If you’re looking to secure a scholarship for college, one of the most important things you’ll need is an outstanding statement of purpose (SOP). This document is your opportunity to explain why you deserve the scholarship and how it will help you achieve your academic goals. In this blog post, we’ll provide some tips on composing an effective SOP.

What is an SOP?

An SOP (motivation letter, intent letter, essay of application, or a graduate statement) is an integral part of your application procedure.

It is pledged towards defining your motive of applying for a specific course in a particular school. That is to say, SOP is intended to explain your life story and every event that caused you to conclude that it is a necessity to further your education as well as your knowledge and skill set.

SOP is a comprehensive description of yourself, what you’ve done, the way you did it, the reason for doing it, and what you hope to achieve by doing it. Moreover, it is a critical document that goes a long way (30%) to raise your opportunity to be selected. Therefore, excellently writing this narrative must be emphasized.

An intelligent and well-drafted SOP discriminates among admission and rejection, despite all other credentials. But aspirants often neglect to justify themselves in their SOP.

The Distinction Between a Regular SOP and SOP for Scholarships

The significant disparity between these two related statements is the standpoint of the document.

A regular statement of purpose aims at assuring the ad-com to a great degree that the aspirant is a perfect match for the institution, while SOP for scholarship targets to convince the school of the reason why the aspirant deserves the scholarship. They are just like sales pitches varying in their propensity to yield. SOP for the scholarship is commonly composed when the application is evaluated, i.e., practically 90% chances of acceptance into the school.

A regular SOP drives attention to the candidate’s skills, talents, and future, while SOP for scholarship directs towards the need for the scholarship. It is mainly offered to candidates who are seriously in need of it and meets the basis of the scholarship.

Finally, an SOP for scholarship has differing categories and structures as there are various types of scholarships anyone can register for. Some are athletic scholarships, merit scholarships, minority scholarships, etc. In contrast, regular SOP does not have special classes or types; the only varying thing is the storyline as different people have different stories achievements, which happens to be the format in this context.

What are the types of Statement of Purpose for Scholarship?

Numerous individuals think there’s no difference between athletic and educational scholarship, forgetting that there is a scholarship opportunity for every student depending on the category.

Take a skim through the SOP types to know more:

  1. Intellectual Scholarships
    The educational scholarship appears to be valued and respected. They are not just given to people of esteemed backgrounds but delivered to candidates with a CGPA of 4.0 with no irregularities. This scholarship is mainly offered to candidates who submitted thoughtful applications and also remained in the detects of the scholarship. Besides, it is given to students as national recognition and other related things.
  2. Middle-Performance Scholarships
    This scholarship is given to every type of student; however, it is faultlessly offered to confident students, those portraying intermediate performance and skill. It is allocated to candidates who weren’t the most brilliant in their respective schools but signified their existence and confidence through success in different disciplines and secondary activities.This scholarship underscores the skill set of an aspirant.
  3. Sporting Scholarships
    As the name suggests, sporting scholarships are given to candidates with sporting abilities. If the aspirant has reasonable physical skills to stand out in years to come, they are enlisted without a doubt in the prospects list. This scholarship serves as a ticket for students whose special physical activities are more than they are in academics.
  4. Scholarships for Women
    Women’s scholarship aims at assisting women who are faced with social, career, or economic difficulties and are not capable of learning well. With this scholarship, a woman can further her education without financial limitations. Women’s scholarship is functional in every discipline.
  5. Minorities Scholarship
    This category of scholarship is offered to the minority candidates, but mainly candidates are known to be reasonably little in a region. Depending on the religious beliefs, ethnicity, and cultural backgrounds of aspirants, minority scholarship may be different. Nonetheless, it is a sure way to make money and study.
  6. Scholarship for Community Service
    This scholarship is specifically designed for candidates who willingly appreciate and want to contribute to their communities. If you are a student with a passion for community services and have bagged a position intended for your community’s well-being, you can tender your application for you might be accepted.
  7. Scholarships for Creativity
    If you are creative and have the dream to wow the world with your creativity, then you can apply for this scholarship. It could be your chance to study in a prime university. Schools have slots for artistic students and performers to earn scholarships and outstanding education without bothering themselves.
  8. Unprecedented Scholarships
    These scholarships are primarily offered to candidates who solicit scholarships and fortunately become deserving of them. E.g., it can be given to people that are good at organizing promenade dance parties or offered to left-handed people. Still, this scholarship was launched in secret.So how can one get this scholarship they often need?  It is a simple answer! You can bag a scholarship based on your statement of purpose for a scholarship, so writing an effective SOP is a great chance to get admitted into the school. Just know that millions of students out there are aiming for the same scholarship you are interested in, so give your statement of purpose for scholarship a unique touch by making it explicit and goal-oriented.

