Have you recently given 12th exams or completed intermediate and have a dream of studying abroad? Canada is one of the top destinations where students from all over the world come for quality education.

If Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) reports are to believed, In the year of 2019, a total of 642,480 Students landed in Canada for study purpose at all levels.

Therefore, Canada should be on the top of your list of destination to Study abroad. The education system of Canada is highly respected internationally because of its practical approach towards study and international level of curriculum.

Having a degree from prestigious institute of Canada will open a great prospect for you in India. However, you can apply for work permit, following which you can get to work in India.

The exposure that you will get in Canada will prepare you for any problem that you might face in your career. The practical approach in the education system will let you attain skills which will give you a competitive edge as compared to your peers and thus, you will start climbing the ladder of success rapidly.

As interesting as its sounds to Study in Canada, there are some process which you must go through after securing an admission in one of the colleges / universities. You need to apply for Study permit i.e. Student Visa.

SOP for Canada Student Visa is addressed to the visa officer to request for permission to let you study in Canada. SOP is quite critical document as it is the one establishing communication with visa officer on behalf of you.

Therefore, you must write it very carefully and paying extra attention. Here are some of the SOP writing tips which you must keep in mind for Canada Student Visa after 12th.

Here are 5 important things that you must mention which are super important. If these points are not covered you might get refusal.

Is the Program Relevant?

Since you are just passing the 12th, you won’t be possessing any work experience which means you will have to show the traits or skills that you acquired in school which were related to the particular program you are applying for.

You can mention your inspiration which led you to go for a career in the particular field. The extra curriculum activities, documentaries, quizzes or movies, anything that interests you of that filed, you can mention in the SOP for Canada Student Visa.

Once you are able to explain that the you have existing knowledge of the particular field and completing a degree would enhance your knowledge thereby giving you an opportunity to advance in the field then you will have impressed the visa office.

Why Canada?

This is a bit tricky question as you can not mention that it is your dream destination or numerous students love to study here. You will have to do a little research about Canada and its education system.

You can write about all the exposure that you will get while studying in Canada along with the opportunities that will come along once you complete the study. The practical approach and other good things must not go unmentioned.

Also, it is quite crucial to write what made you choose Canada over other good countries such as USA, Australia, UK, Germany etc. and mostly your home country which might be India.

Sponsors of your Study

Obviously, at this stage you won’t have that much money to support your education. For most students, their parents provide the amount. Some could also apply for the scholarship and receive it to support their dream of study in Canada.

In case, if your parents are sponsoring your fees then you must ask them to submit their yearly income, their profession and bank statement as a proof. You can discuss with your consultant for the exact documents that are needed.

If you have managed to attain a scholarship, then you can share all the documents related to the same. You can mention the amount how you will receive them in your bank account or already received it. Again, discuss it with your counsellor about what documents to show. However, it is important to mention it.

Future Goals

Believe it or not, this is the most important part. If you fail to mention your future goals properly, you will get rejection on your Canada student visa. You need to brainstorm about your short-term goals and long-term goals.

You must mention it in very subtle way that you don’t have any intention to settle in Canada. You are looking forward to complete your study and go back to India and work in the great companies there.

You can do a little research regarding the companies that are there in your field and what kind of job position that they create every year. It’s critical to create a web of words wherein your goals can only be achieved if you get a degree from Canada.

Ties to your home Country

Mentioning your home ties will give them an idea about your connection with your home country. Strong home ties such as family business, immovable properties, only son / daughter will create a perception that you will go back to India no matter what.

If you fail to mention home ties, then they will understand that you have intention of staying in Canada and you are not coming to study. Therefore, be prepared and mention all the strong home ties to your country.

Takeaway Notes

Canada is the top destination if you have intention of studying abroad. A lot of students land in Canada to attain degrees and diploma every year. Therefore, to have a competitive edge and not get rejection on study permit after 12th, one must submit a perfectly written SOP.

However, if you get a rejection you can reapply using Letter of Explanation after refusal addressing all the rejection grounds. Moreover, you must give IELTS exam and score 6 or more than 6 in all sections. Otherwise, your Study Visa will get rejected on the basis of Language ability.

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