It is of utmost importance for students to know that SOP plays a pivotal role for determining whether he / she would be given Visa after getting an opportunity to study in his / her dream university. The Visa SOP which addressed to Visa officer must be carefully drafted. It is necessary to know some of the required and universal SOP writing tips to draft compelling and strong SOP content. Sometimes, as a student, you may apply to different universities to be on the safer side and get admitted to a foreign university without delaying or compromising with the future. But, at times, it happens that University gives you an opportunity to pursue your study from their campus but your visa gets rejected.

You need to understand that Statement of Purpose is a document that is going to throw some light on who you are and why exactly the Visa Officer should consider about giving you a chance to study in their country. We have helped numerous students in getting their Student Visa even after they were rejected. While doing so, we understood why most of the applications don’t get passed. The SOP for Student Visa must be unique depicting your vision and goals and how you will contribute to that country. Here are some tips from our SOP Writers in Delhi who are experts in writing Statement of Purpose.

The possible perspectives that we tend to miss out or not pay attention to while submitting the statement of purpose that might lead to SOP rejections include:

  • Program Choice: Make sure you generally select the appropriate program course as per your past academic background. If the migration official presumes that the picked program isn’t related to the educational qualifications that you possess, at that point visa rejection chances will increase. If you can give reasonable explanations behind the change in the program with justifications, at that point they may consider your application. In this way, the selection of the course plays an important role to get the visa rejected or selected.
  • Confirmed Offer Letter: When you apply for the student visa it is compulsory to have a confirmation of enrolment letter from the desired college. You need to show this offer letter to the immigration official as a reason or an explanation. For you to go abroad it is obligatory to give a legitimate explanation so the visa application can be processed. Other than offer letters, students additionally need to meet the minimum section prerequisites as per the institution. Your visa application can be dismissed in case of failing the submission or completion of the prerequisites.
  • Lack of Language Proficiency: English language proficiency assumes a vital function in the visa application rejection process. Students who want to get admitted to a foreign university, should know, understand, peruse, and communicate in the fundamental English language. For any program that you are intending to apply to, you must meet the base English language test scores, for example, IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, and so forth. Before applying to any college abroad ensure you have all insights regarding the qualification, eligibility criteria, and least English language proficiency test scores.


If you follow and consider the above-mentioned points, then the chances of getting your visa application selection are pretty high. Always follow the official websites of the universities regarding updates and prerequisites to ensure your selection. However, if you are not blessed with good writing skills, you can take help from companies providing SOP Writing in Delhi. Content Holic has Professional SOP Writers having more than 10 years of experience. Give us a call and let us help you.