Academic writing is comprehensive essays which are drafted for academic purpose. With a formal tone and style, academic writing does rely on simple sentence structure and not on complexities.

Each subject has its unique set of rules and regulations and has a certain type of conventions which a student become familiar with over the course of your degree. One can ascertain the quality of content in his/her academic essay when contact with the best Assignment Writing Services in Delhi. If you don’t want to share the credits of writing your essay with others, go through this blog as we have covered the four types of academic writing, let’s get started:

  1. Descriptive Academic writing

Descriptive writing is categorized with descriptions of objects, persons, places, situations, experiences, emotions and so on. You are asked to analyze and then frame your thoughts in words. In this category of writing, you are not supposed to write just for the sake of writing but you need to explain the deeper meaning of the text. It is one of the most flexible writing types where you are allowed to share your imagination in words by offering you a lot of space for artistic freedom.

  1. Narrative Writing

This category can be decoded by the word itself, i.e. narrative style. It is one of the most common types of academic writing which asks you to tell the story about personal experiences, anecdote or real-life situation. If you consider book reports, it is one which comes in the narrative projects but does not follow the storyline pattern but stresses on providing an informative narrative. It is needed to draw attention to the content when you are writing a narrative assignment. By using vivid language, you can express a clear point of view.

  1. Expository Academic Text

The expository writing requires research, collect and evaluate evidence which can support the argument of your academic paper. This is considered as one of the most confusing styles of academic writing because it requires firm logic and facts to prove the point. There is a lot of research involved in expository writing. This type of essay is generally shorter in length when compared to a persuasive writing project.

  1. Persuasive Writing

Persuasive writing is one of the most common genres of academic writing which is also known as argumentative essay. This type of essays is generally asked for school students. It requires investigating the topic and putting up your opinion while writing the essay. You need to generate evidence in support of those opinions you have explained previously and convince the reader that you are making a valid point. In this type of writing, the introduction must be added with a clearly defined thesis statement and the body paragraph with evidential support.

In Conclusion

When you are asked to write assignment paper for schools, college or university, you must research the topic well as it is the basic guideline which needs to be followed in every genre of assignment writing. Read the aforesaid pointers to get the idea about the major types of assignment paper. More importantly, taking professional help would not harm and thus, you can look for the best Academic Writing Services in India.