The World is just about starting to come out of the attack of Covid-19. The vaccination rates are extremely high, and life returns to normal for many. For some, however, things will take time getting used to before they can move on.

The lives of millions of students are affected by the disruption the pandemic has caused. Many who passed out of high school in 2019 have not been able to attend college. Either due to financial or health-related issues in their families.

Many who had planned to make admission into a foreign university were left waiting in their homes. Applying in a post-pandemic work is an ordeal, considering the way admissions happens has changed.

However, one thing that hasn’t changed is that the most attractive candidate takes the prize. An SOP can help build your brand and tell the personal story of your life.

This blog will help you learn about the concept of SOP, the benefits, and why you should avail SOP writing services from Professional SOP writers?

What is an SOP (Statement of Purpose)?

When you are applying for admission, everything about you is graded by scores or rank.

However, colleges and universities give the applicant an option to express their views. Statement of Purpose is a creative document where you get the chance to state the reasons you’re applying. It is like the name suggests a statement piece for the admission committee to read through.

  1. Add Creative Flair – The admission process can be a nerve-wracking experience because everything is judged on paper. You are just one of the names of thousands of candidates in the line. An SOP is the only time to let your personality shine and differentiate yourself from the crowd.
  2. Help them get to know you – Admission committees want their students to represent the value and culture of the educational institute. To get enrolled, tell personal your history as a student and what they can expect from you.
  3. Extracurricular activities – Many students join NGOs, do internships, or excel in extracurricular activities. Your accolades and records outside of grades play a huge factor in building your personality. Mentioning them in your SOP will make you stand out and build a good moral portrait.
  4. Deal with weakness – Many students had to take a gap year due to the pandemic in full swing. An SOP allows you to explain certain weaknesses in your profile or fill in the Gap of time. Please don’t be hesitant to go over your fallings as it shows courage and honesty in you.
  5. Language skills – International students whose native language is not English face additional hurdles when applying. They have to prove their command of the language, and SOP is a great way to showcase your abilities. Do not use explosive vocabulary as it might turn off the reader.

How Covid Changed the Global Economy?

The impact of Covid on the educational system is something that is ongoing research and situation. The level of disruption caused on a global scale was unparalleled compared to any other event in our lifetime. As a student, it is important to take away these key points in the effects of the post-pandemic era-

  1. Limited Job Opportunities – Economies have contracted dramatically, and inflation is on the rise. Unemployment is hitting an all-time high, and the US govt is printing dollars to counteract the effects. The competition to get a seat in top colleges is becoming even more challenging. The number of jobs that are being created is far less than the people applying for them.
  2. Loss of valuable time – When Coronavirus hit school, colleges had to resort to a digital learning experience. Learning at home is not the most optimum way to grow as a person. The gap in your studies will put you behind most who studied in pre-pandemic. When applying and learning, you will now have to make up for the loss of valuable time.
  3. Investing in education is critical – Students entering an uncertain world have to ensure the best possible education. It could mean the difference between being at a high-level corporate job or being unemployed.

Not sure how to write a good SOP?

Invest in an SOP expert to ensure that there is nothing left to chance when applying for college.    

The Job of an SOP Consultant

There are some fun activities one likes to DIY (Do It Yourself), like painting or fixing some small appliances. However, other things that are too critical are best left to a professional.

An SOP consultant is a professional writer who writes an SOP on behalf of you. They are in many ways professional storytellers and have expertise in making you look good. They will look at your profile and learn about your life story, what you want to express.

They will either write an SOP for you or proofread/edit SOP if you have already written one.

How an SOP consultant can help you get ahead in Admissions?

  1. Insight – When an Admission committee member reads any SOP, they are looking for some specific things. Every college has a different priority and asks of their key students. An SOP consultant has a lot of experience writing for colleges, subsequently has a keen insight into the process. They can mold your life into something that an admission reader will be impressed by.
  2. Language Skills – An SOP requires extremely high-quality writing ability and skills. If this is your first attempt at an SOP, you are bound to make mistakes that can cost admission. Ensuring every aspect of SOP is optimized for your future success requires professional help.
  3. Time boundation – When students rush to apply for colleges, they do not get proper time to write SOP. If you are under pressure to write one at the last minute, then contact an SOP consultant. It’s important to avoid rushed work that might downgrade your profile.
  4. Making negative into positive – It can be tricky when dealing with a backlog or any undesirable aspect in your profile. You have to be extremely careful when spinning things in your favor without making it look obvious. An SOP consultant is experienced enough to ensure that your negative aspects can be made positive.
  5. Explosive Vocabulary – The idea of impressive writing is often misjudged by many as putting in many big words. Unnecessary words can be seen as a huge red flag and might make you seem disingenuous. SOP Consultant puts big words but in an organic manner that shows your knowledge without showing off.

How to Judge an SOP in terms of its quality

When you’re hiring an SOP consultant, it is important to do your research on the subjects. Here’s are some aspects that are a must for a good SOP-

  1. Why the College is right for you – Many people like to focus solely on why you are the best for a college and deserving.
    • However, it is important to mention what aspect of college facilities you are attracted to?
    • Why this specific college only and not others in the area?
    • How do you gain, and in the process, the college can gain from you?

    Every college wants its students’ dream to be enrolling in their institution.

  2. Emphasize sportsmanship – Are you great at some sports or have a specific talent that you can display at events? Colleges are looking for this sort of thing, and your application’s rating can get much higher.
  3. Keep the criteria in mind – Some SOPs are required to be strictly academic while others can be free-flowing. What is the framework you have to follow, and are there some instructions with it? Ensure that you adhere to all their requirements and stick to them. Follow the font type to the lettering case if necessary.
  4. Proofread Proofread Proofread – An SOP should have been ready by you many times and by other people in your life. Every aspect and angels that you can take out of it should have been examined. SOP is the most important piece of writing you will ever work on; keep that in mind.
  5. Life Goals – Every life goal should be clearly defined in SOP and emphasized over. A well-articulated SOP will impact the reader’s mind, and there should be confusion regarding it. Look at the Alumni lists and their achievements; any student showcased is ideal for the college.

Final Thoughts

Admissions in 2022 will prove to be difficult for students all across the globe. This season can bring a lot of rejections but also acceptance from some universities, colleges. A post-pandemic world is challenging for students both in terms of jobs and education.

However, the best you can do instead of being intimidated by world affairs is focus on work. Improve your learning process and hire an SOP consultant to increase your chances. Do everything it takes to make yourself look like the most attractive candidate in every way.

SOP can build confidence in the colleges accepting you but also within you. It can be a piece of work that you can take as your goals in life. Once you manage to achieve your goals, showcase them in Job interviews to build confidence with employers.

SOP is all about putting out the best energy in the universe, and professionals can help you craft it.

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