Below is the Sample SOP for MBA In International Business, UK

Striving for excellence and innovation has been the central motif of my academic and professional journey. It is this very fire and thirst for innovation and continual development that motivates me to transcend borders and pursue an international education. As an avid learner in the management landscape, I wish to learn the ropes of International management by pursuing an International Business Program from ……. An MBA from such an acclaimed global University will help me attain a global outlook, learn the intricacies of modern business practices and empower me with the necessary skills to be a future business professional. 

The inspiration behind my deeply abiding interest in business comes from my father, a self-made businessperson. I have seen him build up a business of ________ from scratch, through sheer perseverance, pouring his sweat, blood and business acumen into the venture. It is a cherished dream to follow in his footsteps and test international business waters, transforming the local business into an international conglomerate. With entrepreneurial ambitions in mind, I enrolled for a Bachelors in Business Administration Degree from IMED (Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship Development), Bhartiya Vidyapeeth University. This under graduate course has given me a taste of core management subjects like Principles of Management, Financial Accounting, Business Economics, International Marketing, Business Policy and Strategic Management and various other subjects. These fundamental business courses have laid a sound foundation for a future program of management studies at the graduate level. The international marketing course captivated my interest and nurtured the desire to pursue further studies in this domain. 

With an aim to hone my management skills and knowledge, I immersed myself in various projects and internships during my under-graduation. My internship in Patil Construction Pvt. Ltd. in the finance department helped me to gain further insights into the practical aspects of finance and management, applying the knowledge gained in the industry. I also undertook a management project in Christ University of Management, Lavasa but it was my research internship in Skylines Group Of Companies, UAE that was a transformational experience. I learned to use the tools of conducting marketing research, undertaking primary and secondary research as well as trends in Telecom Management. The research paper on ‘Telecom Service Management’ was highly appreciated for its innovative approach and practical suggestions in both the company as well as the university. I was awarded an A+ grade for the same, enabling me to complete my BBA with an impressive CGPA of 9.54 /10. Post my graduation, I have joined a start-up, Mallikarjun Foods, as a management trainee in the marketing department. 

My brief industry experience and academic pursuits have helped me to find a footing in the Indian corporate world; however, I feel that I need to embellish my knowledge with an international perspective in order to be a truly global professional.  A Management Program in International Business will help me transcend borders in pursuit of my academic and professional journey. UK was the foremost choice for me owing to its cosmopolitan culture, a highly developed corporate culture and pedagogy rooted in management. I strongly believe in women’s empowerment and what better country to pursue higher education than a country with a woman at the helm of affairs, both in the parliament and in the monarchy! My discussions with professors, family and peers, as well as my own research led me to ____________ University. It ranks amongst the best Universities in the UK, with its focus on academic excellence, offering an unparalleled teaching and learning experience through structured curriculum design, state of the art teaching resources and world-renowned faculty. I look forward to exploring modern management practices and theories, and develop key international skills like innovation, entrepreneurship and strategic management. The program exposes learners to international similarities and differences in management practices in relation to the economic, cultural, political and social dimensions. The industry internships merge the theoretical with the practical, giving students an opportunity for hands-on application of the knowledge to real entrepreneurial situations. My long-term vision for the future encompasses a successful business launch of my father’s company in the international platform. I strongly believe that this immersive program in International Business will provide me the business grounding needed to achieve the same. 

To study international business in the culturally rich and diverse peer group of the ________ community promises to be an experience of a lifetime. As an individual who has always given equal emphasis to academics and co-curricular activities, I have been the class representative in four semesters and have been a part of the organizing committee for the cultural events at IMED like the Best Entrepreneur competition including the annual college fest. Working for the community has been ingrained in me from childhood and I have been a part of the community volunteering through the NGO, ‘Change We Need’. I wish to continue the same at ______ and be a part of the community initiatives and other extra mural activities. With my prior foundation in management, I can contribute effectively to the program by working with a multidisciplinary approach towards the university’s cultural, social and artistic values.

The opportunity to pursue my graduate degree from the University of _____ will not only be a great honor but also an obligation to persevere. I firmly believe that the International Business Program from your esteemed university will provide the vital impetus for my transition from a management scholar to an international business leader.

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