Below is the Sample SOP for Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship, UK

Being brought up in a family that has been in the business of Laboratory Water Systems, I can say that entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial spirit runs in the family. My idol and ideal has been my father who single handedly built a business from scratch, leading the company to be one of the foremost Indian companies in Laboratory Water Systems. Imbibing the art of management and entrepreneurship from him while helping him in his business has kindled the fire and hunger for innovation and entrepreneurship in me. Additionally, my summer school experience studying English Law at London School of Economics in the summer of 2018 strengthened my desire to purse this path-breaking program in Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship from LSE.

My natural inclination towards business and management, the quest for learning, and drive for exploring unchartered frontiers are some of the things that define and motivate me. Always looking for new adventures and unique opportunities, I opted for the unique BBA LLB Honours course from Amity Law School, Noida. The formidable combination of a Bachelor in Business Administration with the tempering of Law has laid a sound foundation upon which to build my future career. I have gained an insight into core business subjects like Principles of Management, E-commerce, Business Economics, Business Accounting, Strategic Management Principles and Business Policy apart from Business law, Corporate Law, Contract law and other courses.  

I immersed myself in various workshops and projects along with internships in two law firms, Kumar Garg & Associates, Bansal Associates, and Advocates, with a stint under Hon. Sanjay Garg, High Court Judge.  These internships helped me learn on the job, assisting in various litigations and research work, apart from sharpening my legal, analytical and communication skills by interacting with clients and the legal fraternity. However, I found that it was entrepreneurship that really interested me. The time I spent with my father, helping him in his business was far more appealing than the legal jargon surrounding me. It was a course in entrepreneurship in my fifth semester, which further nurtured the seed of starting my own entrepreneurial venture. I learned the importance of ‘ideas’ as an intrinsic part of business and brainstormed business ideas and a business plan for an online drugstore .My internship experiences, work with my father and my academic pursuits have given me a better understanding of life in general and have helped me define a goal to attain, my own start-up!

Today’s dynamic business landscape requires leaders and entrepreneurs who are ready to take on the challenges of innovation in the global marketplace, while working with a social purpose.  Through entrepreneurship, I wish to embrace these challenges, armed with the practical knowledge and guidance from LSE. 

As a front-runner in both academics and co-curricular activities, I find that I have much to add to the LSE community. Pursuit of excellence has been a central motif in my life, whether it was scoring a perfect 10 CGPA in many of my undergraduate courses or organizing and participating in various extra-mural activities at school and college. From exploring human values through music in Symphony to participation in workshops, quizzes and various plays in school & college, I have always participated with zeal and a passion to excel.

I bring with me learning from my academic journey, insights in Indian business & Law practices, and a passion for entrepreneurship, all from a woman’s perspective in a developing society. Undoubtedly, the innovation centric community at LSE will help me to forge lifetime bonds of friendship while quenching our mutual thirst for making a sustainable difference. 

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