Canada is a dream study place for hundreds of college students and immigrants interested in studying abroad. However, before students may travel for their education purpose or stay there, they must first overcome several obstacles in their path, the most significant of which is the Canadian Student Visa.

Canada continues to attract many students from India and from all over the world. While getting into one of Canada’s Top Universities, you require a stellar academic record, and then the ability to learn from your chosen University is confirmed by a Study Permit for Canada.

Documents Required for Canada Student Visa

There are several documents required for the Canada student visa. Among all the documents, the most important documents required for a Canadian student visa are mentioned below: –

  • Valid Passport – According to the Canadian High Commission, you must have a passport whose validity covers the duration of your course to stay in Canada. For instance, if you design to stay in Canada for two years, your passport must be valid from 2022 to at least 2024.
  • SOP – A statement of purpose (SOP) is an essential document that must be submitted before you apply to any University in Canada or elsewhere. When applying for a Canadian Study Permit, you must submit an essay explaining why you are visiting Canada and pick the specific institution. The documents you will submit need to have that information before submitting them. You may also require an SOP for Canada Student Visa after Refusal, and the documents for the same may vary.
  • Passport Size Photographs – If you submit your application by mail, you will need two passport-sized photographs that can meet the mentioned requirements. You must submit a soft or digital copy of the photograph for an online application, which should not exceed 4MB.
  • English Language Proficiency – You must prove that you are proficient in the English Language. For e.g. you must have 6 bands in all the section of IELTS exam
  • Proof of Funds – You must present proof of funds when applying for your Study Permit. According to current standards, you must demonstrate that you have the finances to cover tuition and living expenses during your stay in Canada. According to Canadian Immigration, a student will need at least CAD 10,000 for each stay. Besides the above two requirements, the student must also demonstrate that they have sufficient cash/funds to make a reasonable return.
  • Proof of Acceptance that you have received from your chosen University – The acceptance letter from the university or the institute you intend to study in is required.
  • Proof of Payment – You have to show that you paid the complete fees required during the admission process.

Eligibility for Canada Student Visa

Below-mentioned is the requirements that must be met by students applying for a study permit in Canada:

  • Applicants have to enrol in a recognized educational Institute for their further studies.
  • Applicants have to show proof of sufficient funds to cover the fees associated with their courses, like expenses for living in Canada, transportation costs, tuition fees, and other requirements.
  • Applicants must be healthy as they need to submit the proper medical certificate.
  • Applicants must show that they will leave Canada once their desired course is completed.

Sample SOP for Canada Visa


The Visa Officer,

Canadian High Commission,

Delhi. India

Sub: SOP for the application for a student visa in Canada.

Respected Sir,

I, Shruti XX, an (designation) employee, wish to take advantage of the exceptional career progression opportunities given by (Company Name). For this, I desire meaningful internship-based worldwide corporate exposure and academic conditioning in Canada, which will enable me to make strategic interventions necessary to scale up banks’ and financial institutions’ money-minting capacity.

I, along with my whole family, live in the (Address). My father, XYZ, works for the Indian Railways as a rail coach manufacturer. ABC, my mother, is a housewife. WXY, my younger brother, works as a software developer for the Haryana start-up MM Ltd in Panchkula. I am married to KLM, who has a master’s degree in mathematics and works as a Statistics faculty member at MM Ltd.

I accomplished my Intermediate in Commerce stream in 20XX after completing my enrollment in 20XX from a CBSE affiliated school. After that, I graduated with a B.B. University with a Bachelor in Commerce, a P.G. Diploma in Business Management, and a Masters in Commerce in 2011, 2013, and 2015, respectively. My academic achievement has been satisfactory throughout. I took the IELTS exam for linguistic proficiency and received an overall X.X. (R-X, L-X, S-X, W-X).

I passed the (Exam name) from (Institute Name) during my bachelor’s degree. After graduation, I was able to work for XX Insurance as a Financial Advisor for about a year. I was tasked with assisting clients in locating the most appropriate financial products to meet their monetary security demands in the future. During my final year of studies, I took the IBPS Bank Clerical Exam and placed in the top 1000 applicants out of around 1.5 million who took the exam. I decided to take the famed IBPS (Institute of Banking Personnel Selection – a joint exam for clerical and officer cadre candidates). I received additional pay in July 20XX after passing the JAIIB (Junior Associate of Indian Institute of Bankers) exam administered by the Indian Institute of Banking & Finance (IIBF). However, I quickly learned that I needed extra qualifications to advance in the Indian job market that demonstrated my managerial talents. I had finished a short-term P.G. course in global business management to prepare for this.

Currently, I’m working in our bank branch’s Digital Banking segment, where I help customers with digital needs such as internet banking, mobile banking, UPI, authentication and validation of digital credentials to enable appropriate access, retrieve transaction records, and handle complaints. My interest in economic activities, financial dynamics, and stock market-related issues with monetary ramifications influenced my decision to pursue this career path. At present, my respective job allows me to keep up with current areas of interest while also giving me hands-on experience with the latest digital interventions that banks are embracing aggressively. In addition, I trade at the National Stock Exchange of India and maintain track of the company affairs of selected shares to gain money.

My career has become stuck in the clerical realm. I need a management degree to make the major leap to the managerial level, where I can work with more autonomy and authority. On the other hand, my professional contemporaries are vying for the few available senior management posts and are finishing their management studies at the same time. To gain a competitive advantage over them, I must complete an advanced managerial program at a reputable international university known for its excellent teaching standards and qualitative exposure to best practices of business and economic management.

The educational infrastructure here is cutting-edge. Mentors have extensive industry expertise and provide specialized attention to students’ growth requirements. The Business Administration and Commerce curriculum is a fantastic match for my previous studies. The course’s emphasis is on getting practical, hands-on exposure to optimal business practices so that the aspiring manager has a firm grasp of the principles of international business, economy, and financial dynamics. Interning at major Canadian organizations will mold me into a cautious manager capable of making discreet and analytical decisions after making provisions for proactive and reactive risk management.

My parents will cover the full range of expenses that may be paid in Canada for education and incidentals, such as travel, lodging, etc. They are financially secure and have sufficient assets to cover all expenses. I have already paid GIC $XX in first-year tuition fees and have made arrangements for GIC $XX in first-year living expenses.

In the short term, I hope to gain qualitative practical and technical hands-on experience in Canada, which is home to numerous mainstream financial institutions that use cutting-edge technologies to deliver services. I want to picture myself as a top-tier executive for a huge bank with global reach in the long run.

I guarantee to follow all Canadian laws and regulations and respectfully request that you grant me a visa to Canada.



Passport No.


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