Statement of Purpose, more commonly known as SOP, is one of the key documents that decides your fate of getting selected by admission committee if applied for a course or getting a visa in case of a visa application SOP. In last decade, there has been a great surge in students studying abroad all across the globe and from India (New Delhi) as well. Previously, most of the study abroad education consultants use to prepare the SOP for the students from the fix templates they use to have, but since the visa refusal cases in Canada has increased manifolds recently Visa SOPs and course application SOPs is given much more importance. People were already aware of the US Visa Rejections Rate, but now Canada and Australia has also become strict with their norms. Premium Colleges give much more emphasis on your personal statement rather than your high grades and thus only grades will not give you surety of selection. It is very crucial to prepare a well-written, thoughtful and self-explanatory SOP flow, to convince the selection committee or visa officers, respectively.

If you are not very confident in writing your SOP draft, then don’t take chances. It is advisable to hire a professional SOP writing services in Delhi or your respective part of India.  The vitality of this two page document can be wisely understood from the fact that if the candidate fails to submit a well-written Statement of Purpose, he or she may fail to get letter of acceptance from the college for the course. Please search and try fining a professional academic writing agency which has at least more than 10 years of experience because experience here matters more than any other factor.

To assist you guys with, here is the list of top 3 SOP writing Services in Delhi (India) according to Google rankings, reviews and charges.

Disclaimer: These three websites may be the most expensive one in India, but in terms of quality, on-time delivery and success rate, they are found to be the best among the many.


Founded in 2011 by a writer and marketing Consultant – Suneet, Contentholic has seen tremendous growth in last decade. The agency has worked for all the major start-ups in India, along with serving to the content requirements of some National Political Parties and veteran companies in India. After Covid-19, the agency has shifted its focus towards academic writing completely and now expanded its team of cater a wider range of services like Resume Writing, Thesis or Research Writing, Assignment Writing and also Ghost writing services in India, from Delhi. Contentholic Review is good among the students and clients with whom they have worked.

Email ID –  & Contact No – +91-9811040414


Other services offered by Contentholic


SOP PRO is one of the India’s first Sop writing agency, which has created a dedicated service platform to cater wider variety of related services required while a students is applying to study abroad. SOP PRO offers Course Application SOP for Bachelor’s, Master’s, PHD, MPH and other higher degree program in all the major countries of India. They also provide best quality of Visa SOP writers to assist the candidates with a flawless statement of purpose for their study permit. They also help with Visa for Souse, Visa for Travel, Business and other purposes.

Other services they offer 

  • VISA SOP Writing
  • PHD SOP Writing
  • SOP for MBA
  • SOP for Spouse Visa
  • GMAT Waiver Letter
  • Scholarship Essays

3. SOP LOR (

There are very few platforms in Delhi or India which are completely automatic, and SOPLOR.COM is one the such advanced platform where you can customize your order to get that delivered automatically after selecting the delivery duration and number words. Inputs provided by you will be used as reference to create a fresh piece of content, as per the guidelines for SOP type.

Other Services offered by SOPLOR

  • SOP Application Review
  • SOP Editing Services
  • SOP For Internships
  • SOP For Job
  • SOP For Tourist  Visa
  • SOP for Study Visa

SOP LOR Writing Services

Charges of SOP Writing by best 3 sop writing services in India

All the best 3 SOP writing agencies in India are almost equal in terms of pricing and their pricing range for writing sop starts from INR 2000 and goes up to INR 10,000 depending on type of SOP Application and the number of words asked the authorities who require the statement of purpose from the candidate.

Please find the tentative SOP writing charges in India and it may vary as per the time and availability of the writer. Charges may increase in peak seasons of October and Feb Intake.

  • SOP for Bachelor’s – INR 3500
  • SOP for Master’s – INR 4000
  • SOP for Master’s with work Experience Course – INR 4500 to 6000
  • SOP for Research / PHD / M Phil – INR 6000
  • SOP for Canada Student Visa – INR 6000 to 7000
  • Canada Visa Re-application SOP(LOE) – INR 8000 to 12000
  • Australia Student Visa SOP – INR 10000
  • Letter Of Recommendation(LOR) – INR 2000
  • Resume for Freshers – INR 3000
  • Scholarship Essay (500 Words) – INR 3500
  • Scholarship Essay (1000 Words) – INR 4500
  • Visitor Tourist / Dependent Visa SOP – INR 5000
  • Spouse Open Work Permit SOP – INR 6000
  • Charges for 24 hours delivery – INR 1000 Extra

Please let us know in comments, if you have some questions or you want to add some information.