Below is the Sample SOP for MS in Business Analytics and Information Management, USA

Since childhood, my mind was filled with equations, variables, and algorithms. I felt at peace with, the way some find solace in the syntax of a language. Math, to me, is a universal language, and I consider myself fortunate to feel so strongly about it. 

To this end, I entered my bachelor’s program in Mathematics Honors in 2015. My affinity with management and devising business resolutions came forth when I took an exciting Differential Modelling course in college. It included finding solutions to regulate bacterial attacks on a population and analyzing the component with the greatest impact. I was inspired by the concept that data could potentially help organizations profit from its analysis, and I resolved, at that moment, to pursue this path in the future. 

Quizzes and competitions were regular fare, but I came into my own while handling human interest projects. I was part of Project Citizen India, a nation-wide platform on which my proposal to save Delhi’s Hindon river from pollution received an outstanding commendation. I was also elected to the Indian Institute of Technology’s Human Circle, where I drafted an action plan to educate rural women on menstrual hygiene. Volunteering with the National Service Scheme of India – wherein I work with slum children on their education and health – continues to fulfill me as a person.

Currently, as Senior Coordinator of placements at Hans Raj College, I supervise a team of more than 35 people and help over 500 students during an intensely stressful period in their burgeoning careers. My leadership and communication skills have sharpened, and I believe that the most efficient way to achieve success in a process is to keep all parties well-informed. I take on important responsibilities, while maintaining the patience to effectively and systematically delegate when required. 

My primary objective is to further my education in a specific area, which will allow me to apply my knowledge in relevant places. My short-term goal is to excel in my master’s course and graduate with honors, gaining a host of knowledge on business analytics. In the long term, I wish to take this learning and apply it back home, where I will establish myself as a leader in the field by securing a position with one of the top multinational corporations in India.

Purdue provides exactly the structured curriculum I seek. I wish to focus on using data models and client requirements to make better decisions for the profit of a company. We live in an age of exponentially increasing data, and businesses need ways to sift through it all, to figure out which combination of data counts and which doesn’t. I am confident that this course can effectively equip me for the same.

I believe that it is important for a person to change in order to keep evolving, which is why I have applied to graduate school in the States. I am looking forward to being one of a diverse class, learning from different cultures and contributing a part of myself generously to the community.

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