Below is the Sample SOP for Masters in Finance, Ireland

It is a privilege to be considered as an applicant to NCI’s MSc in FinTech program. I would like to introduce myself as an enthusiastic business professional who is looking to enhance his financial acumen by getting an education at one of the prime business institutes in the world. 

During my undergraduate study and a post-graduate diploma in Business Administration, I received a firm grounding in theoretical business principles but learned their practical application during my 10-year career at the Royal Bank of Scotland, which has been a time of intense personal and professional growth for me. I presently serve as a Customer Service and Operations Analyst, where I postulate solutions as a process lead on my UK-based payments protection project that deals with logging customer complaints in a variety of databases. I am exceptionally skilled in ensuring high-quality output and identifying high-risk issues. I believe in taking initiative and have volunteered as an internal trainer for new employees. I also routinely suggest customer- and business-related improvements in addition to reviewing process errors to localise complaint trends and target each one separately. My perseverance has been recognized by the corporation in the form of two awards for excellence that I have been very humbled to accept. This has only fuelled my keenness for upgrading my innate abilities in the global financial sector.

Although I feel fulfilled in my career, I now seek a fresh challenge. Choosing to go back to the classroom is a critical decision for me and I am willing to invest time and money in order to receive the necessary training and a formal degree. I wish to be part of a program that is practically strong and will allow me to use the skills I have gained in my professional career.

My immediate goal is to excel in my course and subsequently be employed at a leading Fintech organization. To accomplish this, I wish to educate myself on current developments and techniques in the financial market and acquire hands-on experience in Fintech. I believe the practically-oriented environment at NCI will equip me with these skills. In the future, I see myself at the position of a business leader; one who understands nuances and fluctuations of global markets and is able to devise effective solutions and financial strategies using this knowledge.

I am aware of the rigour demanded by the program and believe that I am more than prepared to handle high-pressure projects. I have witnessed India’s exponentially growing economy, in terms of trade and exports to a multitude of nations including Ireland. Given this globalisation of markets, I seek the necessary exposure to remain at par with an inter-connected business world. The use of smartphones for mobile banking, investing services and cryptocurrency are just a few examples of technologies aiming to make financial services more accessible to the general public. I am captivated by the plethora of possibilities offered by this rapidly evolving financial world and I want to contribute meaningfully to this tide.

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This SOP Sample for the Masters in Finance program in Ireland highlights the applicant’s academic background, work experience, and eagerness for pursuing a career in finance. Candidates demonstrate a credible background in finance and economics and an interest in financial analysis and investment management. Their work experience provides them with practical knowledge in finance and they identify specific areas of interest in the program offerings, such as risk management and financial modelling. The SOP also emphasizes the candidate’s analytical and problem-solving skills and highlights their experience in financial analysis and valuation. 

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