Creating an effective Statement of Purpose on your own is not an easy task to carry out. However, if you are not interested in hiring the SOP writing services and have the desire of writing your SOP all by yourself, then you must follow the below SOP writing tips as it will help you to create a powerful SOP with ease.

  1. Adhere to the guidelines

Following the guidelines is a must because it determines what the University wants you to write in your SOP. In case, there are no guidelines provided by the University, then you can write your SOP in a general manner.

  1. Think like the audience

The SOP analyzers have years of experience in checking hundreds of SOPs in a day. Hence, they know what they want and they can find the best candidate without even reading the entire SOP. So, try to impress them with your exceptional SOP writing.

  1. Show interest in University

While reading your SOP, the reader must feel that you are keen to join the University. That is why make it a must to write about why you consider seeking admission to the University and how this University will help you achieve your goals.

  1. Make a draft

Before writing in a fair manner, try to make a draft wherein you can put all your ideas and figure out how you can modify them to create the best SOP.

  1. Write story wise

Make sure that you mention all about your educational and future life through a compelling story. It doesn’t mean that you build up some incident that never happened in your life. You just need to tell the truth in a storytelling format yet keeping the tone formal.

  1. Search for deeper meaning

While drafting your SOP, make sure to find deeper meaning in your content. It is completely okay to feel blank before writing something but after writing few points, you will be able to know what your SOP requires and then you will know how to create a deeper meaning out of your content.

  1. Write to the point

Don’t exaggerate or write irrelevant information in your SOP. The University authorities do not entertain such SOPs which are not clear and concise. Hence, make sure that while you create an SOP, it is written in a crystal clear manner without having unnecessary information.

  1. Revise

After you are done with the SOP writing, read the SOP again and understand what you have written. In this way, you will be able to know what more you need to add or what needs to be deleted.

  1. Proofread

Now is the time to check for details and any kind of spelling or grammatical errors in the SOP. Keeping your SOP free of all errors will surely impress the University officials.

  1. Ask for feedback

Ask your acquaintances to read your SOP and provide you with their feedback. Doing so will help you know if your SOP is impressive enough or not.


Keep the above points in mind while doing SOP writing on your own. However, if you are unsure about your writing skills, you can easily seek help from the best content writing agency in Delhi.