When a University asks its applicants to provide them with a Statement of Purpose, majority of the candidates feel nervous and stressed as they understand writing an SOP is not an easy job keeping in mind its importance in the admission procedure.

Therefore, the students mostly seek help of the professional content writing companies that encompass writers specialized in writing Statement of Purpose. However, those candidates who think they have well enough writing capabilities which can help them write an effective SOP often make some of the very common mistakes in their respective SOPs.

The following are the topmost errors that students more often than not make during the process of writing Statement of Purpose.

  1. Seeing SOP as a Resume

What the students need to bear in mind once and for all is that Statement of Purpose and Resume are two highly-different things. In an SOP, you are not required to extend the information that you have already written in the Resume. In fact, you must write about the things in your SOP about which you haven’t talked about in your Resume. You can certainly write about your education and professional qualifications in your SOP but make certain that it provides additional information about which the reader has not yet read. In an SOP, you must lay emphasis on stressing on your soft skills, future goals, etc.

  1. Zero justification for the claims

When you claim something in your Statement of Purpose, it becomes quite necessary to provide justification for the same. For instance, if you claim that you are positive, explain how your positivity has helped you in your life till date. Likewise, if you claim that you are the best candidate for the University, justify what unique qualities you have that the other students don’t.To cut it short, provide justification for every claim you make in your Statement of Purpose.

  1. Eleventh-hour writing

You must understand that SOP writing is not like writing letters, applications or things like that. SOP is completely different from the other usual writing pieces. It requires patience and utmost attention during the time of writing so that you are able to craft a winning SOP for yourself. So, you must avoid writing the SOP in the last-minute and make it a must to pen down your SOP as soon as you get the requirement for the same. Remember, an SOP needs weeks to get completely prepared to begin working on it a few weeks prior to the date of submission.

  1. Surrendering too soon

As it requires one to be patient and calm throughout the writing process in order to create a captivating SOP, students often give up too easily and early. Hence, you must understand that giving up won’t help you impress the University. You need to stay strong and think a lot about how you can make your SOP a highly impressive one. It might take quite a lot of time but ultimately you will end up creating the best SOP for yourself.


So, the aforementioned are the most common errors that you must avoid during SOP writing. Also, to ensure you get an outstanding SOP for yourself, simply contact the best SOP writing services India.