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The Complete Guide How to create SEO friendly URLs
The Complete Guide: How to create SEO friendly URLs
August 23, 2018
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September 13, 2018
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Metis Marketing Services Pvt Ltd – Case Study

Metis Marketing Services Pvt Ltd is an insurance distribution agency. It works as a corporate agency for many reputed Insurance companies. We have helped this agency in the most organized way and helped to develop their online presence in this era of technology and advancement.

Website Development

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We have created the SEO friendly website with the help of our professionals who have expertise in the field of website development and provided the same as per the requirements and business of the Metis Marketing Services Pvt Ltd. We tend to offer the packages of various levels or a custom SEO plan that we may recommend for various websites. The recommendation may vary on multiple factors that may include the scope of the project, current traffic levels, whether you are operating in a highly competitive marketplace and the complexity of the technology, currently in that market. We are specialized in the field of the optimization as well as the creation of the website. That being said, the site that we developed has low page load time and hence opens in a matter of seconds. We followed the search engine guidelines of Google for developing search friendly website. In simple words, it can be said that we have created a website that has not only the fascinating look and feel but have the potential to engage the traffic which ultimately helps in delivering a high conversion rate thereby increasing the ROI of this company.

Content Writing

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Firstly, we analyzed the technical infrastructure of the Metis Marketing website and undertook certain keywords that were necessary, Moreover, we believe that it is quite mandatory to review the existing content that persists on the website and then reframe or revise the same per the requirements and changing needs of the business or the company. We further analyzed the link profile of their website. We helped them to design SEO friendly content for the different products or services that they offer. As Metis Marketing, being an insurance distribution agency deals with various insurances such as home insurance, travel insurance, life insurance and so on.

Social Media Optimization

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We helped Metis Marketing Services Private Limited to generate their visibility on available various social media channels with certain personalized recommendations on various social platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin and so on. Basically, we provided them with our Social Media Optimization Service along with the help of our effective content strategy. As we all know that the content (text) of a web page is critical to the potential ranking for that page. So, with the assistance of our professional SEO services, Metis Marketing has simply optimized their titles, Meta descriptions and headings that would consequently improve its rankings in the digital market/digital world.


With our focus to increase its brand awareness and online visibility, we had helped them with best of our services and our tools of SEO and SMO in various ways by improving the technical aspects, increasing the social media platforms to maximize their influence and last but not the least by the creativity and originality in the work.  We are a digital marketing agency in Delhi and therefore, if you are looking for the world class digital marketing services in Delhi, give us a call.

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