Germany is considered as one of the best places to pursue your degree in Masters in computer science. There are several reasons that contribute towards this choice of people. For example, the country is a fully digitalised country with some of the top universities in the world.

This makes it the best place to start your tech career. Plus, the universities offer affordable tuition fees while the cost of living is also low. Also, you set your career well & you get multiple opportunities to get jobs in Germany or abroad with jaw-dropping salaries.

Now to avail these benefits, you need to get admitted into a good German university. The admission process involves the submission of a formal document called SOP. It is a document submitted by the applicant that gives the panel an idea about the applicant’s background.

This is the document that significantly affects your admission chances to the university. This means that writing an impressive SOP is crucial to bag that admission. Since writing an SOP is a tricky job, here are a few points you should keep in mind while writing yours.

What is an SOP?

SOP or Statement of Purpose is a formal letter & personal statement written by the applicant and submitted along with their application. The letter is addressed to the admission panel, who analyse it and decide whether you should get admission or not. The SOP contains multiple details on the applicant, such as:

  • Their family background
  • Educational history
  • Work experience
  • Financial status, and many other details.

What is the importance of SOP for masters in computer science?

The SOP carries at least 30% weightage when it comes to deciding whether or not your application should be accepted. With the increasing number of applicants, the SOP sets you apart from the rest of the applicants. The panel gives the admission panel an idea about the student’s background. They learn about their educational & work experience, their goals, career aspirations, etc. The admission committee is able to understand the student well and make the decision whether or not the student should get admission to the university.

What is the structure of SOP for computer science in Germany?

An SOP for MS in computer science in Germany has a structure with four major sections:

  • Introduction
  • Academic background
  • Work experience (if any)
  • Conclusion

The following major elements are associated with it:

  • The SOP should reflect how the program will assist in achieving the applicant’s goals.
  • Experience is not a major element in Germany’s MS computer science program.
  • You’re free to use any format, font & font size of your choice. Though, certain universities impose word limit & page limit.

What are some points to remember before writing SOP for MS in computer science in German universities?

Following are a few points to remember when you start writing your SOP as you’ll have to integrate them in the letter:

  • Research the university you’re applying for, the courses they offer, and the research projects you’re compatible with.
  • Your motivation to pursue computer science in Germany. The reason to apply for the particular course in the specific university in Germany.
  • Your research skills, academic background achievements and professional exposure.
  • Check the word-count limit imposed by the university. You can check it and other requirements on the university’s website.
  • Also, check the university’s requirements if they want answers to any specific questions. This will help you in drafting your SOP by following the guidelines.
  • Many universities ask for a “letter of motivation.” Make sure you do not confuse it with SOP, as both are entirely different documents. One gives an insight about why you chose to get admission in this particular course, university & country. Whereas the other provides an insight into your personality.
  • Don’t read too many SOP samples, as that will influence your thought process, and you can end up copying them. You’ll lose your uniqueness.

What is the format of SOP for masters in computer science?

There is no fixed format for an SOP for MS in computer science in Germany. But a few details need to be included no matter which format you choose. And, the SOP should have brief paragraphs detailing each relevant information in a crisp & concise manner. Now following is a general format that emphasises the details that are required in the SOP:

  1. Introduction
    Write an impressive introduction to grab the reader’s attention and interest. The tone should neither be too formal nor informal. It should be in a conversational tone. Your opening line should be precise and mention yourself and your goals. The mentioned goals should be relevant to the course you’re pursuing.
  2. Academic background
    This paragraph should be used to mention all the academic records and the career progression so far. Start from school, college and a detailed description of all the courses you’ve done so far. You can also highlight all the details of the struggles and efforts you’ve put in your studies and now aspiring to pursue an MS degree in computer science.
  3. Motivation behind your choices
    This paragraph is most important in your SOP. Here, you’ll mention your motivation behind choosing this particular course in the particular university. You’ll also say why you decided to pursue this course in Germany only. You need to show why you think pursuing this course in that German University will fit your goals and help you achieve them.
  4. Conclusion
    This paragraph marks the end of your SOP. This is also your opportunity to leave a lasting impression on your reader. In this, you need to mention how you’ll fulfil your goals. You need to draft a plan that will help you achieve your long-term & short-term goals. The draft should be foolproof to convince the selection committee to choose you.

What are some common mistakes to avoid in your SOP?

Any mistakes in your SOP can affect your chances of admission to the university. Therefore, you should consider consulting professional SOP writers to make sure that you steer clear of them. Meanwhile, the following are some common and grave mistakes that people make while writing their SOP:

  • Writing SOP at the eleventh hourMany students leave SOP for later and end up writing it at the last moment. This results in their SOP being unstructured, rough, and unpolished because they didn’t review and revise enough. The students are not left with any time to edit or omit and hence submit a sub-standard SOP.
  • Plagiarising the SOPOften, students remain confused about how to write an SOP. They end up reading many samples and finding the best one for themselves and just copying it. But, it is a grave mistake as then, they lose their uniqueness.
  • Writing unimpressive introduction & conclusionThe introduction paragraph makes your first impression before the panel members. It has to be creative and impressive to gauge the attention and interest of the panel. Only an engaging introduction will inspire them to read it further and improve your chances for admission. Similarly, the conclusion paragraph helps stay memorable in their minds and improves your chances.
  • Writing unnecessary informationYour SOP should contain only the relevant information, and that piece of information should be elaborated as per the requirement. Too much detailing or the addition of unnecessary details will eat up the space of other relevant data that you have to add. Also, it will bore the panel members.

What are some tips for drafting an effective SOP for computer science in Germany?

Following are a few suggestions to help you in writing an effective SOP:

  • There should be coherency in your SOP. all the details mentioned should be relevant and well structured.
  • Start in time to make the first draft, revise and review it and make the changes as required. Get it read by your qualified acquaintances or professional SOP writers to get an objective review. You can consult SOP writing services and get professional advice in writing a quality SOP that guarantees positive news.
  • Clearly mention your long-term & short-term goals.
  • Mention clearly & effectively how pursuing computer science in a particular German University can help you make a good career and further your goals & ambitions.
  • Mention your achievements in a humble tone. Mention all your learnings and qualities and life experience so far and how it has helped mould your character.
  • Proofread the final copy several times.


Your SOP is the most crucial document to ascertain your admission into the university of your choice in Germany. It helps the selection committee know you better. Based on this document, they decide whether or not you’re worthy of selection over many other candidates who have applied for the course.

Therefore, you need to construct the SOP with utmost care. It would help if you started writing your SOP in time so that you have time to make the necessary changes to make a quality SOP. You need to mention all the relevant details about yourself in a concise and straightforward manner. Keep the tone conversational to keep the reader bound to the document and impress them enough to give you the seat.

However, at any point if you feel like hiring an expert for your Statement of Purpose, you can get in touch with us. Contentholic is a team of the best SOP writers in India who provide excellent SOP writing services online.