How to Write an Outstanding Statement of Purpose for Scholarships?

  1. Start with a grand Introduction
    When you commence your SOP writing, make sure you begin with something to catch the reader’s interest (A hilarious statement) because reading almost the same storyline is mind-boggling. In such a scenario, what will give you a grip of the committee’s attention is when you use a hilarious start to your SOP. Consequently, always start your statement of purpose for a scholarship with a mind-blowing introduction.
  2. Hold up to the demonstration
    Despite using an official tone in your statement, you must pay attention to the presentation. Cling strictly to the word count specified in the requirement while you draft a perfect storyline. Demonstration counts because anything that appeals to the eyes creates a biased approach. A well-presented statement with appropriate font works a magical glance to the owner’s profile.Note: Always confirm your SOP is grammatically correct. You can use the Grammarly application to draft your error-free statement.
  3. Affirm the reason for your choice of institution
    Here is the section where you state why the institution is a good choice.  Yes!  Everybody might be saying this, but how would you make your reason outstanding?  The stunt is to display a focused opinion and stick by it. Please do thorough research about the school, sift out the institution’s attributes that tally with your intents, and cite them on your statement. This paints an image of a student with a plan, which is a big plus to your credibility and presents you as the best choice for the scholarship.
  4. Bring out the justification for deserving the scholarship
    Pointing out the reason for deserving a scholarship is often the most significant part of the scholarship essay. Why do I say so? Because the underlying target of an SOP is to convince the institutional committee that you are a good fit for the scholarship. As much as there are various SOP’s for a scholarship, your presented reason would be different based on the kind of scholarship you are looking for. Furthermore, all scholarships have eligibility criteria. Stretching the tentacles of your detail persuasively will do the work for you
  5. Select Your best experience
    It’s normal to have tons of experiences; it just proves you are human. In SOP writing, your experience is evidence of your strength and abilities that will influence your future. So, it is necessary to choose instances of those past ordeals that coincide with your plans and targets. It will form the bedrock of the story you want to narrate. So, ensure you sift the target elements.
  6. Illustrate your enthusiasm for the course
    One thing to catch the committee’s attention and leave them with a resonating sound in their mind is your enthusiasm for the course.Displaying your love and knowledge in the respective course is a visible sign of your willingness to learn. Accepting candidates ready to invest and bring out the best in them sparkles a look of admiration in the school committee. Therefore, skimming through your enthusiasm is the essence of your SOP for a scholarship.
  7. Explicitly enlist your intentions
    Anytime you are being asked about your goal, ensure you answer by naming the firm and function or intentions of starting your venture; it passes the information on being focused and speaks louder about yourself generally. Sort your goals, and ensure you portray achieving those goals.P.S: Nothing is more magical than courage and hard work.
  8. Present Future benefits
    Hoping to earn from the institution, they also look forward to gaining from you. An easy give-me-I-give you partnership. Outside this, institutions expect to accept candidates who will contribute actively to the school’s activities with the rare ability to impact change in the area. Hence, on assuring the committee about your prepared candidacy, be sure to mention how the school will gain from you. Nonetheless, let it align with your above-listed objectives.
  9. Start writing your SOP in time
    Not minding the way people make it appear, the writing of an SOP is not a day’s work, so be sure you start on time to prevent rushing when the deadline is close. Taking your time to write your SOP births new ideas that will develop the statement.
  10. Read your SOP multiple times
    Finally, when your SOP for the scholarship is done, read it numerous times, even with an external person. This helps you detect errors or improve the grammar necessary in an excellent SOP for a scholarship.


Here’s an SOP for Scholarship sample

I am a strong believer in the fact that the beginning point of achievement is nothing but desire. Throughout my life, each experience, personal and professional, has aided my overall growth and has brought me closer to my dreams. While my academic trajectory made me realize that my heart lay in exploring the minutiae of management, my professional undertakings saw me building my skill set to meet industry standards.  While my family business equipped me with the insights of running a venture, my involvement in extramural engagements helped me grow into a better individual.

