Below is the Sample LOE for Canada Study Permit After Refusal With 14 years Study Gap


The Visa Officer,

High Commission of Canada,

Subject: Application in response to study permit refused on 10/08/2022 (S304803088) 

Dear Sir/Madam, 

I extend my sincere thanks to you for allowing me to reinstate my purpose of visiting Canada. I am an experienced educator wishing to pursue a Master of Education degree in Educational Leadership (EDL) from Vancouver Island University to upgrade myself a level up in the field of education. The modern education system has revolutionized over the last few years and so has the teaching methodology. Therefore, it is the right time for me to master leadership skills in education. In my pursuit to gain higher education, I have also received a Letter of Admission for the September 2022 intake. Unfortunately, my previous visa application got rejected due to the following reason:


  •        The purpose of your visit to Canada is not consistent with a temporary stay given the details you have provided in your application.


I, therefore, seek to get a Canadian study permit by providing valid reasoning in support of my candidature.


Purpose of Visit    

I aim to increase my understanding of new-age pedagogy by visiting Canada. I am a professional serving the field of education for the last ten years. Modern teaching methods have compelled me to take a new road to relaunch my career as an educator. I am therefore aiming to visit Canada to inculcate skills in education leadership and mark excellence in my role as principal or school head back home. International exposure that I can gain in Canada will enhance my exposure to implementing robust teaching methodology in my country. I am therefore focusing on evolving as an advanced professional educator in my homeland. 


Why Canada?

Canada beholds global education leadership. Having compared Canada with other English-speaking countries like the USA, UK, or Australia, I found Canada to be of umpteen importance for me. It fulfills my study requirements like none other. Education cost in Canada is affordable while the quality of life is the one to lure for. The crime rate in Canada is particularly low which maintains peace in the country. The multicultural population in this country is warm and welcoming allowing international students to have a peaceful stay in the country. The advanced pedagogy in Canada assures the provision of hands-on training and implementation of concepts.

I browsed through similar courses in my country but I did not find any related course to carry weight as well as Vancouver Island University. Also, the high time requirement for me is to gain practical exposure than conceptual knowledge alone. Unfortunately, in my country courses are more focused on theoretical teaching patterns. Moreover, the kind of international exposure that I can gain in Canada is not limited to my country. I aim to acquire a competitive advantage over others by studying in Canada rather than in my country. It will help me enhance my career prospects back home.


Why Education Leadership at Vancouver Island University?  

The curriculum at Vancouver Island University matches my study objectives very closely. It has courses in Foundations of Educational Leadership, Leadership Values and Ethics, and Leadership in the BC Context that interest me the most. Studying such subjects will make me an ideal fit for me. It will help me in enhancing my leadership and management skills in the field of education. This course will elevate my leadership skill in education exposure through practical training. I am sure this will catalyze my performance back home. Through my training under the elite mentorship available at VIC, I would be able to display a strategic approach to handling senior management at educational institutions. With the conducive atmosphere at VIC, I am assured about having an access to unbiased study culture. The university also has a low student-to-teacher ratio which will help me get dedicated learning exposure. I am desperately looking forward to joining such a rich community of education leaders and becoming one among them in the future.


Academic and professional record

I have been a very passionate student always striving to make changes in the way education is taught or delivered. Since childhood, I knew I will become an educator. Hence, I prepared myself accordingly. Hence, after school, I passed my B. H. Sc. (ECCEd) (Human Development) specialization in Child Psychology in 2007. After this I began working at CMC Academy as<add designation> until following five years. However after gaining a solid industry exposure, I knew that I needed to rise in my teaching profession. Hence, I found it suitable to enroll in B. Ed (English & Economics) program in 2011 which I completed in 2012. However, to stay abreast of my choicest profession, I also worked in Delhi Public School from 2009 to 20211 while pursuing B.Ed program. Risght after the completion of my B.Ed qualification, I never looked back. I was appointed as a Vice Principal at the famous Podar International School in 2012 where I served for good eight years and was relieved in 2020. Owing to my passion towards developing a roubst personality as an educator, I found studying M.A in Education to be of great significance to my career. Hence, I completed this program in 2017. Adding to this though, I also pursued M.A in Applied Psychology in 2019 alongside prospering in my ongoing career. I furthered my cadre acquiring the role of Principal in Kantilal Shah Vidyalaya in 2020.  Since then, I am employed here. However, being a very ambitious individual, I like to keep myself updated to meet the newer challenges in life. Hence, I have decided to pursue a Master of Education degree in Educational Leadership (EDL) from Vancouver Island University. It will help me get a senior-level position in reputed educational institutions in India by boosting my professional profile.


Reasons to Return Back to India:       

Future Plans     

Throughout my study program in Canada, I aim to commit myself to my studies and gain the appropriate skill set to handle delicate positions in education leadership in my country. I will thus, fulfill all the prerequisites of being a part of this study program and acquire appropriate credits. However, I will return home to obtain leadership positions as either an academic lead or education director. Through these short-term goals, I will prepare myself to realize my long-term career goal which is to own an independent educational institution. Hence, after rendering services to elite educational institutions, I will transform my career into education entrepreneurship through a self-owned establishment.


Family Ties                     

I belong to a well-established family which includes my husband and widowed mother. My mother is fully dependent on us and my husband is an established Doctor and a COO—Chief Operating OfficerHe has been utterly supportive of my decision to study abroad. Belonging to an educated family, my mother and husband have encouraged me to follow my dreams. By the time I am in Canada, my husband will take care of my mother. However, after the completion of my study program, I want to return home to take care of her and live closely with my affectionate husband. We also need to raise our family and look after our kids in the future. I would not want to stay in Canada for a period beyond the authorization due to my responsibility toward my people and our voluminous assets. My husband depends on me a lot concerning our riches and family matters. Hence, I must support him as he has always supported me throughout my professional journey and personal life. I do not have any family ties in Canada and so a valid reason for me to head back home. 



My family has a free flow of funds due to our sufficient savings and regular income. We possess cars worth CAD 24439.31, precious jewelry worth CAD 48878.62, other assets of CAD 19551.45, and two pieces of land worth CAD 102,938.38. I have also availed myself of an education loan of CAD 35844.32 for financial backup while my husband has assured me to sponsor my education and living. I have thus paid a tuition fee of CAD 26, 283. 35 and deposited CAD 10,000 into the GIC account. I have also passed the IELTS examination with an overall score of 7.0 not having any band less than 6.0 (Listening 6.5, Reading 6.0, Writing 6.5, Speaking 8.0). IELTS score cards and details of finance have been enclosed herewith.


I visited Australia in <add month, year> for ten days to attend my cousin’s wedding. Also, I visited Thailand, Phuket for a week’s holiday in <add month, year>. I returned to the country within the stipulated period and possess no history of visa refusal. I also strive to maintain a good visitor record in Canada, especially paying immense gratitude to the education opportunity received to study in the land of peace and harmony. I promise to abide by all the Canadian Immigration Rules and I shall not contradict the Canadian laws in any given circumstance. Rather, I will be very respectful; toward Canadian culture and its people. However, after the completion of my study program, I will return home without delaying further and make a robust career back home.

Yours Faithfully 

Megha Parsa

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