Writing an SOP is undoubtedly a challenging job to perform however, it is also highly necessary as an SOP plays a vital role in the admission process. To avoid taking on such a huge responsibility on their shoulders, students often seek the help of the professional SOP writing services. But, there are many students who want to create their SOPs on their own without taking the help of a proficient writer.

For an unprofessional writer, creating an SOP is certainly going to be difficult which is why they should ensure to write with the help of BARN Technique.

Now, you must be wondering what is BARN Technique and how can it simplify the writing of a Statement of Purpose? Well! Take a look down and you will get to understand what we are talking about.

What is BARN Technique?

The BARN technique is basically used to make the process of creating any kind of SOP a highly easy process. More often than not, an SOP is created in a specific way. However, the entire process of writing the SOP can be simplified with the help of BARN Technique which is basically short for –


A–Aim for the AdCom



Now, let’s dive deep and see how these four points are of any use.

  1. Brainstorm

One of the most important steps of writing an SOP is to first Brainstorm ideas. If you know your real purpose of writing an SOP, it would not be as difficult as you think it is to write a perfect SOP. You must ask yourself why you are interested in the specific course and why you want to pursue a particular course at this University, how you think the University will help shape your career. Once you are aware of what you want to do and what all you want to show to the University, it would be easier for you to create an SOP.

  1. Aim for the AdCom

AdCom, short for Admission Committee, is the one you should always aim for while writing the SOP. It is the admission committee who is going to select your SOP, hence you must make sure that they are impressed by your SOP. Think like the AdCom and determine what they would like to see in the SOP. Doing so will allow you to include all the necessary sections in your SOP which will help you get selected in the admission process.

  1. Reconcile

This is the part when you have to decide whether your desired sections should be put into the SOP or the ones which the AdCom are looking for. Play the role of a mediator at this point of time and choose the one which you trust is going to get you a seat in the University.

  1. Narrate your story

This means that you can begin with the writing procedure of your SOP. After brainstorming, aiming for the AdCom, reconciling, you are good to write your SOP.


So, this is the most common techniques people use for SOP writing. If you face any problem while creating your SOP, ensure to hire the services of the best content writing agency in Delhi.