Below is the Sample SOP for Masters in Management, New Zealand

Today’s age of forthcoming businesses are economically globalising the entire world to a soaring, all-encompassing and profound managerial transformation. To flourish beyond one’s homeland and to acquire a larger audience, thus requires an in-depth knowledge and competence of the terrestrial space of business and management of resources.

My kin always floated my cerebrum with the admiration of commerce by teachings of massive business tacts in the form of elementary stories and anecdotes. I accordingly learnt to appreciate business skills like the old barter method, the preponderant principal in the sphere of business, before I even began grade one. This unrelentingly stretched to brainstorming sessions on high end negotiation and marketing skills with my parents. 

As a high school student, I was very keen on majoring in subjects pertaining to commerce and business studies to satisfy my curiosity of the world of commerce. An in depth study of accountancy and economics provided me with a sound apprehension of the international mainstream economies and the policies governing their immense development potential. It is chiefly based on the foundational understanding that I was inclined to pursue my undergraduate degree in a program that delivered importance to commercial savour faire in addition to the orchestration of business.

My three year undergraduate program in Bachelors of Business Studies at Jamia Milia Islamia, proved to be a liberating space for my previous minuscule thinking patterns. Owing to my abiding partaking in occupational projects during my undergraduate years has enabled me to acquire an open temperament, a perceptive team spirit and cardinally, acute insights into the practical vocational world. During my final year of graduation, I participated in a short term course on stock market conducted by the Government of India under the skill development initiative in association with the Bombay Stock Exchange to enhance my dwindling in the niche of stocks and market brokerage.

To supplement my skills in the domain of human resources, I completed various certification courses namely, HR Generalist from the Asia Web Media.

Furthermore, my postgraduate degree in Human Resource Management proved to be immensely helpful to lay down the foundational knowledge of the realm of management; coupled with the working of the business world. These two years proved to be short in terms of the humongous knowledge I was equipped with when I left my alma matter. Owing to the gruelling hard work during my thesis writing has helped me become a conscientious and committed student. Additionally, my involvement in extracurricular activities like sports and photography has helped me develop into a well rounded and sound personality.

I stepped into the corporate world through a campus placement at the reputed organisation, Ernst and Young as an Advisory Associate. It was here after an engrossing discussion during my usual core responsibilities of identification of reports as per audit standards with a supervisor that, I was motivated to study and aspire to start my professional journey as a certified fraud examiner. During my professional sting with E & Y, I simultaneously studied and cleared all four modules of my certification exam and became a Certified Fraud Examiner in November, 2016. This certification made my scholastic abilities and credentials in the said field, bullet proof.

Succeeding my certification, I joined the Forensics Practices Department of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu India LLP. My designation being executive, consisted of responsibilities like carrying out due diligence and investigations for clients and targets to check for frauds and misdemeanors through market inquiry. The past two and a half years have been a fulfilling and enriching experience to expand my skill set from non tangible niches like e-commerce to big sectors like aviation, oil, and gas, etc.

I was motivated to apply for second master’s in the managerial field to develop and diversify my know-how of the field of administration and its fundamental role in the society. University of Auckland thus presents me with a quintessential opportunity to study extensively the subjects of my interest through your masters program in Management. As a discipline, your college in the field of business and management programs undoubtedly is exclusive and par excellence. The considerable amount of emphasis dedicated to marketing management, global operations management, and international human resource management at your university highly interests me and is the domain that grasps my sheer curiosity.

The choice provided to students to choose two individualised courses of specialisation during the fifteen-month course is the prime reason supporting my decision to apply for the masters programme at your esteemed university. If provided a chance to be a part of this program, I would put in consequent hard work and intellect to prove to be worthy member of the department.

The university’s unique location in the city will succour me to witness closely the distinctive cultural parallelism that co exists and affects the sociological framework of the diverse flourishing businesses. This in turn will also evince me a multi-storey prospect to perpetrate internships at some of the biggest organisations owing to their chief branches in the capital region of your colourful country. I thus, aim to work as an intern at the Google office headquarters in Auckland to gain an intellectual insight into the management of resources at one of the world’s largest gigantic ventures. 

I am immensely clear about my academic interests and my future career objectives. Upon consummation of my postgraduate degree my extensive goal is to return to my native land. Followed by a clear vision to be a start a human management based start up to put to use the newfangled ideas to devise a client consulting vocation of my own. 

For my aforementioned goals, I find University Of Auckland a perfect choice taking into consideration the conceptualisation of my goals from a Master’s degree in the pride of Management.

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The above SOP Sample for MS in Management from New Zealand highlights a candidate’s earnestness and ability to pursue a career in management. Applicants effectively communicate their academic and professional background, as well as their future goals and how the program aligns with those goals. Applicants’ concise and clear writing style, attention to detail, and thoughtful reflection of their experiences make their SOP an effective tool which helps them in getting shortlisted for a Master of Management program in top-ranked universities of New Zealand.

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