Henry Harvin or IIM SKILLS – Which One is the Best Content Writing Course?

With the rise of the internet, content writing as a skill has become very important. Every organization wants to have a good online presence. Whether it is through apps or websites, there is a good need for text-based content that can be used to educate the audience about the organization, its purpose, and motives. Whenever we have a query or confusion in mind, we usually search on Google to find several blogs and articles around it. Well, who do you think wrote such articles? Obviously, the content writers are the ones who develop such content for websites and blogs. Not just blogs, even the ads and fancy taglines we see for every product are also written by a content writer only. This clearly shows that the hype around content writing in recent years is very much justified, and the industry is still booming.

Usually, we perceive content writing as mere text-based content that we find pretty much everywhere but were you aware of the fact that there are more than 15 types of content writing?

Yes, you read that right. There are more than 15 types of content writing, each has its own properties and style and are needed in specific purposes. For example, for advertisements, taglines, and fancy descriptions, copywriting is the preferred choice while for technically detailed articles and blog posts would need technical writing.

Content writing is definitely easy; however, one needs to understand the craft to its depth to deliver satisfactory results. As a content writer, one needs to understand how a piece of content will help a business and its audiences.

There are a lot of other things that go into content writing, such as:

  • Keyword Density
  • Readability
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Content Structure

From content length to the use of keywords, and everything matters a lot in content writing. Therefore, perceiving it as mere writing is not correct. Clearly, every little detail about the craft of content writing is available on the internet, but it is too vast, scattered and a person needs to know what they’re looking for.

If one does not know keyword research or Readability, there’s no way they’ll look it up on the web to learn about it. Therefore, to give you comprehensive knowledge of content writing, there are several courses. The Internet is literally crowded with such content writing courses, and very few have managed to deliver consistent and quality results. Two widespread names when it comes to content writing courses are IIM SKILLS and Henry Harvin.

As institutes, either of them has been very actively offering content writing courses for a long time now and is quite popular among aspirants. Having trained thousands of students, both the institutes have been very appreciated for the kind of training they offer. Thus, it becomes confusing for students and aspiring content writers to decide which course they shall go for. So, let’s try and understand the very details of both these institutes and the nature of content writing courses they offer.

This will help content writing aspirants understand the courses better and make informed decisions about pursuing any courses. Let’s dive into the detailed comparison and figure out which among IIM SKILLS and Henry Harvin is better for students to learn content writing.

Undoubtedly, IIM SKILLS has remained one of the finest institutes out there that has been offering content writing courses. For the last 6 years, it has remained one of the most sought-after content writing courses in the industry. Many reasons support the fact that IIM SKILLS is the best content writing course.  Let’s look at some of the features and highlights of the content writing course by IIM SKILLS:

#1. Expert Trainers

It is important to know who you learn from and if your trainer has enough skills and experience to qualify as an expert. At IIM SKILLS, you have experts guide you through every module of the content writing course. The experts have experience of more than 10 years. They have worked for some of the biggest companies in the world, and thus, they are very suitable as trainers for the students to learn content writing. Such experts have experience as a key resource since they’ve seen the industry norms change, as well as they can guide you about what mistakes you must avoid.

#2. Certification

The course offers two globally valued and accepted certifications that are the content writing master certification by IIM SKILLS and the Content Marketing Certification from HubSpot, Cambridge. Considering how big of an organization HubSpot is, the certification helps students strengthen their profile and improve resume scores. Being one of the very reputed institutes out there, the Master Certification by IIM SKILLS has a unique and strong brand value, making it slightly easier for the students to make it through job applications and content writing opportunities.

#3. Lifetime Access

The course continues to be at your help even after you’ve completed it. The IIM SKILLS content writing master course provides your lifetime access to all the resources, including video lectures and study material for the rest of your lives. This allows you to browse through the modules whenever you feel the need to refer back to them.

#4. Placement Assistance

Many students aspire to become professional content writers, and this course does make them job-ready. However, many times, the students are confused about the right way of finding employment opportunities.

Other than that students have several career objectives, as a responsible institute, IIM SKILLS provides complete placement assistance to them. This helps the students find the right approach to find employment, freelancing, or even business opportunities as content writers.

