Below is the Sample for MS in Business Analytics

The recent advancements in technology have significantly altered systems and processes and have brought about a revolution in the way we do business. Being able to adapt to the changing business landscape is the only thing that can keep us on our toes and assure our growth.  My inquisitive bent of mind, coupled with my constant zeal to learn have been the motivating factors behind my growth thus far, and have steered my career in the direction of analytics. Whether it was my academic undertakings or professional experiences, every single endeavour has only brought me closer to the world of analytics. It is the passion to attain a working understanding of analytics that makes me opt for formal education in the same.

If I go ponder my penchant for analytics, I would say that it is backed by a variety of experiences that have not only exposed me to the scope of data but have also made me realise my growth potential. Majoring in Journalism and Mass Communication was the first stepping stone that set the stage for all the endeavours that trailed. As I delved into the intricacies of Digital Marketing, Advertising Communication, Public Relations, Brand Management, Professional Communication, and Advanced Cyber Media; I knew that my personality would best fit in the domain of Marketing. With the ardour to nurture my potential in Marketing, I entered the professional milieu of Batweb Technologies, a Delhi based global marketing communication company. There, as a Management Trainee, I was responsible for managing the accounts for an energy drink and a footwear and clothing manufacturer.

At present, I am serving One97 Communications and have been entrusted with the responsibility of end-to-end management of AI-based software. Also, I have handled India’s biggest e-commerce brand. My diverse experience across various industries has taught me volumes about maintaining client relations, has equipped me with a knowledge of managing complex projects right from their initiation to their execution, and has instilled in me the essence of strategic communication. I must say, from being a Management trainee with zero experience to becoming a communications professional, I have come a long way.

Having attained three years of industry experience in the fields of digital marketing, client and account management across a variety of sectors; I have gained sound soft skills. I have become proficient in managing accounts, establishing and maintaining relationships with clients, managing social media, curating brand strategy, and engaging in strategic communication. What I have realised throughout the course of my professional trajectory is that nearly all businesses, whether budding or established are now mending their operations by incorporating analytics. What is analytics? How does it affect the growth of businesses? How is data used to derive meaningful insights? How can insights be used to make critical business decisions?  These are the questions that have constantly bugged me and are the ones that I seek answers to. Right from handling AI-based applications to engaging in the nitty-gritty of Digital Marketing, I have realised that analytics is nothing but a means to an end. It teaches us how we can use superior insights to achieve greater business value in a technologically-centred world and gain a competitive edge.

My job profile is quite management-oriented and doesn’t involve any backend data work, which is why I feel that my existing knowledge base needs an upgrade. I want to take a leap in my career and make significant advancements in the same by broadening my learning horizons. I want to explore my potential and equip myself with the idea behind understanding consumer behaviour and market trends. I intend to take a plunge into the complexities of Business Analytics and solidify my interest in the same by the way of a formal degree. Therefore, I find a master’s program in Business Analytics to be an ideal progression in my journey.

Through this program, I will have the chance to understand how the iterative exploration of data can help businesses gain meaningful insights and use the same to make informed decisions. As I engage in the offerings of the program, I look forward to attaining a robust understanding of implementing statistical methods and technologies to analyse data and foster decision-making. I am confident that my inquisitive bent of mind coupled with my knack for communication and problem solving and critical thinking will help me progress in the program, and will help me acquire the relevant skills to fill the existing gaps in my profile. Through the robust, tailored, and flexible curriculum that encompasses extensive theoretical learning and ample practical exposure, I will learn to methodically explore data with statistical analysis as the core. Also, I will be able to develop the ability to assess quantitative business models, understand the minutiae of information systems and data evaluation, and gain excellent business and consulting skills. As I embark on a rewarding journey ahead, not only do I intend to channel my past academic and professional experiences towards marking my contributions to the cohort, but also integrate the learnings from my extramural experiences.

As an individual, I am someone who finds joy in challenges, likes to engage in sports, and can easily adapt to change. Whether it was trekking to the great Himalayas, being a part of the under-19 cricket team during school, or learning Taekwondo; I have never left any opportunity unturned. These qualities have greatly reflected throughout my journey and I am keen to demonstrate the same fervour as I connect with a diverse group of individuals at the university.

I was always keen to attain overseas education and there isn’t a better destination than the UK to fulfil that dream. Housing excellent institutions, state-of-the-art facilities, and a multicultural environment to thrive in, an educational exposure from this flourishing country will transform me into a well-rounded individual and open me to a host of prospects in the world of analytics.

With the newfound knowledge and skills acquired at your illustrious institution, I seek to utilize it all towards my role as a Marketing Analyst at a reputed firm. From studying market conditions to assessing potential sales; from assisting companies measure the effectiveness of marketing strategies to analysing data on consumers and reducing associated risks; I will strive to contribute to the changing business landscape in every way possible.

At the University, I aim to direct every bit of my past learning experiences as I immerse into the offerings of this educational experience, while also contributing meaningfully to the tide. I look forward to being a part of the incoming batch of graduate students for Fall 2021.

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