clubs, and several such organizations. All this helped me realize how intense and influential (Subject) is and how it helps different sections of society. It gave me a stimulus to embark ahead on my journey.

Besides my academics, I have always excelled in my professional years. My professional journey started when I started my internships at various firms. I presided over various leadership posts throughout college, among which the most important post was that of the student-head of the (College Society Name) for my batch. Following my graduation, I got enrolled as a (Designation), and since then, I have been practising at the (Company Name), which enriched my knowledge and understanding of the different areas of (Subject). My leadership and responsive skills came to light in my professional years. My rules and duties here involved researching regulations and delivering analyses and assessments; I also took good care of documents and other management work. My experiences are enthralling and not just bolstered my eclectic skill but also my interpersonal skills. I saw myself emerging as a good leader and learned how to work in a team environment.

However, my thirst for more knowledge in the international arena remains insistent. All these professional experiences have prepared me to explore the field of (Course name) in greater depth. This (Course Name) from (University Name) perfectly caters to my interests, and I have the option to choose from a wide range of subjects. By nature, I am an amiable person, so making connections with mentors and learning through practical exposure would be something that would come in handy for me. I feel this course will be a strong stepping stone to my career growth. I wish to acquire a personal understanding of the (Subjects), and secondly, I want to ensure that all the advice and assistance are made available and affordable to those who need it. Considering its reputation and focused approach, I am sure studying at (University Name) would enhance my existing skill set.

The fact that a UK Degree holds an unmatched reputation in the world is evident from its quality of learning, erudite faculty, practical exposure, and multicultural diversity. Working in the UK will satiate my appetite for knowledge and provide an impetus to my aspirations to take flight in the real world. More than anything, I am drawn to the unbridled innovation and entrepreneurial spirit that the Universities of the UK foster. It would be an honour to be allowed to learn, contribute, and build a fruitful career that this University has to offer.

I bring the belief to bring justice to my role and the inspiration to serve courts and people in need. I request the University to accept my candidature for the program for me to give flight to my dreams. ”


Crafting a decent Statement of Purpose for New Zealand is an arduous task. Describing ourselves is tricky. Is it too much? or too little? We are always wondering.

Once you start applying to your selected Universities, you can scan through the guidelines given by the University for the selection of the candidate. You can then arrange your SOP accordingly and increase your chances of getting selected. You can use their list of required documents to craft your Statement of Purpose early and give yourself immense time to compose, reconsider, alter, and settle your SOP.  You can also go for professional SOP writers to draft your SOP in case you feel it’s a difficult task for you. We, at Contentholic have been providing SOP writing services in India for 10 years. You can connect with our team to get the best SOP.

Remember your SOP is how you stand out to the University. Make sure it’s worth their time.