Statement of Purpose plays a huge role in getting approval for your Student Visa. Having such prominence, it is easy to sense how beautifully it should be crafted in order to ensure the authorities are impressed by the same.

To make certain that your SOP is unique and well-written, you can ask for help from the best SOP writing services in Delhi. However, if you are confident that your writing skills are good enough to create your SOP on your own, you can go on with it.

But, you must remember that writing an SOP requires you to pay utmost attention as it is an important document and holds the key to your abroad journey. So, without further ado, let’s put some light on the major points you must bear in mind while writing the SOP.

  1. Make a list of points you wish to include

First of all, you need to make a draft where you need to put all the points that you want to include in your SOP. As SOP is the only way you can tell all about your life incidents and future aspirations to the University, it becomes important to include all the significant points which are likely to help your SOP get the approval. Your SOP should include not just your long term objectives but short-term goals as well. Make sure that all these points that you wish to include in your SOP has direct or indirect connection with your education or future goals.

  1. Write profoundly about the course and University

You must not forget to lay emphasis on the study program you wish to choose and the University wherein you wish to study. Do a detailed research on the University including its alumni, culture, success stories, and many more.Doing so will immensely help you to personalize your SOP and fit your objective into the University’s education system. It would also be great if you talk about some of the faculty members of the University and talk about their respective research projects in your SOP and don’t forget to write how they inspire you.

  1. Make multiple drafts

To create an exceptional final SOP, you need to write multiple drafts of your SOP. It is common that you will not be able to create a fantastic SOP within the first attempt. You are sure to find several mistakes which would require you to rewrite those in a fresh manner. Hence, make sure that you do not put all your efforts in the first draft. By the time you reach the third or fourth draft, you will see that your SOP looks much better than your first draft. Also, multiple drafting allows you to pay attention to the mistakes that you did before and work on the same.


If you keep the above points in mind while creating an SOP for Student Visa, you are certain to get an approval from the respective authorities and you will get to fulfill your dreams. However, in the midst of SOP writing, if you ever feel like getting help of a professional writer, feel free to contact the best SOP writing services in Delhi.