Below is the Sample SOP for PHD in Electrical Energy, India

To pursue a challenging career and to be a part of a progressive organization that gives scope to enhance my knowledge, skills and each pinnacle in the field of interest with dedication and hard work, is my ultimate goal in life.

My Bachelor’s Of Technology degree at FTC College Of Engineering and Research in Electrical engineering was the start of my increased skillsets in this realm. The four -year course trained me in disciplines such as mathematics, basic electrical engineering, electrical machine design, electrical machines(DC and AC machines, among others. I also gained experience with project management and planning, owing to my voracious participation in extra-curricular activities. I graduated with an aggregate of 70.63%. 

This was followed by my postgraduate degree; Masters in Engineering from L.D. College Of Engineering in Ahmedabad. My postgraduate degree paved a way to refine my fundamental knowledge of the Electrical realm and further helped me to dwell deeper to understand the workings of machines. I passed this course with a 7.07 CPI. My project for this course highlighted the optimal selection of TCSC for congestion management using fuzzy logic. This degree particularly brought to light the workings of conventional and non-conventional power generation with a special understanding of electrical control and drives. 

In addition to my degrees, I have always been involved in extracurricular projects. It was during a project assisting a professor in a village that I was able to understand the rote cause of delay in the development of villages. In villages, agriculture shines as the primary livelihood. But on the contrary, when primary needs like electricity and water aren’t met, agriculture is heavily affected which further deeply affects the self-reliance and development of a village as a whole.

My undergraduate and postgraduate degree cumulatively have assisted me to niche down my areas of interest. I would like to spend further time to excel in electrical control drives, hybrid renewable energy sources, and FACTS technology. Although, I would additionally like to get a deep grasp on the role of Artificial Intelligence in the Electrical world.

Moreover, workshops on MATLAB/ Simulink based hands-on power electronic converter based and their controllers have enhanced my skillset. Industrial Training at MSTCL, Pandharpur have bridged the gap of knowledge that can usually be encountered between the knowledge in books and the working in the practical world, when it comes to scientific matters. But my most cherished feat is working on and publishing my research project, titled, ” Optimal Location of TCSC Device for Congestion Management using Fuzzy Logic, in IJAREST, volume 04 ISUUE 04, April-2017. This also was the burning reason behind my career as a teacher.

My stint in the teaching world started with an assistant professor job at The Rajaram Shinde College Of Engineering Pedhambe in 2017. This was further followed by my present position as at an Assistant Professor at VPM, Maharshi College of Engineering. The work experience I garnered has been 2 years of tremendous professional growth for me. The last two years mentoring students in this field has also been an immensely fulfilling experience. 

Helping a student with his project on vertical axis turbine for wind generation using an induction motor drive, came as a turning point when I found myself more immersed in the project that the student itself. Thus, I decided to further my knowledge and become a better teacher. To attain a deeper insight into the field of electrical, I now wish to pursue my Doctorate Degree in Electrical Energy at your esteemed university.  Choosing to go back to the classroom is a critical decision for me and I especially aim at designing a hybrid grid system in accordance with geographic and climatic changes to help geographic and climate prone areas attain electricity and use other auxiliary services.

My goals from this Doctorate Degree aim at mentoring under Assistant Professor M.  Venteshkumar, as he is a pioneer in the field of renewable energy sources, mainly solar and wind energy. Furthermore, I aim at working on my thesis on topics pertaining to the wind and solar energy using power converters. My primary objective at this point is to further my education in a structured manner which will allow me to apply my knowledge in the domain of electrical analytics. My short term goals comprise of working hard and putting my best front during my doctorate degree to graduate with honors meanwhile gaining a host of knowledge on electrical structures and evaluations. In the long term, I wish to take this learning and put it to use for the betterment of our suffering and underdeveloped villages. A Doctorate Program will offer me a targeted approach to understanding data that will boost my career prospects and portray my commitment to the field by specializing in my field.

Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeeth is the past has adopted eight hundred villages to help them transform to become a self- reliant to meet their energy needs. This presents itself as a great opportunity for real-time research in villages and will hence act as a control for the understanding of various electrical demeanors. Your vocational university offers an equal proportion of both shill-based vocational training along with a special focus on academic subjects. Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeeth is thus a good choice for my aforementioned goals and expectations from a Doctorate Degree in Electrical Energy. I thank you for taking the time for considering my application. I further hope, I would be considered for a position for your Doctorate Program in the realm of Electrical Energy. If provided with this opportunity, I assure you I would be hardworking and would diligently work to carve a name for myself and your honourable university.

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Pursuing a PhD in Electrical Energy in India is a great opportunity for people who are passionate about advancing the field of sustainable energy. As the above Sample of SOP for PhD in Electrical Energy written by our Top SOP Writers in India outlines, applicants should have a strong electrical engineering background, mastery of relevant technical skills, and a clear understanding of the research landscape in the field. In addition, successful applicants must demonstrate a clear motivation to pursue a PhD in electrical energy, including specific interests and an understanding of how their work will contribute to the broader goals of the field.

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