With the passage of time, I have become more responsible towards my surroundings; and I strongly believe that I belong with management. I am determined to extract every bit of learning from the chosen program. The only hurdle that lies between me and my goals is the lack of financial support. Since I am an independent professional; I do not intend to take financial help from my family. I plan to fund my education all by myself and am willing to apply for an education loan. Taking a loan would keep me on my toes and would motivate me further to perform well in academics. However, any financial assistance on the part of the college will help ease out the burden of the loan. Therefore, I request for a foundation scholarship offered by EDHEC.

I would like to highlight the fact that I maintain a sound record of my academic achievements, professional undertakings, and extracurricular activities. I completed my B.Tech program in the year 2017 and secured a distinction in the same. During my alma mater, I enjoyed taking up leadership roles and performed a few of those to the best of my capacity. I have been the Vice President of the Student Body Club in my college, and have also held positions of the Marketing Head and Media Head, actively involved in organizing and managing the events held in college. Moreover, I have worked as a volunteer, and have organized various campaigns and street plays to raise awareness among the general public. Also, I have worked as a General Body Member, supplying people with mid-day meals to those affected by the nationwide lockdown due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

My work experience thus far has proven to be quite rewarding, as it has helped me understand how the industry works. I began my professional journey in the year 2017 as an Operations Executive, Vsquare Impex LLP, followed by the role of an Operations & Sales Manager at Zeus Trading LLC, in Moscow, Russia. This international experience provided me with global insights into handling FMCG and enhanced my interpersonal skills. Having attained more than two years of work experience, I have grown to find my passion in marketing management, for which EDHEC appears to be an ideal choice. The M.Sc. program in Marketing housed by this Business School checks all boxes, promising an experience that leads towards fulfilling my immediate and long-term goals.

At EDHEC, I am determined to extract maximum learning as I explore fresh avenues in the field of Marketing. Given a chance, I will work hard and multiply the value of the scholarship by marking significant contributions to the EDHEC community. I will prove my mettle and will rise to the standards set by the institution. I now request you to kindly process my application for the applied scholarship.


Download – Sample of SOP for Scholarship PDF

SOP For Fellowship

Candidates apply for fellowship schemes with lots of intentions. Few are peeking for a chance to do incredible work in their selected field. Some wish that the fellowship program will prove their entry into their employment after school, and a more significant percentage want the program to assist their studying costs.

However, fellowship schemes are monetary prizes offered to students to fund their education.

Fellowships are often:

      • Temporary slots that last some months to some years.
      • Emphasize the fellow’s learned area of study.
      • Usually financed by unions concerned with improving the field.

The discrepancy between scholarships and fellowships is relatively simple. Fellowships are granted to scholars based on their prospective potential, while university scholarships are given to students based on their past accomplishments.

Also, fellowships are not based on need. It typically requires students who can refer to past achievements that confirm their ability to do something excellent in their course of study.

Writing an SOP for fellowship follows the same format as SOP for a scholarship.

      • Introduction
      • Explicit and excellent body (Description)
      • Conclusion

The only difference is the statement’s content (fellowship banks on future achievement while scholarship is based on past successes).

Best SOP Writing Services

Having realized how essential and delicate an SOP is to boost your admission level, it is apparent you know the necessary elements required while putting together your statement of purpose. If writing your SOP is giving you difficult times and is making you feel worried, you can contact the best SOP writing services in a snap of a finger. This assistance charges you a fee, and professional writers will draft your SOP as soon as possible with relevant information and criterion provided.

Sometimes, having somebody else do your writing job can be a pessimistic battle. Not knowing if you can trust their service to draft an excellent SOP or give out your financial details is quite a scary feeling capable of holding one back from using these services. Below in this article is a list of the Best SOP writing companies you can select. Please don’t bother about an excellent SOP; allow one of SOP writing agency to do their best for you.


Many SOPs for scholarship samples are found in the Google search engine; you can always consult them while drafting your SOP for important notes and ideas to augment your own. An extensive and tedious mistake you will make while writing your statement of purpose is; not making your language plain and using vocabulary that is not simple to the reader.

Read your statement multiple times, or you can share it with your friend. This helps you check for grammatical and spelling errors, criticize the effort, and get points to add if necessary. Remember not to rush your SOP writing as this may ensue unnoticed mistakes.

In summary, always end your statement of purpose with a personal note. These key points will guide you to write an error-free and perfect SOP for any scholarship. However, you can seek help from SOP writing services when it becomes a threat you cannot handle. Do not enclose yourself with particular rules of how it will be.