#5. Practical Course

No matter what skill you try to learn, it is imperative to understand it to its core fundamental depths. That is only possible when one gets to try and practice the skill on their own. The IIM SKILLS content writing course has been designed in a way that allows the students to try the craft as they learn it. This helps the students experiment with their writing and make mistakes which is very important to learn the points where they need to be extra careful while writing.

All of this prepares them and helps them master the craft, becoming flawless professional content writers.

#6. Premium Tools

As content writing involves several practices such as keyword research, maintaining readability and SEO score, etc. To perform such research and maintain proper SEO scores, the students would need certain tools. It is important for students to learn the application and operation of such tools. IIM SKILLS allows the students to have access to premium tools worth INR 35,000+ for free. The students will get to learn about the operating procedures and the details of using such tools.

#7. Alumni Status

The students at IIM SKILLS who have completed the course successfully were hired by some of the leading companies in the world, such as BMW, KPMG, American Express, Barclays, Accenture, etc. This reflects the true value of the institute and how effective the training works for the students in their career journey.

#8. Outstanding Course Structure (Duration and Assignments)

The course has been designed to be very efficient so that it can deliver more value and results. The duration of the course is just 4 weeks, and in the period of 1 month, the expert trainers will guide the students through the very details of content writing.

The course offers 16 hours of comprehensive training through live lectures and 60+ hours of practical assignments. Along with the mentioned division of course duration, students will also receive an internship lecture of 10+ hours.

#9. Internship

The students are offered guaranteed internships for a period of 3 months. Certification is provided for the same post completion of the internship. The internship experience works as actual work experience, which can then be used to find well-paying content writing gigs and jobs. The internship at IIM SKILLS also help you understand how exactly things work in the content writing industry. This experience will be beneficial when you actually find a content writing job since you’ll be having the right set of skills and knowledge.

#10. Publish Your First E-Book

Many aspiring digital marketers, content writers, influencers, and business owners aspire to write and publish their first e-book to build a presence for themselves in the industry. However, they sometimes lack the approach of going about it. With IIM SKILLS Content writing course, the students get the opportunity to write and publish their first e-book on kindle, which itself is a great way of generating passive income.

#11. First Blog for Platforms like Time of India

Once you’re done with the content writing course at IIM SKILLS, you get to learn how exactly you can develop a wonderful blog post and get it published on platforms like the Times of India. Having your write-ups published on such reputed platforms builds your profile authority as a writer.

#12. Press-Releases

As an entrepreneur, it is important to reach your audience. PR activities are part of the branding practices, which have to be done correctly to yield results. At IIM SKILLS, you learn the craft of writing quality press releases that make an impact the moment they reach your audience. Get yourself or your business featured on several online news portals and learn how the PR activities are carried out.

#13.  Portfolio Development for Job/Freelancers

Content writers are always asked to develop sample write-ups to help the employer understand how good a candidate is at the skill. It is a highly recommended practice that the candidate must have a portfolio that reflects the experience. Training has undergone, certifications achieved, sample write-ups, and more. This is an essential practice for freelancers since they get hired based on their strong portfolio.  This is one of the key reasons IIM SKILLS emphasizes portfolio creation as a part of its curriculum.

#14. Reviews and Ratings

To date, the institute has managed to train close to 10,000+ students from over 30+ countries. According to the reviews and ratings, the students are delighted with the kind of training. Many of them expressed their gratitude toward the trainer and founder, Mr. Vaibhav Kakkar, who patiently addressed the students’ requirements and helped their learning experience become smooth.

IIM SKILLS is one of the highest-rated institutes in the country that offers content writing courses. The reviews by students could be very clearly seen on their website, trust pilot, quora, Google, and more.

As an organization, IIM SKILLS is trusted by some of the best content writers globally and has also been featured by some of the much-known media outlets. Overall, the kind of progress IIM SKILLS has achieved over the years is simply astounding.

These were few of the details, you must know about IIM. SKILLS, and you’d better learn if you take a tour of their website to browse through their content writing course page and know about the course modules, tools, trainers and more.

Let’s now try and understand the features and highlights of the content writing course offered by Henry Harvin Education. This will help you better analyze and make informed decisions about which among IIM SKILLS and Henry Harvin is a better course for learning content writing.

Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin has been offering content writing courses for a very long time. It is one of the best institutes that offer such courses, and in recent years, the popularity of Henry Harvin has grown tremendously.

The course is delivered to the students in 9 fundamental phases that include:

  • Training
  • Projects
  • Internships
  • Certification
  • Placement
  • E-Learning Access
  • Bootcamps
  • Hackathons
  • Membership

#1. Training

The course structure comprises 36 hours of comprehensive, in-depth, and detailed training around content writing. In these 36 hours, the students learn about the very fundamentals and professional aspects of content writing.

The training is conducted through live interactive sessions and the trainers are also industry professionals.


#2. Projects

The next part of the training projects. Basically, allowing the students to learn by actually performing the content writing practices is carried out by assigning content writing projects to the students. This way, they’ll get used to the set content writing standards in the industry and learn about how content writing practices are actually carried out.

This gives the students a general idea about what they can expect when they join any company as a professional content writer.


#3. Certification

The certification is one of the essential documents that authenticate the fact that a person has undergone professional training. Henry Harvin provides their students with the CDCW certification (Certified Digital Content Writer).

Considering how long the institute has been offering the content writing course, it has a certain value which can be very helpful to get through job applications and also while trying to build a freelancing profile.

The certificate comes with a bunch of affiliations like content writing academy, UKcert, etc.


#4. Internships

Other than the projects, the students at Henry Harvin Educationget the opportunity to intern, which also counts as working experience, and here they get to learn more about the industry norms, when it comes to content writing practices.

The internship certification also plays a crucial role while applying for jobs, or even while looking for freelancing assignments. The certificate validates the fact that the candidate has interned for the organization, meaning they understand the concept of professional content writing and are thus a potential candidate to be hired.


#5. Placement

The institute claims to provide 100% Placement support for a period of 1-year post completion of the course. A majority of the students join such skill-based the course just to find a placement opportunity, and that’s why the institute’s placement support becomes very crucial for the students.

Many of the students have managed to find employment at some outstanding companies as professional content writers with good pay. The placement support is actually helpful for the student as it guides them about the right step to achieve their desired career objective.


#6. E-Learning Access

The students get access to the e-learning platform where the training is carried out. Whether it is recorded videos, course resources, or study material, all of that remains in the LMS (Learning management system), which the students can access at any point and continue learning.

The entire training is carried out online. However, the institute has started actively offering online courses recently.


#7. Regular BootCamps

The institute host regular boot camps throughout the year where the students get to learn about the latest trends in the industry and the best content writing practices. In a way, such boot camps actually polish the knowledge of the writers and help them with many productivity and career tips.

This activity has been appreciated well by the students and has yielded outstanding results. According to the reviews, the students who have completed the course get to attend the bootcamps, and according to the reviews, they find the bootcamps very helpful.


#8. Hackathons

The institute does host a lot of competitions and events. One of them is the “Hackathon.” The students who are pursuing or have already completed the course get to attend such competitions and events. Along with that, the students also get free access to #Ask Henry, another such program where the students can consult their doubts about content writing, placement opportunities, and career options in the field of content writing.

This is also one of the very well-accepted initiatives by Henry Harvin that keeps the alumni network connected to the institute and keeps enhancing their skills and knowledge at the same time.

#9. Membership

Pursuing this course would get the students the gold membership to Henry Harvin Academy for the certified digital content writing course. The gold membership does come with a few benefits, such as access to resources, consultations, and more.

This was the complete overview of the certified digital content writing course by Henry Harvin Education. Now that we are aware of the course details, we can make a detailed analysis.


That was a detailed review of both the institutes and certainly, they’re considered one of the best content writing courses in the industry for a reason. They constantly make efforts to bring the best resources for their students to help them learn professional content writing.

ContentHolic, being one of the leading content writing agency in India, deals with a variety of content requests, and thus we understand what kind of training it takes to become a professional content writer. We’re also aware of the industry practices when it comes to content writing services. Based on the detailed analysis of all the institutes’ features and highlights, it appears both the institutes are equally competent and qualify as one of the best content writing courses in the Industry. If we were to suggest one name of the two, we would say the content writing course by IIM SKILLS is more industry-aligned, however, the decision is very much subject to every individual, and we would rather suggest the students go through the mentioned review and also try attending the free live online demo sessions before making a decision.