Dear Students, we understand your concern well and it is very obvious to be anxious about your plan of studying in your dream university. Statement of Purpose – SOP writing is a one of the most crucial part of your applications, along with basic documents like LORs, transcripts and your resume. Admission department in top-notch universities or Ivy-league colleges follow a very rigorous system. Each and every application, its documents and SOP is carefully examined by relevant experts to finely hand-pick the most suitable candidates. If you are aspiring to be a part of a great college or university, you need to work hard preparing for that but if you have already completed your studies there is no chance to improvise your marks. Application review committee observes everything right from your school grades to college scores and also your appraisals, rewards if you have a work experience. There is nothing much you do about your performances in past but there is only one part of your application where you can perform in real-time, i.e. in writing a perfect Statement of Purpose – SOP.

If you are not serious about your SOP, LOR and Resume writing, forget securing admission to any of the leading programs because candidates apply for that course from all across the globe and they work really hard to meticulously craft each of their documents. There many websites, journals and knowledge sharing platforms but none of them have done something remarkable in explaining – how to write a good SOP (Statement of Purpose)? Being India’s leading SOP writing agency, we have done our research and prepared our SOP Writing Guide for those students who are willing to leave no stone unturned while preparing the perfect SOP draft for the applications.


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Once you make up your mind and want to apply for your further studies in the reputed foreign university. It would become of the utmost priority that you should prepare yourself to get admitted to the University of your Dreams. That is where the role of SOP writing comes into the picture, SOP is a document that portrays your picture in front of the admission committee of the university. You need to tell the admission committee your story in your way to convince the admission committee how you would be the ideal candidate for the admission. As we all understand, writing an SOP and then getting it approved and selected by the university is not an easy task. It requires a lot of patience, effort, and struggles. There could be instances where the SOP submitted to pursue a specific course, could get rejected because of lesser impact in writing. Our SOP writing tips could prove fruitful or assist you in drafting a good SOP. By following such SOP guidelines, you would get more clarity and could draft a systematic and professionally crafted SOP. These tips are created by our Professional SOP writers who have good reputation when it comes to SOP writing services in Delhi.

Long back, when we started writing SOP, we also did our research to find certain guidelines about how to write a perfect SOP, back then, there were no informative website explaining the tips and tricks of writing SOP. But, most of the reputed universities and colleges have given detailed guidelines of preparing the personal statements or SOP. The first step that comes on priority is to know what the admission committee wants to listen from you.


Before even reading this blog further, the very first step should be to note down all the things that you may brag about in your life, whether it is about your scores, extra-curricular, sports, social work, promotion at work, or it can be even a your simple dream. Write everything on paper will help you later arrange the content as per the SOP writing steps given below.


Your introduction is the beginning, a place where you have the privilege to impress the reader from the very start and as we know the first impression is the last impression, do not lose the chance of winning the game. Do some research, read many samples and try to draw out something from your life or career that has really motivated you to go for higher studies. Once the purpose is defined well, half the battle is won, but it’s not that easy as it looks. Writing something unique and catchy is not easy, thus you have to take the role of creative writer who is good at story-telling. We all like to listen stories and not the facts, thus don’t make your SOP introduction simply factual or informative. Making it pleasing to read is very important and that where it builds a connect with reader. It can be about the subject, a famous quote of some renowned personality on that subject or something which is really meaningful even it is very generic. The real intent, motivation or urge to pursue that course or subject should be come boldly in the first few lines of the SOP itself, so that reader can read rest of the statement finding the relevance of the program with the candidate’s profile – Academic Background or Work Experience.


Once you have defined your intent of the course in the beginning, now the second most important thing to display is your academic background. Candidates with more than 5-6 years of experience may skip talking much about their early education and marks and focus on their work experience but for Bachelor’s or master’s application without much experience, it is good to start with school grades, achievements and awards during those days. Starting from matriculation to intermediate studies and then graduation or post-graduation studies should be cited chronologically to make the profile firmly visible. Talking about the subjects you have studies, what were your favorite modules and skills learnt from different experiences like school or college projects. If you are good at some skills like IT, Coding, Analytics and website, do mention that with a subtle story to them.


Every one of us have some hobbies or some other interests than studies and they want to know you as whole. Talking about your skills and talent in domains more than one makes you a multi-task and admissions committee look for candidates which are not boring or introvert. If you are an all-rounder in sports, extra-curricular activities and events


This is important to demonstrate to the committee that the student has had a glimpse of the real-world and it is among the many ways he/she can contribute to the university/program.


Mention the special features of the program (blend of theory and practice, in accordance with the latest trends in the industry, align ideally with learning objectives, have new concepts to explore, extra project work involved)


What makes the candidate choose one particular university among others? (Perfect study programs, diverse environment, erudite faculty)


Mention the educational standards, diversity, fee structure, etc.


Clearly mention how the program will help the student fulfill his/her short-term and long-term career objectives.


End by saying how the student will contribute to the campus. What does the student have to offer: professional exposure, academic background, and other skills?

These are some of the very commonly asked questions from the student 

What the word limit of Standard Bachelor’s SOP?

2 Page or 750 to 1000 words

What the word limit of Master’s SOP?

2 Page or 750 to 1000 words

What should be the length of a PHD SOP?

2-3 Pages or 900 to 1200 words

What is the word count or length of Canada Visa SOP?

2 to 3 pages which goes around 1200 to 1500 words

What is the word count or length of Australia Visa SOP?

4-7 pages or 2000 to 3000 words

What is the word count or length of UK Visa SOP?

1 to 1.5 Page, not more than 750 words

How long is the 4000 characters of SOP in word count?

500 to 700 words



  • Always deliver the required inputs: Every school has its guidelines and will ask in their way; however, they all essentially need to know something very similar. Admission boards need those candidates who are passionate and dedicated to their chosen careers.
  • Explain the background and career goal: You should inform the admission committee about your long-term career goal, and what inspired you to choose the specific field. The academic background, any professional knowledge, or experience you have in that niche should be discussed. The SOP must talk more about yourself, your personality, your interests, desires, and talents. Therefore, you need to make sure you cover all the relevant information that the admissions committee is looking for, be specific about why that particular university is perfect for you, what is the niche area of expertise that interests you, and why. You should emphasize your challenges and accomplishments in your relevant work and life experiences.
  • Stay Presentable: When composing your Statement of Purpose, you should not be excessively formal, or too casual. Allow your personality to spark for yourself. Use the technical terms where it makes sense to show involvement with your field but try not to fill it with your language or jargon or clichés. Consider your Statement of Purpose as a way of discussing your future career goals with the professors.
  • Add feedback and references: Last but not the least, you should always add feedback and some of your known references. Your Statement of Purpose is a document that would define you, yet there are certain people known to you in some manner, be it friends, professors, trainers, mentors, employers, and so forth. So, when put forward the recommendation and valuable advice can add a feather to your Statement of Purpose as their perspective might be different, and being in the role of mentors, they know you and your strengths better.

SOP is very important document which must be drafted carefully. Our experienced writers have come up with some SOP writing tips which might prove handy. However, if you feel any difficulty at any point of SOP writing by yourself you can connect with us for the best SOP writing in Delhi. We will be happy to help you.