We have often heard that ‘Content is the king’. Though content is the most crucial element in a webpage, usually just content is not enough to impact the visibility and ranking of search engines. Every brilliant content that performs well, there are different tactics employed to provide it with a push to let it rank well in Search Engines thereby making the content valuable for the brand.

Given below are a few points to make sure that your content gets the attention it deserves:

Right Content

‘Knowing your audience’ allows the company to create relevant content that is aligned with its goals. A better understanding of the customer will help develop impactful content.

Create exciting and engaging content about the topics people are interested in. Use topics that are leading the conversations in your industry.

Also, aim for a unique content that offers a new perspective or an in-depth analysis of a particular topic. Such content is more valuable than the content that can be easily found on the internet. All your marketing strategies might also go waste if the content is not able to stand apart and is not better than your competition.

Therefore aim for the content that is relevant, valuable and provides timely information to the users.

Use SEO Friendly Tactics

Optimising the website for search is essential to increase the value of the content. Right keywords and their placement along with consideration to the on-page and off-page optimising elements become crucial to improve the rankings in search engines. Research your keywords and examine the usability of long and short keywords.

Analyse the performance of the current website regarding keywords used, rankings, traffic, conversions, and revenue, with the likely target. Compare your performance with the competitors’ strategies and make improvements.  A higher ranking in search engines like Google ensures better visibility and branding for your products.

Ensure that you have not made any Technical SEO mistakes and your website is optimized for following technical aspects of SEO:

  • Quick loading time
  • Opened up crawl paths for Google bots
  • Properly indexed pages
  • No misdirected links
  • No broken links
  • No duplicate content

Promote At the Right Places

Create shareable, exciting and entertaining content. Ensure to put a decent sum of money for your content marketing strategies. Earning links, reviews and mentions on the internet are essential for websites popularity. Building backlinks are the vital elements of promotion. These can be natural links, manual links or self-created links. Invest money and time in building relationships and growing your influence on social media. Expand your network and make connections with influential people on the internet. You can make use of paid social ads, celebrity advertising and influencer marketing to help you reach your target audience easily.

Content has to be promoted in different ways on different platforms. Platforms have different costs and diverse target audience. For example – On Instagram, it is better to advertise for products meant for younger generation products since its user base is mostly in the 18 to 29 years age group.

And one strategy doesn’t work for all. Like Twitter messages are concise and crisp as opposed to Facebook messages that are much longer.


Know your target audience and focus your entire promotion strategies in knowing and fulfilling the expectations of your audience.