Introduction to FMS and SOP for MBA

FMS, which began modestly in 1954 as a cell for business administration under the auspices of the University of Delhi, was the country’s first college to provide a formal MBA degree. With almost 60 years of expertise in the ever-changing field of management education, the institution has witnessed everything that has occurred in the fields of business, entrepreneurship, economic policy, and labor relations, becoming an intrinsic part of the country’s corporate history. Getting admission to this prestigious institution is a dream come true for all aspirants. Want to get admission? The key factor used to decide a student’s destiny is an SOP.

The SOP for MBA Fms is an essay-based application required of students seeking admission to courses at overseas universities. The main purpose of the SOP is to describe yourself, your academic history, your career aspirations, and the characteristics that make you a worthy candidate for the chosen course. A readable statement of purpose format is essential.

The admission committee and supervisors read your statement of purpose to assess your thought process and ability to communicate yourself. It permits people to learn more about you as a result of you. It also informs the supervisors about your maturity level and future plans.

How to Write SOP for MBA FMS Delhi?

I’ve always been curious about and eager to learn more about the hospitality industry. My uncle, who worked in the hotel and hospitality industry, was the driving force behind this keen interest. My uncle owns a hotel business in Mumbai.   I had the opportunity to see him during one of my school’s summer vacations. This visit sparked a strong interest in me in the hotel and hospitality industries. I was astounded by my uncle’s administration and how he managed every department of the hotel in a very professional and efficient manner. This piqued my interest in learning more about the hotel sector. I shared the same interest with my parents, who completely supported me and motivated me to pursue BBA in Hospitality Management from ______ University. 

My Bachelor’s degree prepared me to take on new challenges and realise my full potential in various areas of hospitality. It introduced me to the various processes that go into the smooth operating of any hotel. My favourite subjects were production, tourism, and financial management. During the smae period, I got to the opportunity to intern at _______. 

During my training and internship, I learned more about hospitality functions and operations, such as ala carte and buffet events, customer service, bar, kitchen and bakery, and even catering services for various occasions. I had the opportunity to take part in marketing campaigns and research for space sales, as well as event and theme party organisation at hotels. Owing to my skills in hygiene and safety standards applications, I was also chosen to cater to several foreign delegates during my practical training.

I went on to get one year of professional experience at this hotel. In recent months, I have been carefully considering expanding my education in order to improve my skills and have a better understanding of the hotel sector. My mind has been racing with the idea of starting my own restaurant. After much thought and discussion with my family and well-wishers, I decided to pursue an MBA in Hotel Management from FMS, Delhi.

The University has state-of-art learning facilities, experienced teachers, student-friendly environment, and a beautiful campus. The MBA in Hotel Management programme provided here is specifically designed to fulfil the growing demand for qualified professionals in this field. Among the topics covered in the curriculum are entrepreneurship, human resource management, and financial planning, to name a few pique my interest.  The curriculum focuses on enhancing students’ managerial skills, business tactics, and decision-making ability. It prepares individuals like me for a variety of professions such as manager or any related executive role.

After completing the MBA programme, I am confident that I will be able to secure rewarding work opportunities with prominent hotels in India. I am excited to take on administrative duties and gain valuable job experience before opening my own hotel or restaurant. With this perspective, I am confident that the projected programme will help me in achieving my academic and professional objectives.

How We Will Help You?

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Applying for an MBA implies that you have both an academic and professional background. As a result, international business schools for MBA students anticipate a more advanced SOP. The most important component of the application procedure is developing your SOP for hotel management and other supporting papers. Possibly more difficult than selecting a college and a foreign location to study in. An SOP for MBA is an effort to convince the business school that you possess all the necessary skills a valued student must have to get admission in their dream business school. Each SOP conveys a tale. The more engaging and interesting your narrative, the better it will be for your prospects. When preparing a SOP for an MBA, you must not overlook any information that could lead to a rejection.